Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back in the spring, I posted a blog about, how, I got out the Leslie Sansone DVD's and started to walk with her. Well, for what ever reason, that, all fell by the wayside, and I never started up again. Well, guess, what! It sure showed!
Thursday Aug 26, 2010, started out to be a great day. I knew, I had a Dr's appointment, and was sort of looking forward to it, yet for some unknown reason, I was dreading it.
YIKES!!!!! I had no idea, how bad, nor how much the truth would hit home so hard.
I had no idea, how bad my lifestyle and weight had become. The Dr is a wonderful Dr, and I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world. She explained how hard my heart had to work with the "load" that I am carrying around my body. "Just think of carrying 2 bags of 60lbs of water softener salt all the time..." We talked a bit more about, how bad of shape, I was in, and thought, it would be best, if, I started on a easy exercise regime. Aqua Fit, walking, and exercise bike, all of which are either non weight or light weight bearing. Plus, I need to start back with strength training.

You, see, I, don't look below my neck when I look in the mirror. I just want to see my face, and don't want accept the way the rest of my body looks like. Problem is.... other people see our bodies.
I was so angry at myself, when I left the Dr's office, I could have broke down and cried, but, I decided, that, I would stay strong, and get determined to change ME.
Sooooooo, here is to a NEW ME!
I will be needing a lot of encouragement, and motivation, as, I travel this journey.
But, I am determined to do this and see the look of shock on my Dr's face, when I return to see her in 1 month for a follow up appointment :)
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