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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Following from my streak blog, I've had another great week.

As things calmed down a bit, but the weather was less than amenable and I couldn't really go cycling much, I decided to take a week off and pamper myself.

Twice this week I decided to have a bath instead of showering. I usually shower 'cos it's quicker, but as I had a bit of time I went the whole way. Candles, salts, books and music while I soaked blissfully. This I followed with body moisturisers and various creams, and hair packs. My body must have thought all its Christmases had come at once!

Early in the week I met Marcyna, which was lovely after chatting here. Then I had a couple of days spent between the sofa and the bed, with a few breaks to go out for a stroll (walking is ok even if it rains, as I can use a brolly). And since I had nothing else to do, I started exploring the SP workouts videos and did a few of those too.
The end of the week was spent making arrangements with my neighbour who was going on holiday for a week and needed me to feed her cats, so I spent some time round her for the cats to get familiar with me.

On Saturday two friends arrived to stay for a few days and we went for dinner to a lovely chinese place I hadn't been to in years. In the meantime, I'd also made arrangements to meet someone I'd been chatting to on the net for a while. It was his birthday on Friday and he'd decided to treat himself to a weekend in London, and asked me to keep him company. We met this morning at the Globe. I'd been wanting to go there for years but never got round to it, as whenever I'd half arranged with friends it turned out rain on the day and we never really fancied getting soaked for two hours, even to see something at the Globe. This guy had also wanted to go for years, and as he'd found some very cheap tickets he decided to get them anyway and hope for good weather (or at least not rain).
We were lucky! The weather held all through the performance, and just as the show was ending it started drizzling. By the time we'd made our way back to the (roofed) foyer, it was pouring. How lucky is that! It didn't rain for long so we got back to his hotel ok, stopping on the way to grab something to eat. He'd booked a room near my home and yesterday I'd bought a cake from a local bakery and left it at the hotel, asking them to let him find it in his room when he arrived today. He enjoyed the surprise (not to mention the cake which was yummy!) and we spent a quiet evening with very civilized coffee and chocolate gateau. I got back home just before my friends and we ended the day with more great conversation and music.

And this isn't all: around mid-week I received two tickets to go and see the Moody Blues in Nottingham in September. I won them through a competition on Planet Rock. I'd been trying to win tickets to see them for three years, and finally I made it :)
I'm only slightly undecided 'cos the morning after the gig there is something in London I was planning to attend, but I think I'll skip that and go for the Blues. If for some reason I end up choosing the other event, I'll give the tickets to my friends who are currently here for a few days, as they are from Nottingham so they can use them instead.

On top of that, when I checked my email I saw one from some friends in Italy who'll be here next week for a few days, and I can't wait as I haven't seen them in over a year.

What a wonderful life :)
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