Our bodies are NOT machines

Friday, August 27, 2010

So I have the Spark Nutrition tracker calorie differential set for losing 1 1/2 pounds per week and the fitness tracker set for the same, burn 3500 calories minimum per week. Almost every week it yells at me that I'm over on burned calories and not eating enough, blah, blah, blah, blah. If it told me that last night I would have yelled back at it... (I was kinda moody and it's not TOM, so just pure rage).

This was for the NEW goals that I set in July after I set my goals too high in April and about dropped off my lifestyle change wagon because of frustration.

So I weigh today, hmmm, same as it was 3 weeks ago. I pull out my handy dandy spreadsheet that shows what I should be at this time (AT A POUND a week, not even 1 1/2 pounds like I've set on Spark). I'm TWO POUNDS behind already, but yet I should be two pounds ahead.

Our bodies are NOT machines. It doesn't seem to understand the calorie in and calorie out differentials. It doesn't seem to care to let me know that I'm building muscle which weighs more than fat, so the weight loss is slower. Yes I'm supposed to know that in my head but ...... the scale is not moving... Bad scale.

So should we get frustrated.. yeah sometimes, but not too much. After it has gone on for over a month, maybe we should re-evaluate everything we are putting in our tracker.. are we missing little nibbles here, little nibbles there? Did you forget that sugary soda?

and if those are good and you're strength training (which you should be by the way), just let those muscles grow (women they really don't get that big) and burn off that internal and external fat and eventually that scale will move.

Our bodies are not machines. They are cell filled organisms with truly a MIND OF THEIR OWN. Don't let those cells mutiny on you and take over your thoughts and ruin your determination. Just tell yourself, my body is not a machine, it's not a calculator, it's changing, it will let me know when it's ready to let me know.

Good luck all.

Yeah I wrote this because my plateau has been well over a month and dangit, I'm two pounds behind. emoticon
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    Thanks for the comment on my blog and for this post. My plateau is driving me nuts after some really fast weight loss, and I like your way of looking at it. It's true. The nutrition tracker and so on are nice tools and they've helped me lose weight instead of continuing to gain it, and it's nice to not have back pain. But there's more to this than calorie calculations. I just wish I knew what.
    3126 days ago
    If you are working the plan your body will start to lose again. It just my take some time for your bdy to decidr to move the scale again.
    3130 days ago
    I agree with you completely. As much as we wish our bodies were machines they just aren't. They are complex structures that lose, gain, and fluctuate every minute and second of the day. The scale (or at least the ones that are affordable) don't calculate our muscle mass, fat %..etc.
    All we can do is keep doing what we know WILL work, and is good for our bodies. So that's 30-60 minutes of exercise a day, and healthy eating. The scale will do what we want eventually, but until then we just have to keep keeping on :)

    You're plateau will pass soon! Just stay strong, and focus on the road ahead of you. emoticon
    3132 days ago
    That's it lady-keep it in gear til you reach your goals. My scales said I lost 6 pounds, then I gained 4, then lost it again. Now I know why scales can never be the only measure of success. If we only looked at the scale we'd go into depression mode. Thanks for the reminder.
    3132 days ago
    I can relate...I was supposed to be at my goal by now, but the whole summer has been a little difficult in weight loss! Keep at it, you are doing great!! Don't be a slave to that icky scale! Have an awesome day!!
    3132 days ago
    Thanks I really needed to hear this. It just gets so frustrating waiting, you lose one pound the next week nothing and so on...Grrr.
    3132 days ago
    You will get there my love have faith and keep on pluggin...
    3132 days ago
    hahaha, I made that up. I KNOW I'm making progress, I got a compliment today. It has to be showing somewhere.. just not on the scale. Stupid CELLS... they are mutinizing on me. I will not let them win.. .I am the CAPTAIN of this ship emoticon
    3132 days ago
  • AWOLF24
    cell mutiny......that's funny!
    3132 days ago
    What a great way to talk it out and motivate yourself. That's what you have to do. Our bodies can run like a machine if we take of it like we take care of our car. When it's out of oil we wouldn't put Olive oil in as a replacement. So what we put it is what we get out. I truly get what you are saying and I wish you much success in getting ahead of the game with the pounds lost. You are on the right path just don't let up push that much harder we can master the body and not let the body master us, Go the the gusto.

    Have a Super workout weekend.

    Peace and Love
    3132 days ago
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