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My Dancing In The Rain

Friday, August 27, 2010

I know I have been among the missing lately.I will do my best to start at the beginning without making this to long.
Tuesday I went to spend the day with my Angel Grandson Cole,He wanted as always to go in his EuperSuperDuber Van as he calls my Van to Chick Fi la.We Got in and off we went.On the way I started to feel bad.By the time we got there I excuse myself for the rest room.I was very sick feeling I tried to compose myself and return to the table only had to go back again.My Darling DIL NurseHOpe came in to check on me and found me.In need of help she assets me an told me she was calling 911.I was taken to the local hospital which I have been to before but always under a pacific doctor not under just a hospital doctor.I was taken in by the ENTS who where inform to put me in the lobby as they had no where for me and they where just like what and so they did what they could for me and did speak t the triage nurse directly about the sitution .I was assets and sent back alot faster than others but i did have to sit with oxygen and all in the middle of ht lobby for about 10 mins.Then I spent well oer 12 hrs in the ER not being treated but waiting for folks to get to me.As I got fluid and a ct during that time.I end up buzzing to ask could I go home as I had a enough when the nurse who was not even mine came in to see what i needed and told me I had been admitted.Well Other than the Nurses and Aids things did not improve alot up stairs.
As they where un sure what was going on and it was the middle of the night and all which i could some what understand but the following day I was giving a Doctor.That I can only say was THE MOST UNCARING PROFESSIONAL I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED! He would act as if he was listing but would not really response to anything I said and would not answer questions either.And when he did he would tell u what he thought u wanted to hear and not anything that he was actually going to do.As I requested fr4om the begging my doctor who know me and my history as there is alot of it to please be consulted and he would be like yeah yeah and all this and go on.I came in with 2 separate issue it turned out as I had sever abdominal pain and i had all the symptom of a stroke. well they where not connect as they where able to help the abdomen issue which was they feel and i do agree related to my surgery earlier and my system has issue with surgery but the big issue was not ever really address other than to say the MRI said I had not had a stroke.Which I only go after being there 3 days and baggering him bout it.,i am unable to swallow or talk correctly and do not have full use or strength of my left leg or hand.BUt he would not answer me on these or consult my neurologist for a consult.even though he and all the Nurses had to every few hours do strength asset ments on me and always with no change.He told me he was going to contact my doctor yesterday after I had a MRI.Well I went and came back and he went home and when the nurse called to say what they supposably already knew that I had not had a stroke he said send her home.Now I had manage only becasue he was called from the ER my surgeon who had done the gallbladder who was saying to me yes I agree we need to get your neuro doc in here and u should stay on liquid diet as u can not swallow .As the dietitian had came to me had said about diet as she seen my trays where untouched.
But Mr.I KNOW IT ALL DOCTOR! Put in I had no issue swallowing and that I was to be on full regular diet even though I had choked on liquid the Point of causing me Dry heves.So Now I am home no more answers than I had when I went .I did call and my Neurologist office nurse freaked out that I was being treated that way but as they could not come to me as they had to be called for a consult by DOCTOR PREFECT! But she said she would put me inn to be seen tues as otherwise it would be oct otherwise if I had not told her what had happen while I was still there.I did raise plenty of HE!! and talk to there coordinators and all and I am not done with DR.Prefect yet! But I will never go to that hospital again unless I have one of my own doctors going to be my doctor while I am there.As do to his saying to me one thing putting in the puter another leaving notes for the nurse another he had everyone that was really trying to help me going in told circles and to the point no one knew what could be done as all was totally different than what had been spoke so what he had put in the system was what stood as he was off duty.And thinks where so messed up it was not even close to correctable.Even to the fact that they where sending me home last night at 9 and then the new doctor was called to say ok and she said no just let her stay at this point and then I was told I was still going home at 6 am to then at 9 Iwas not and then when 10 rolled around I was like what is going on and they where like huhhhhh.I said take my IV out Iam going home.And then as I am being wheeled out someone shows up with papers to say if I didnt agree with the doctor decision I could appeal it as it was my medicare rights.Now we all know where that came from out of no where that was not available yesterday. But I was like get me out of here Ill try my luck with getting into my reg docs than staying in this nut house dealing with who knows what next.My DIL Bless Her heart works for a from of the hospital so she is no impressed at all so she is now going to do some talking of her own s I should have had all kinds of test and things done that was never even mention or done as DR.Prefect deamed me fine.He is going to wish He had Never encounter me when I am done as I am not one to lay down and take it fine or not as I dont ever want someone else to go threw what I have.
So I am looking at it as I am dancing in the Rain this Happen to me for a reason so maybe I can be sure no one else GETS DOCTOR PREFECT.I can be there RAINBOW! Wish Me Luck.
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  • no profile photo CD1278025
    Aww, Wendy. I do know what you are saying, Hale went through the very same thing in February. I hope you get answers next week, and glad you got home. Get some rest, and if you need me, you know where to find me. I knew something was wrong when I hadn't gotten any card game challenges from you for a couple of days. That just wasn't normal. Thank heaven your DIL was with you. Big Hugs! And rest!
    3706 days ago
    WOW!!!! Sorry you had to go through all that. THat is ridiculous!!!!!!

    Hope you get everything looked after soon and NEVER have to deal with someone like that again!!!

    3706 days ago
  • JULIEO100
    WOW! glad you're ok. Wish you a blessed weekend!
    God bless you, my friend~hugs~

    3706 days ago
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