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Squeezing Off a Pound

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hubby was home so we are back to watching survivalist shows. Oh boy. People who go for days without eating while scouting for a nice juicy edible bug, some reindeer moss. Drinking out of puddles full of mouse dookie. Sleeping on the ground with scorpions and digging a hole in the snow to bury yourself in a tomb. You never see a woman doing this stupid bull crap. My idea of roughing it is going without power in a storm and believe me that makes me plenty cranky. I'm not going to go without a bath for days or take a dump in the snow. These people are insane.

To clarify, our garden is not done producing. We still have tons of things to harvest like broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, plums, apples, pumpkins, that are not even ready yet. And tons of other things that still are producing. But there will not be time for more cantaloupes and watermelons, and the cucumbers are done.

Also I wanted to add that cabbage can be stored for a long time. We will eat it every day in the form of cooked cabbage or one of the many kinds of slaw I make. It is one of our favorite veggies.

We went for a walk today. It was humid but not real hot. We saw a BOY turtle and a deer. Yesterday we found 2 turtles - a boy and a girl - the girl was "S". Hubby now admits that she is a girl. LOL.

My hubby called his mom. She had her check up in St. Louis. They told her that the place on her neck is not cancer. She just underwent a bunch of radiation and chemo treatments for nothing. Good grief.

Oh, I forgot. I lost a REAL pound. It stayed for 2 days in a row. My low calorie and lots of steps is working. I have to keep it up as long as possible.

Calories - 1261
Net Carbs - 58
Fats - 68
Proteins - 76
Steps - 20059
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Holy Moley on MIL. What a bittersweet event, and I HATE when that happens. "Oh, sorry, we took off the wrong boob," etc. :(

    Dh loves those survivalist shows and to be with him when he's home, I watch with him. I think he fancies himself one. I sure could use him around here when the power goes out for days in the winter! ;0)

    emoticon on the weight loss. You're rollin' now baby!
    2850 days ago
    Woop woop!! Great on the pound off!! Progress! Love that!!

    emoticon emoticon
    2853 days ago
  • RONIE11
    we watched that dual survival show when it came on and gratfully hubby wasn't impressed... no shoes in the snow..Really??? what a it seems like harvest time on SP every ones gardens are giving tons of produce... I miss the veggies but not the heat and bugs when we had ours.. I was a city girl staight out to the farm... I think I would do better now... plus I now know about OFF lol
    2854 days ago
    what a harvest! hubby & I have no green thumb but we still try to put in a couple things each year ~ maybe we're just stubborn

    good that your MIL has no cancer, not so good she was put thru all that; nevermind the $ and time, just the sheer fear factor the docs generated is bad enough

    glad for that extra pound you lost!

    hope you're having a great week
    2854 days ago
    Sorry about MIL, but thankfully it isn't cancer...that's a good thing ( though going through the treatment forr nothis is such a load of crap!)
    Good going on the loss, long may it continue.
    2854 days ago
    yep i watched one of the survial shows on net flix. They are fun to watch. I agree when we have hurricane hit us no power no shower i am MEAN. As for eating bugs no way. I did live in poverty in my childhood and had no fun but never thought to
    eat bugs. I use to eat pinecomb seeds tho and such in nature and wild pears or berrys we hunt for food. Bugs no no way those fokes are nuts.

    I have lately had to eat some corn as cant afford to waste food and i do eat to much whole wheat bread so i am giving
    bread up. I did eat only a tiny half of corn but it is

    thanks for info
    2854 days ago
    Love your blogs!

    Feel so bad for your MIL. Her suffering and the money they made off her (and her immune system they compromised) should be criminal.

    Wonderful garden and the pound - very very low cals and carbs with HIGH steps!! Wow.

    2854 days ago
  • DIANE929
    emoticon POOP IN THE SNOW....

    I don't want to poop in the snow....

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2855 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/24/2010 3:40:31 AM
    You crack me up! I'm with you on the roughing it... no digging holes to poo for me either. Yuck! I'm glad some people are okay with being that, but that's so not the way for me.

    The only bugs I'll eat are the unintentional ones in my sleep. :-)

    Wish I lived near you to frequent your "farmers market." Speaking of produce... I got a 14" long by 13" girth zucchini from a friend over the weekend. Yielded 10 cups of shredded zucchini from the one! CRAZY! Made good bread... that would have been great if I had used oil instead of applesauce. Oh the things I do to try to cut calories and fat.

    Congrats on the pound!
    2855 days ago
    Congrats on the pound!
    I bought some nice peaches on my way back from south Ga.

    2855 days ago
    I wish I could have even a tiny garden! I SOOOOO do not have a green thumb! Maybe I will experiment w/an herb. LOL.

    Glad that your MIL doesn't have cancer, but I agree, stinks she went through all the treatment for nothing.

    So glad for you on the REAL POUND LOSS!

    I never watch the survival shows. My parents love them, I have never gotten into them. I agree w/Spartan40....bring on the fitness shows (esp Jillian!)

    2855 days ago
    Your kind of self sufficiency is better than scrounging for
    2855 days ago
    I agree with you. I don't watch the survivalist shows. I'm much more likely to watch the weight loss / exercise reality shows. Nothing like watching Jilian beat on people in the gym while you're trying to work out.

    Sorry to hear the MIL went through treatment and it wasn't cancer. I guess that's the good news (she doesn't have cancer) as well as the bad.

    Also, CONGRATS on losing a pound!
    2855 days ago
  • WILLOW49
    Congrats on that pound loss! They all add up! So sorry to hear what you mother-in-law had to go through. That is so wrong...but glad she doesn't have cancer! Hospitals and doctors, you just can't trust them any more...

