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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Yes, its been a while. Far too long. I am getting back into things since opening the new school, starting my art teaching job, and finishing the move. I'm here and haven't gained.

So that great guy I met... freaked out. It's so great and so much blah blah everyone says I am making a mistake blah blah. I love how I am a magnet for cowards. So I guess we shall see if he reappears or not. But I was so good about it. He said to call him the next morning. I did, he didn't answer. I waited and called again. Again no answer, so I left a message saying it seemed he changed his mind about wanting to talk to me (because he asked and stated the time) but I had a great time, sorry he couldn't take a step back and slow it down or whatever, but he knew where I was. I thanked him and wished him the best. The end. So idk. Men are so lame sometimes. But I did not cry, it just is what it is. I can't make someone want to be with me. Art Guy already put me through hell once. Learned those lessons.

Fast forward to last night. I went out with BSK. It started as dinner and ended at the bars. (Oh shocker lol) After leaving one bar after watching a drug deal before our eyes in our personal space, we left to go downtown to another bar and continue safe people watching. The crowd is completely different on Saturday nights. So bizarre... its like a sociology research phenomena. Anyhow... all these bars are within walking distance of each other. So we are sitting at the first one. Music not horrible, but my friends are not DJing tonight, so less of my thing. In walks Art Guy. I kid you not! He also walks out momentarily after. He doesn't see me. Mind you BSK has never seen him. I mention that that's him. Her response (which I find amusing, alarming, and makes me question myself) is "That's him, really?" I ask her, "yeah, why?" And she says, "I had a certain image in my head and I don't mean to sound b*tchy but you are far to beautiful for him. You are so far out of his league. He really f-d up." Now, this makes me pause. I never really think of myself as beautiful or pretty at all. Men tell you stuff all the time when they are trying to get close to you. I don't actually believe their crap. So was I out of his league? I don't know. He still managed to crush me for a while. Far over him now... but he did. And I thought he was handsome, so where's my head? lol

Then, we leave that bar and wander down the street to another, meet this entertaining artist type who is far too drunk, yet pleasant. We have some fun with him in verbal banter, and as he wanders away, we sort of wander with him. On our way out, we pass one of BSKs friends, who happens to be with another guy neither of us knows. BSK and her friend chat briefly. The other guy... well of course I flash a smile. Boyish good looks, articulate, great smile--uh-oh. Let the games begin. They ask where we are off to. BSK says we are following the entertaining drunk guy to the next place (which is a half truth), to which the cute, articulate, sweet one says, "Give me time and I'll get drunk if you want to follow me around," as we are walking away. I give him credit for trying. It was kind of clever. We still walk to which he says, "you're still leaving". I wave for him to come, and he just asks if we are going to TL (another bar). I look at Katie who silently agrees its as good a place as any to venture off to, so I respond sure and follow it up with our usual stop. Who knows honestly where we will end up. We never do.

So we walk back up the blocks, not drunk yet, but definitely have had a couple. I can always tell because I have a hard time not stuttering or stumbling over some words. lol We go into TL, but the band is packing up and its really cold in there. Go to the next place, find our drunk entertainment, but realize we have lost interest. Go out the back and around the corner but I refuse to go into the next place because frankly the music sucks. So she stops to smoke (bad BSK). And again, there is a whole drug deal in progress on the main drag. To make matters worse they ask us for the time. So we go back to the other place where BSKs friend was working. At this point it is getting closer to last call. As we walk down the little alley where the bar is, I think I see that cute articulate one in the shadows on the other side of the door, but I just breeze in anyway with BSK trailing. We get to the bar and I get water because I will be driving soon. (See? I'm a good girl.) And appears the cute, articulate one. Witty banter exchanged between BSK, he and I... BSK and him in heated discussion to which I watch and laugh... he seems genuine and fun. But the night is about at an end and the bars are closing. Its kind of weird because I can tell he is into me, but doesn't ask for a number or anything. Like he knows how to flirt, but is shy. It was kind of funny. He walks away and I figure that is it. But then he returns, and I was kind of surprised. Long story short, he is not ready to end the night and wants to know if I want to hang out some more. My mind does quick mental math. I am not creeped out, I am not getting the he wants to sleep with you immediately vibe, and in a very short time he was not vague and I learned quite a lot about him (Educated, same age as me, not a tortured artist or musician which happens to be a bonus at the moment, seemingly responsible, no roommates aka party lifestyle, etc.) My mind equates that with the answer, what the hell? So I get his digits, take BSK home and text him. And then we talked and listened to music (he is as much into music as I am) until dawn. Not bad. Actually between my adventures with BSK and him, I had a pretty fantastic night. In the evening he mentioned getting together on Friday. So... we shall see if he actually calls. Oh yeah... did I mention he's a sweet kisser? lol Hey, I have to know these things! I'm not giving him a name until there is a second encounter. No sense wasting a cast name...

Other than that, things are pretty good. Yes, getting dumped AGAIN sucked. Getting dumped in text correspondence sucked too... although not as much as Art Guy's email. But life goes on. Do I kind of hope he (not art guy, the other one) pops up again... kinda. I really really liked him and cared about him. And I'm not sure about a second chance but if so, he would pay and I would not be only his for awhile if ever. Kind of hard to trust someone's words when they pull that crap. So who knows. In the meantime, there is fun to be had. And apparently, someone in the world will always like me... somewhere. I might even like them back. =)

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    I adore you.

    I love that your new attitude and "groundedness" (you're the writer, is that a word? )
    New rule- No Names until date 3

    You go!
    3121 days ago
  • no profile photo MIRACLEINSIXTY
    wow what an action packed night!!! good work girl! emoticon
    3131 days ago
    way to go for your friend to confirm you were out of his league. That is the way it is. Wait for the right one. It will totally be worth it!
    3132 days ago
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