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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm grateful for SP. This morning when reading a daily or a weekly story, I read something by....sorry, I forget who, that they were told by their trainer. It zinged me. This person was not happy with the results that they were getting in their work-out and the trainer said, "I can only provide the inspiration, you have to provide the motivation". I have been stopping all morning and looking inside to see where the motivation lacking is in me.

My quest with SP has always been to lose weight and live a healthy life. And I am doing that. I'm also getting a little complacent with the weight loss thing because I am past the pain point. I can wear a size 10, I'm not obese any longer, I have some physical stamina and I am in pretty good shape. But I still have a 36" waist, my excess body fat lives, you guessed it, in the middle of me which is the least healthy place for fat to live.

Going to the finish line isn't really my strong suit. I tend to get really close to the end and decide that's enough. And I am for sure motivated by pain, lack of pain,..lack of motivation? So, it is time for me to learn another new habit. Going past the finish, losing 6 inches from my belly, losing 15 lbs to get to a normal BMI. Maintaining a healthy bodyweight. Managing my cholesterol by what I eat and how I live, staying healthy as opposed to having the next ailment, being strong enough to do the daily tasks of life and still have some strength left for fun.

I've been bothered by my midnight cravings for the last few nites. My eating during the day is good, but I'm putting around 300+ cals at midnight. I'm eating nuts and peanut butter. If anyone knows what that mean my body is lacking, please let me know. I'd love to not have those cravings.

PS I'm really trying to motivate myself here!
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    Sounds like you are lacking protein to me! This is what peanut butter and nuts are all about! I know they are good for you and nuts as long as counted out and eating by the ounce are a real good source of protein and other essentials! Nuts are one of those things I have to count out and say that is it!!! They are great but sometimes the more you eat the more you want!

    I don't have this problem I usually fall in the bed from exhaustion! There's your answer you need to maybe wear yourself out, but not so much that you can't sleep!

    I am going to hush now I wish I could help, but this is all that I can figure would help and it's sort of pitiful! I hope you figure this out!

    3740 days ago
    I hear ya on the motivational issue. I too have the belly thing and for health reasons in getting healthy motivates me to continue. I have gained 5 pounds since surgery and I think that is pretty good considering I have not been able to do the exercise and I haven't been tracking my food. I did go on a hike for 30 min. yesterday and I have not felt any pain. Speaking of pain, that is another motivator...if I don't continue witht the exercise I end up having shoulder and back pain. Not to mention occational knee pain. When I exercise this pain seems to subside and I feel that I have more energy. Keep the chin up and we both can get this belly weight down. I am happy to say that before surgery I lost weight in my legs,arms, and the hind side too. I will be working hard on the belly weight. The doctor says in 2 wks I will be able to exercise...and when I out weight, here you GO...
    3742 days ago
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    I can see where I get complacent, too, as things get better. That's when I zip into a fast food joint for supper, and get a little ice cream afterwards. The next day, the cravings are there and the battle is on. Ups and downs are part of life (I just recently re-learned this!) and sometimes all we can do is what we can do. I don't mean to sound defeatist. Just reaching for some realism, cuz I'm my own worst enemy. I need to give myself permission to relax and just be okay.

    Thanks for sharing that quote. Makes sense. I think reviewing where we are and setting new goals is critical. If we aren't working towards something, we're working towards nothing!

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    3744 days ago
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    I have been hearing a lot lately that sometimes when we think we are hungry, we are really thirsty. Maybe if you drink a glass of water that would help.

    I agree with Barb, a nurse told my dad (which was diabetic) to eat a carb along with a protein (crackers and cheese, peanut butter and bread, etc) before bedtime, and that would stabilize his sugar through the night.

    A lot of ideas going on, hope one of them helps.
    3744 days ago
    It obviously means that you are "nutty"!!!! hahahahaha - okay, now you can whop me upside the head! Sorry, couldn't resist... I have taken sort of a mental approach to cravings after 9ish (okay, I know, I AM mental!) - my last snack is around 9pm and then, when I start feeling hungry after that, I tell myself that my body is losing weight when I get those feelings - that it is not hunger, but the actual process of losing weight! Sounds strange, but it works for me...I will grab some water or sometimes a diet pop, but no food....whatever motivates, right?? emoticon
    3744 days ago
    My sister had midnight cravings for a long time and her docter told her to eat a light carb, such as cereal and milk plus a light protein, such as a piece of turkey an hour before you go to sister stuck with a small bowl of cheerios with milk and it curbed her she doesn't even need the snack anymore. Hope this helps!
    3744 days ago
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    Sounds like you're gearing up for another burst of motivation and determination. You can do it.

    I don't know what the midnight cravings mean -- though your body is probably wanting/needing something. But I will share with you what I do, as advised by my son the personal trainer. Each night at bedtime I take a scoop of 100% Casein protein mixed with a cup of skim milk. Casein protein is slow to digest and takes about 8 hours, which gets you through the night. Plus, if you're strength training, your body needs the extra protein to re-build muscle. The bedtime protein shake plus milk is 215 calories. I just plan it in my nutrtitional count for the day before anything else.

    He also has me take a regular protein shake (with water = 65 calories) each morning along with a banana before I go to the gym. On the two days where I do some strength training, then he has me take another protein shake mixed with chocolate milk immediately after (I use the lite soy chocolate milk so that, along with the protein is about 150 calories).

    It seems like a lot, but I work them into my nutritional tracker the night before and plan the rest of my food around that. Amazingly, the protein shakes are really tasty and the stick with me quite well.

    Here's hoping you're able to tame the midnight hunger habit!
    3744 days ago

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    In "You on a Diet" the authors stress the importance of nuts. CCK (which stands for the hormone Cholecystokinin) is released from the small intestinal mucosa by dietary fat (nuts) and protein (nuts again) and acts via sensory fibers of the vagus nerve to signal satiety to the brain. Do you think perhaps you are not getting enough dietary fat and/or protein? since I will easily overdose on nuts, I eat Better N Butter, a reduced-fat peanut spread. It is located in the organic/whole foods section of the store (it is not among the peanut butter).

    By the way, the authors stress that a healthy waist for a woman is 32.5 inches, so perhaps a goal of 3.5 inches, instead of 6 inches, for the time being anyway, would help motivate you more?
    3744 days ago
    I am not sure what your body is lacking but one of my health coaches tells me not to eat nuts and such late at night but rather a cereal that is easy for my body to digest. It may help to snack on different things late at night. Try doing something you didnt think you could do. That was a spark for me ... I was challenged to run at 9 on a treadmill for 15 seconds ... I have never done that before ... so I jumped on and tried ... I DID IT ... It made me want to see what else I could do to push myself.

    Anyway ... good luck in your journey. Keep moving forward.
    3744 days ago
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