    I'm drooling every day over all of your wonderful fresh veggies and fruits. We have a small raised garden so have had a few veggies this summer. Oh yum! I love cabbage, a staple in my house :)

    Reality really don't want to hear what I think about them!
    2855 days ago
    Maybe if we tried the "survival" mentality we would lose weight more quickly - I don't know about you but bugs and leaves and twigs are very unappetizing so less food, more weight gone LOL!!

    congrats on squeezing off that pound !!!!
    2855 days ago
    That really sucks about your MIL going thru treatment for nothing. That happened to a girl in my high school. Her doctors misdiagnosed her with cancer in hs, how crazy is that. She was getting chemo and lost her hair and quit school I remember. Pretty scary doctors can screw up so bad. Congrats on losing a pound!
    2855 days ago
    So why do we have to pay so much for X rays and treatments when there's nothing wrong?? I'm happy that Benny's mom doesn't have cancer, but gee whiz!

    Got a great cabbage recipe, but it's probably a guilty indulgence. The cabbage is basically sauteed in butter, with brown sugar, scallops, and golden raisins, until it's the consistency of sauerkraut. It's the most heavenly, sensual dish on earth!

    Congrats on the pound gone forever!!
    2855 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    DH loves those survivalist shows but I am not real wild about them. I keep thinking that he (the survivalist) has a whole camera crew if he gets into trouble to help him. Me - I wouldn't have that so you would probably read about me on the front of the Times.....

    Have a GREAT day. Congrats on loosing the #'s.

    2855 days ago
    Funny you should mention cabbage, I bought a whole head of cabbage the other day and I've been trying to think how I'm going to cook it. Do you have any suggestions? I used to love my parents white beans and rice with a side of cooked cabbage....for some reason I just can't cook it the same way!

    AH, that is horrible to hear about your mother in law...through all that chemo, but thank goodness it ISN'T cancer.

    Congrats on the pound loss...those little suckers are hard to lose!
    2855 days ago
    I have never watched any of the survivalist decribed them

    2855 days ago
  • ENUFF81020
    Hi there,
    I have almost given up all TV--except my soap that I watch on the soap channel at 10 PM on week nights. I don't have time to be a mom and a teacher and a homemaker and to spend time at the fitness center along with SP, if I watch TV. I have decided "who needs it?" and I actually moved my recliner (where I sleep) into a place where I can't really even see it. My soap is an indulgence from when I was a girl looking over my mother's shoulder and if it ever goes away like so many others have been doing, I'll lose it too. I have never been a fan of reality TV except for the one season of The Apprentice when that nasty little gal was creating all of the havoc on there. (I think that was when ER was on just after the show and I was too lazy to turn the channel. I'm glad that I am more ambitious these days!!)

    Our gardens are in a different place. Our cucumbers and melons are still going strong. We didn't plant nearly as big a variety as you, but it has been an amazing year. Even though we only planted 3 zucchini plants--because I know what they can do--we have so many that I am being quite creative with them. I made zucchini brownies tonight from a recipe here and they were pretty good. I scaled down the calories more than the recipe called for, so I think it came it at less than 100 for a nice dessert. Back on topic, I think your garden started giving you goodies quite a while before ours did and that may be why we are still getting those other foods. (We picked about a dozen cucumbers yesterday and I also put four of them on the table with our dinner tonight. It is so nice to not have to purchase them, our kids love them so much.)

    As for me, I want to go potty on a nice warm toilet--and if it could have a fur lined seat, I'd go for that too. I don't mind camping, but there even needs to be some luxury in that!!
    Gentle hugs,
    2856 days ago
    I watch junk tv too. I have a different spin though. I refer to such goodies like Amazing Race, Wipe Out and Survivor. They are highly motivated to go for the big money. Why not? In a way, it motivates me to work harder on myself and my business.
    2856 days ago
    I agree with you. Hubby and I watch those survivor shows too. We especially like Dual Survivor. Their is one now with a woman called man and woman vs wild and she really is out of her element. But I am like you, they couldn't pay me enough to go into a jungle and feast on bugs, and some of the more disgusting things they eat. Sleeping conditions are horrid, and I could not sleep for all the creepy crawlers, and noises that would be lurking about.

    Even to go on survivor, I love to watch it, but just watch it. After so many years of reality shows, it has hubby and I wondering how much of it is scripted to keep interest, does make one wonder at times.
    Your garden has done great! So sorry to hear of your MIL, but glad it was not cancer. When dealing with physicians and hospitals I am finding you really have to be assertive, ask lots of questions and when something doesn't feel right, make your voice heard. I use to never question but now I do not hesitate. They don't push things like test off on me without answering my questions and giving good cause or reason for them. For instance when I went into the hospital for cellulitis they said have you had a colonoscopy? I said no and I don't want one, that area is working fine thank you very much. The nurse nearly burst out laughing! Lets get serious.

    Anyway....great blog. Even greater another Pound Gone!!! You Rock GF

    Love ya bunches. Hope I've made you laugh! Good for the Soul ya know, not to mention our health!

    2856 days ago
    When I first read your statement that no "power"...I read no powder in this recent hot summer.....THAT'S ROUGHING IT!

    2856 days ago
    I agree with the women don't do survivalist shows. Anymore, my dishwasher not working is roughing it.

    More turtle news -- I knew there was a good reason I was still up - lol.

    Unbelievable about your MIL. The first hospital that my dad was taken to after his fall missed the fractured C2 vertebrae and the heart attack. Unreal and scary.

    Congrats on the pound being gone!
    2856 days ago
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