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The Quilt Class and Spark

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I have been derelict in writing my blogs, but this time I have a true reason besides laziness.

I was at a three day quilt class, learning the Feathered Star technique from drafting it on up.

Maggie Ball was our teacher, and if you quilters out there have never taken a class with her, you should! I have taken many classes from many teachers, but I always learn the most from Maggie. If you are interested in learning more about her, go to www.DragonflyQuilts.com. She is an amazing person as well as an outstanding quilter and teacher!

Anyway, as some of you know, I am also Education Chairperson for our quilt club. That means when there is a class, I am also the set up and take down person, the one everyone comes to if they have problems, and responsible for making sure the room is set up properly, coffee made, teacher's needs are met, cords taped down, chairs and tables arranged.....................

So this time I decided that I also wanted to take the class. My helpmate and C0-Chairperson, Wonderful Irene, and I really did well.

Wednesday we got all the supplies loaded up from the quilt club building to take to the church. Then I dashed home to change clothes and go back and take Maggie out to dinner. After dinner (she chose to have Mexican food, so I ordered a seafood chimichanga and ate only half of it), I had to get all my own supplies ready for the class. Dropped in bed at 12:30.

Up at 7, showered, dressed and headed out to set up the quilt class room at the church. Irene did all the kitchen set up stuff while I did tables, chairs and cords. We were both ready on time for the class to begin! Score ONE for US!

We begin learning how to draft our patterns. Irene and I sit together and get ours completed after some erasing. Then I find four colored pencils, and we color our draft in. THAT made it much easier to see we were doing it right.

Then we get to lay out our fabric and begin the cutting. So far, I am doing just fine.

We break for lunch where I finish last night's dinner, then head to our machines.

For some reason, the door to the building won't stay unlocked, and there seems to be an inordinate number of people who want in all afternoon. Irene and I are kept busy jumping up and opening the door, then back to our machines.

A group of men come in and take some tables, all the while being loud and "HE-men", if you get my drift.

Good. They're gone, and the room settles down again. Except for playing doorman, things go pretty smoothly.

The day zooms by, and before we know it, the class is over for this day. But we don't have to leave the church, as we can stay until 5. Or so we have been told.

I'm cleaning up from the day's fun, thinking I can go home and get changed before taking Maggie to the casino for dinner. Just as I am about to turn off the lights, a woman comes in and exclaims "What are YOU doing here? WE have the room all reserved for US!".

Uh oh. A problem has arisen. The regular church secretary is out on a medical leave, so a different person is filling in. And fill in she did! She double booked the room for mid afternoon.

Most of the quilters have gone, leaving their machines and supplies so they don't have to reset up in the morning. It's me against them.

There are quite a number of women coming for their meeting and pot luck, and all of them are asking a million questions at once. They also want to touch Maggie's hanging quilts, which is an absolute NO NO. NEVER touch someone else's quilt with your bare hands!!!

I don't want them to touch the student's work either, so I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off, keeping them away from our tables and the hanging quilts, while also tryng to move the furniture (tables and chairs not used by us) over to one side of the room to make enough space for them.

They can't make up their minds as to how they want the tables set up. I put them in rows, and get the chairs set around them. Nope, they change their minds and decide they want to put them in horse shoe shape.

OK. I get that done, and then they realize they do not have enough room for everyone. They need more tables and chairs. I try to explain to them that they can also put chairs on the INSIDE of the horseshoe shape, but that seems to be a difficult concept for them.

I grab more chairs, and shove them into the horseshoe. There are enoug spaces.

Now they have themselves all in a lather that they don't know where they can set up their food.

I bring another table to them. No, they need TWO tables. OK. Get one out of the storage room and set that puppy up.

There are about 15 of them against one of me.

They have chairs and tables set up for over 30.

Now they begin to fret that they have TOO MANY CHAIRS AND TABLES SET UP, and it "WON'T BE COZY".

I leave it to them to figure the overage out.

I have to meet Maggie for dinner.

We have a good time, although I am actually too tired to chew.

Home at last, and mumble some kind words to DH and the critters, give everyone a hug and a kiss, and stumble upstairs to bed.

Up at 7 again (and I am NOT a Morning Person), I get to the church before 8 to make sure everything is set up properly for the class again. I even make sure I have time to get to Safeway, pick up a sandwich and fruit for Maggie, and get some cut up fruit salad for my lunch.

The church is locked up tighter than a vestal virgin. No one around at all.

OK. I wait. 8:15, nothing. 8:30, some students arrive, eager to get to their projects.

Maggie is here, and all the students. It is 9 o'clock, and the doors remain closed.

As I am trying to make calls (the only number I have is for the church secretary's office phone where there is a machine that picks it up and will take a message, but the machine if you remember, is inside the church. Locked.

About 9:05, a woman comes driving up and unlocks the doors.

We hustle in and everyone is confused about the room re-arrangement.

I am not confused. I was THERE, you know, when the earth shook.

I am moving tables and chairs back to the way they were when the class starts.

I dash over to my place, listen to Maggie, then dash back to the chairs and tables, with help from my quilty friends.

We spend our day selecting, cutting, piecing, using seam rippers, sewing again, all in a blissful fog.

Too soon it is over.

Now the room needs to be put back in order. Tables and chairs, kitchen, floors, lights, supplies, lock up.

Over to the quilt club building I go with all the supplies. One of the students goes with me so she can help unload all the stuff, and we get it done in record time.

I am home. I leave my machine and other stuff in the car for DH to bring in, flop down on the sofa in the prone position, and turn on the ball game.

I am a zombie for the rest of the night. When it is time, I face the mountain of stairs to the bedroom, and pull myself up wearily.

I don't wash my face. I don't brush my teeth or hair. I strip down, and get into bed. I have no idea what happened after that.

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    That sounds like something that would happen at our church. I'm glad you survived it and enjoyed the quilting and sewing part at least.
    2804 days ago
    All I can say is Wow!

    You are a saint for helping all those people set up the chairs and tables, after the ling day you already had. Hopefully, your featehred star turned out beautifully. I have always wated to do one. emoticon
    2804 days ago
  • AMYJEAN911
    That made ME tired. Jeesh!

    emoticon emoticon
    2804 days ago
    2804 days ago
    Wow! You've really had your hands full. I'm a quilter too.
    2804 days ago
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