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Thursday, August 26, 2010

For weeks I have, somehow, managed to curb my emotional eating to a huge degree. At the point when my life was most in turmoil, I was able to keep it together pretty consistently...which meant that I got through my Father's death and funeral week without any real weight set-back. But since then, I have also not lost any weight...even after being back on track with food and exercise.

Just a couple months ago, I was drinking soda, eating fries and burgers on a regular basis, and following that up with desserts/doughnuts/cookies on the run. I don't understand why the scale is not's not like I could possibly be on a plateau, I've only lost four pounds since the beginning of July!

Yesterday, I got on the scale and saw that I was in a position to be down this week. My day went well, until I visited Mom to spend a few hours paying bills, helping around the house, and generally keeping her company. Unfortunately, one way my Mom is grieving for Dad is by being very controlling. No matter what I do, she questions it. I try to remind myself that she feels like her life is out of control and this is a coping mechanism...but yesterday, she was just a little too unappreciative and, frankly, unkind. We argued. And then I ate.

I didn't eat the world, but certainly enough to feel unpleasantly full and I'm sure I've blown the week, in terms of tomorrow's weigh in. I'm trying to remember that I didn't get to this weight in a day, and I can't undo my progress in a day, either. Also trying to remember this is a long process of small steps. Its just a bummer to be stuck at the same weight when I feel like I have made consistent changes over the past 6 weeks.

I don't think I've ever put in this much effort for so little reward...but I don't know how to stay motivated when effort is not producing results.
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  • SAL2525
    Ohhhh Ali! Don't give up. Put the scale away for a while.(Try to do the tape measure thing. After years of trying to lose weight I finally measured myself and I think that is really a good idea. It is the toning which really makes a difference in how our clothes fit.Often our bodies show lose in inches but maybe not so much in pounds.)
    Celebrate that you did not gain during all that turmoil. I love what MOMEDITOR had to say! CATHYCOUNTS is right too.
    As for your Mom. It must be so hard for her and she must feel so lost and angry too. You are a safe target and you just happen to get it. As a parent I sometimes forget how much power we wield in our children's lives. As a child even one of 53 : ) I know it well.
    Today is a new day and here in Boston the sun is shinning. Hope today is better.
    Remember you have made lots of positive changes in your life and this is a JOURNEY - one that sometimes sends us up and down the mountain. emoticon emoticon Sal
    2854 days ago
    Hey there! It is tough to be in the "sandwich years" between needy adolescents and increaingly fragile parents. We spend years coping with things the best way we know how - and sometimes that is via eating for comfort, and now we want to change that and be healthy. It is a fabulous goal, and sometimes just incredibly imposssible to feel motivated about. I saw that you wrote that you didn't eat the entire world- I imagine that you could have eaten more than you did. I imagine you could have kept silent about it. I imagine you could have lied about it. But, you recognized being uncomfortable with the fullness, you expressed your feelings openly, and you owned up to falling off the wagon for a short while. Sounds like progress to me sister. Life can be hard, weight loss can be hard, but thankfully the good days eventually come around and plateaus eventually break- keep the faith and brighter days will come!
    2854 days ago
    One thing that I use to help me keep going when I'm not seeing the results is I remind myself that I'm learning to make healthy life choices even if the result hasn't shown yet. I get in the thought pattern that what I'm doing is only until the weight comes off. But I believe that is a lie that we tell ourselves. Because if we don't keep making wise choices after we are at our desired weight it will come right back on. So whether I see progress or not I have to know and believe that I'm still doing the right things for a life long achievement. So, I look at the slow go times as a learning life time changes period. A time that I still need to go through to stay at that desired weight once I'm there. Hope this helps.
    2855 days ago
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