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The Missing Hat

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sooooo, I had a really funny story about a missing hat, and I wanted to blog about it while it was still fresh in my mind. It's been close to two weeks now, and I don't know if this is age starting to creep up on my memory or what....but I no longer remember what was so darn funny about that! So for those of you that were wondering, here's what happened--no embellishments to bring out the humor of the situation, because I've lost them....but anyway.....

The night before Jeff left for Camp Pendleton we had company over and Barbequed. By the time the last person left, it was close to midnight. Jeff had to be at the airport at 5:30 am the next morning, and we live a half hour away from the airport. So ok, we had to be driving away no later than 5:00, and that would be cutting it to the last second--very hard for a person like me. So it was around midnight, and Jeff thought it was time to START packing. Huh? We could go to bed and get 4 hours of sleep, but my newly "responsible" son hadn't done one single bit of packing.

He did most of it himself....I would bring him things that I had laundered and he was busy stuffing it all into the sea bags--2 of them, both huge. 4 sets of cammies, 2 pairs of combat boots, 4 different uniforms, socks, workout clothes, much stuff! The last thing was the garment bag with the uniforms, which would be wrapped around one of the bags. There was a tackle box full of various pins, collar stays, gloves, etc--anybody who has helped a soldier pack knows the stuff I'm talking about. And the "hygiene bag." and the paperwork. That stuff would all go into the carryon. But then he laid out the uniform he was to travel in....and the hat was missing. He had worn it on the day he went to visit the recruiter and knows he had it on in the car. But the rule is that he needs to have a hat on outside, but off inside, so he knows he took it off as he stepped into the house. So it had to be here, right? We tore the house apart. Upturned furniture. Looked in every drawer. Looked in the laundry hampers. Looked in every room, even if it was unlikely that he would have taken the hat off there. Took flashlights to the car and examined every nook and cranny. UNPACKED all the stuff he had spent hours packing. Packed it again. NO HAT! Finally he decided he'd have to wear the other hat--the one that is usually white. He had a green cover for it, so painstakingly took the white cover off and put the green one on. Finally it was 2:30 and we were going to bed. Less than 2 hours later we were up again, getting ready to leave for the airport. I had wanted photos of my handsome son in his uniform in the morning, but they turned out awful--he was tired, crabby, and the lighting was all wrong--but I knew he had neither the time nor the patience to do it again, so we let it go. There will be other opportunities. And we got some great ones the night before....before we knew about the upcoming hat-search, so everybody was happy and smiley with Jeff in his cammies. Those photos will have to suffice! I walked around at work like a zombie that day....and spent much of the week trying (unsuccessfully) to catch up on my lost sleep.

So what, I wonder, did I think was funny about this story? Ah well....maybe someday.

He's back in San Diego now and will be leaving Sep. 14 for his MOS school in Texas. He's looking forward to that, but I worry because he is trying to grow up too soon. He's got me a little scared that he's going to do something he may very well live to regret--I bet you can guess what I'm talking about. (((big sigh)))) Gone are the days when I can send him to his room to think about it, so we'll just have to see what transpires!

Oh--and the hat? Still missing.

***edited for typos. Wow--and I proofread and everything!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • ANG_LA
    I can RELATE!

    What we do for our BOYS!


    2821 days ago
    We have a saying at our house when we can't find something. The saying is "I'm sure I put it someplace safe!" The joke being that it is so safe we can't find it to use it. emoticon

    It will turn up and I'm sure you will have a good laugh when you find it.
    2822 days ago
  • CONCHA77
    Morning, Sharon-Now I am 'baffled" on where that hat is??? YOu will have to let us know if you find it.
    Great Blog. Made me smile,
    2822 days ago
    Hi Sharon,

    How strange that the hat would disappear like that. It always baffles me when things go missing in strange ways. What's MOS school? And how long will he be there? He is growing up fast in the Marines. It must be difficult to watch him making decisions without your guidance any longer. I wish you both the best!

    2822 days ago
    We all have our 'senior' moments. No matter what age we are. And the hat? It'll turn up, then when you tell your son, he'll say,"Oh ya, now I remember leaving it there"
    2822 days ago
    You'll probably find that hat half way through his extended training.

    And yes, I can relate.
    2822 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    No matter how old they are, we are still their Mommy.

    I so related to this blog.

    God Bless you and thanks for sharing.

    2823 days ago
    Great blog! Thanks for sharing! emoticon
    2823 days ago
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