a compliment while naked

Thursday, August 26, 2010

This morning while I was at the pool one of the other regular swimmers complimented me! She said "Wow, it looks like your fitness efforts are really paying off!". Now, aside from the fact that I felt slightly uncomfortable standing there almost naked, I felt great!
Now, at the hour I swim the population at the pool consists of 70+ year olds. They have all been very encouraging---they see me walking everywhere and know I swim 5-7 hours/week.
My car has been out of commission most of the week. I walk almost everywhere anyway but knowing I can't drive if I wanted to is a bit annoying. On the up side, I have walked EVERYWHERE!
I started weight training with a personal trainer, she is awesome! She seems to really understand my goals.
I stepped on the wii fit for my mid week weigh in and I am down 2.5lbs! I only record my weight on Saturday morning but if Thursday afternoon tells me I am down 2.5lbs, I am going to believe it!
Yay for Thursday!
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