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Monday, August 23, 2010

Well, I'm in a new "Ville". Really exciting stuff... I know this town will come with its own set of challenges, triumphs and adversity.

What have I learned this week? I've learned that I'm much more of an emotional eater than I thought I was. I eat, not only when I'm bored, but when I'm lonely, anxious, depressed or stressed. My Inside Out Weight Loss coach, Renee Stephens, has helped me to understand that any type of eating when you're not hungry is related to an emotional void. When you understand that, you're open to seeing where you've been trying to 'feed' your emotions.

I did the math, and it looks like I would need to lose over 8 lbs. a month in order to hit my 'flexible' goal of 140 lbs. by next August. If I stay the course I'm on now, (5 lbs. a month), I should be down as low as I've been in my adulthood, so I certainly won't be complaining. It looks like it will take me 'til February of '12 to lose all the weight if I average 5 lbs. a month. That's doable. It seems like a long time away. That's 2 years from my start date. I just need to get mentally adjusted to it. I know I'll feel great about how I look a year from now, though. I'll just focus on that.

Boy, this is more 'mental' than anything. Hmm...
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    Thanks, guys. I've learned about what a truly realistic goal is the hard way. I've lost weight before, and have burned out. I don't want to go that route again. I'm sure I won't look back in 1.5 years and say, "I'm sorry it took me this long to lose it". I'm sure I'll just be glad I'm there, and that I did it in a way that did not make me miserable, and that I had given myself the skills to maintain it.

    I cringe when I hear people talk about losing 10 or 15 lbs. a month. That's hard to maintain. I'll forgo all the 'oos' and 'ahs' from family and friends who only seem to notice drastic weight loss. I'll take going the smart route instead.
    3012 days ago
    It takes time to lose and do it right. I think you're doing it right by learning and changing things as you go. I have a friend that he and his wife are doing this p90x. It lasts for 3 months and I think it's really stupid. You basically starve yourself. You're not allowed to splurge (if you do it like you're supposed to). Plus you have this intense work out that doesn't typically fit into a normal life. I'm not saying that those things aren't good in their own way but it's too much at one time and you're not doing a lifestyle change, you're just trying to put a bandaid on a problem that needs to be fixed and p90x is only a temporary fix. We did not get like this in 3 months and I don't believe it's healthy to try and take it away in 3 months. The problem lies with HOW we eat and WHAT we eat. YOU are doing it right by not trying to do a quick fix and YOU will be the one to successfully take it off and keep it off.
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    3012 days ago
    It's good to set realistic weight-loss goals. When I first started on SparkPeople, I honestly planned to lose 11.5 pounds a month so it would take me 10 months to reach my goal weight!!! Since then, reality has set in and I've been averaging more like 6-7 pounds a month for the past several months. I'm at peace with that now. This is not a race. I just want to get to a healthy weight and not be miserable on the journey. If I really did try to do something as insane as lose 11.5 pounds a month, I might get there faster, but I'd likely burn myself out along the way. I'd have to completely deprive myself of foods I loveand I'd have to push myself even more in my exercise, risking further injury (already had overuse injuries in my knees from pushing too hard back in January and February). So I've decided to take the slower route and enjoy the journey.

    I certainly can't complain about the progress I've made. When I first started out, I dreaded how long it was going to take to get to my goal weight, but now I've lasted 9 months, I know I'll be able to last until I reach my goal!
    3012 days ago
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