Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm just wondering why, when I wasn't addicted to SP, that I would eat my meals throughout the day, finishing around 6-7pm, and have no inclination to eat anything or anytime after that until the next day. Now, that I"'m food tracking and exercising, all I do at night is raid the fridge and cupboards lookig for snacks. I eat healthy snacks, but I can't stop eating. Its likely why my weight hasn't been moving (duh!), but I'm more worried about the WHY this is happening. Am I not eating all my calories during the day? Well, I'm usually in the upper range of what SP tells me to eat. So that can't be it. Am I bored? No more bored than what I was before SP.
I don't know. I'm confused.
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    Hi Carla, I am a little late answering this but I missed it when you posted it... I seem to do the same thing but I think the reason I do it is because since I started TRACKING everything, I think about the food more. It first started when I would get near the end of the day and would see that I was below my calorie range for the day so I would look at the tracker to see how short I was to reach the range, then I would go see what was available that would "fit" my shortfall in calories. Then I noticed that even when I was at my calorie range, I was still low in one of the other nutrients I track like iron, calcium, or potassium. So I would go looking for something to fit the shortage and boost it without going too high in calories or fat, etc.

    Now it seems that is the way I end every day -- see where I am and then look for what I can still have. Unfortunately, I am not always even hungry but snack anyway just to get most of my tracked items in range. I am almost a little OCD over it!

    This may be totally off the mark for you but I didn't see that you had figured out why yet so thought I would offer it up!
    3738 days ago
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    I agree with Tony. 6 smaller meals is a great help to avoid hunger cravings.
    What about water? When I'm hungry I always drink a big glass of water with lots of fresh mint and lemon, it's tasty, helps me to stay full and no calories.
    If you have to chew something try ricecakes, they're low in calories and then a good herb tea.
    Is there no way to distract your mind from food? A good book, a film, a long walk?
    3745 days ago
    Well Carla...I have thoughts...but it looks like LOTS of great people already gave you stuff to think I will just say I will thinking of you and hoping things improve!
    3745 days ago
    Let me get this straight. Is the night eating causing you to go over your daily calorie range? Or is the night eating logged, and you are still within your daily calorie range?

    Another thing I want to know is, why are you concerned about eating after 7p? Because my main inclination is to say, if you are hungry in the evening, then just eat in the evening. Eat a bit less the rest of the day, and have a meal close to when you go to bed. Bang, no more snacking time. The whole thing of everything you eat late in the day turning to fat is a myth.
    3745 days ago
  • CARLA0716
    I love how you all are offering your suggestions. Much appreciated! :)

    But to Tony, nope again. I eat all through the day, usually every three hours. And because I'm addicted to SP, I've been upping the fiber through all the fruits and veggies and super grainy breads that I'm eating now.

    so...any more suggestions? I feel like the lightbulb is out there somewhere, waiting to flash on!
    3745 days ago
    Not sure I can help with WHY, but I can help with the WHAT.

    I like to eat alot, and I like to eat all the time. I never noticed it before, at least not until I started tracking everything I ate. Waaaay in the beginning, Pre-Spark, I used to write everything I ate down on paper. I noticed two things, 1) I ate a poor diet, and 2) The paper and pen rarely left my hands.
    I was constantly writing. After doing some research and some trial and error, I found a solution for me. It works for ME. Might not be your salvation.

    I eat 6-7 scheduled meals per day (that's about a meal every 2 hours. Some 3 are "meals" 4 are snacks, total cals/day = 1800 - 2300.

    I eat lots of high fiber foods, especially for the "hunger craves". High fiber foods help make you feel full. Good bye hunger. The US recommended dietary fiber intake is 25 - 30 grams. I eat 30 - 45 grams of dietary fiber per day. My research said that my fiber intake was more healthy.

    I eat 60 minutes prior to my workout. This helps soften the crazy hunger you get just after your workout, when you are standing with the refrigerator door open, and your brain telling you "That's OK, you just kicked ass, you deserve it, you could afford it." Man! How do you talk sense to that crazy-eyed hunger monster. Eat before you work out. It helps.

    I hope this helps.

    Suggested reading (my awakening) The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell. You will never eat the same again.

    3745 days ago
  • CARLA0716
    Nope, this all started almost as soon as I started on SP, about two months ago. So it can't be stressed. And normally, when I stress, I lose weight - tons of it - without even trying. Anyone got more ideas?
    3745 days ago
  • SOUTHIE2010
    Is it stress eating? Maybe with the new job??? I never thought I was a stress eater, but I have been trying to step back and think about why I am eating what I am eating.

    Just another idea!

    3745 days ago
  • CARLA0716
    Hi All, Thanks for the comments.

    I do drink my water, sometimes up to 10-12 glasses a day. MOre if I'm exercising. I don't think I'm exercising a LOT, especially these past couple of days. And I don't think that when I do, I'm pushing myself excessively. And I ST only two days a week.

    So I don't know.
    3745 days ago
    You don't talk about why you are heading to the cupboards. Are you really hungry? Are you lightheaded? I've found myself lightheaded a few times recently - a clear sign I needed to eat more. If you're going to eat out of boredom, then that's not a good deal.. But if you are hitting your calories then I see nothing wrong wtih it - in fact distributing your calories through the day is a really good idea.

    If you're not losing weight then you may need to play with your calories... something like weekly or every two weeks. Try up... try down... just try something. Depends on what sort of calorie burns you do. When I stepped up my routine, I definitlely needed more food, and the increased calories I've been taking seem to be helping.

    if your weight doesn't move and you hit the target calories, then either your metabolism isn't normal at the moment, or your tracking is not accurate. Get a good food scale and try using gram measurements for everything that is not very standardized portions - that's the biggest thing. Tracking discipline is not super easy, but very effective - especially in the long term.

    Make sure you are drinking enough water. Many people (and I've noticed this in myself occasionally) mistake thirst as hunger.

    If you are having satiety problems you may need to adjust your diet... a bit more protein with each meal, or possibly a little more fat.
    3745 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/24/2010 2:54:28 PM
    Hmmm, interesting, Carla. Exercising more seems reasonable, but are you doing more exercise than usual? Are you drinking enough water throughout the day? Thirst pangs and hunger pangs are the same sensation. Just a thought.

    3745 days ago
    maybe food has become your "pink elephant"... you know, the more you tell yourself NOT to think about something, the more you cant stop thinking about it.
    3746 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6372002
    It definitely could be all that exercise! It also might be that you're thinking about food ALL the time like I am! I'm not sure if I thought about food this often before I joined SP. Make sure you save a few calories for the evening if you know that you get snacky around that time!
    3746 days ago
    I think Jerome is right. The last few days I've been hungrier throughout the day. I was soooo hungry when I went to make my lunch yesterday, I remember thinking to myself, "Isn't my stomach to supposed to be getting smaller and wanting LESS food?"
    3746 days ago
    Why = because you are exercising more probably causing your body to need more food.

    just my $.02
    3746 days ago
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