Lots of prayers needed for a little boy...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My friends two-year old son is very sick. He has Nephrotic Syndrome. It started a few months ago. He started retaining lots of water and his blood pressure was out of control (sometimes as high as 200 over 100). He got medication to get the water out of his body and also some protein. Then it got even worse. One day he started vomiting and having a seizure while doing so. My friend is a nurse so she knew what to do so he won't get vomit in his lungs. When the ambulance came he stopped breathing and they had to intubate him. They took him to a children's hospital in Colorado Springs and from there they took him to a children's hospital in Denver. He was on dialysis for a little bit because his kidneys wouldn't work. Now they work at about 40 %. He's breathing on his own again, but has a staph infection now. It's MRSA and another staphylococcus.
Depending on how scared his kidneys are the whole condition could be chronic and they are also talking about a kidney transplant.

Please pray for the little boy and his Mom, Dad and little brother. They already have the people of their church praying for them, but I think there can't be enough people to pray.

God Bless You All!
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