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what i LOVE about jazzercise....

Sunday, August 22, 2010

a friend asked what it was i loved about jazzercise.

there's just a few things..... emoticon


you asked for it. lol.

the scheduled start time gets me there. if i miss it, i'm probably not going to be exercising ... or, if i am, i won't be enjoying it.

once i get there, i stay. i've never regretted going once i get there. i have had some "blah" workouts, but i always finish and i'm always thankful i showed up.

i find i REALLY concentrate on the muscle behind the movement. if they say to focus on abs, i'm squeezing the heck out of my abs. same with glutes or quads or biceps or anything else. heck, even if they don't say to do it, i'm trying to do it.

every part of my body is thinner. i have ab muscles. i can see muscles in my arms when i put gel in my hair. when i shave my legs, there's less leg to shave; i can tell my thighs are slimmer. sometimes i flex my muscles in the bathroom mirror because i'm so impressed with the strength training results jazzercise has given me. maybe a bit vain, but it still stuns me that those are MY arms! welcome to my GUN SHOW! lol.

when i hear a jazzercise song on the radio, to the best of my ability, i will tighten and wiggle the moves to the routine in the car. ab routines work best for this.

i do standing abs before/after showers. also inner/outer thigh/glute ab/adductors and hamstring curls while drying my hair. i imagine counts/music when i'm doing this. i'll also find myself doing random strength training movements at random opportunities throughout the day. or dancing. (sitting or standing). or punching.(not people. lol. usually at the bathroom mirror to watch the muscles work.) (see below.)

i feel more fit. feeling more fit makes me want to feel fitter. this is why i do all the extra muscle movements throughout the day. feeling fit = feeling good. i can see the results which makes me want more results.

i hate running. walking is boring. i don't have access to an elliptical. i don't push myself with home dvd's/youtube zumba videos. the class environment of jazzercise makes me push myself. the energy of the group makes me go for it. every time.

there are no mirrors. because i don't know if i look like an idiot, i'm not self-conscious about looking like an idiot. so, i go for it.

i like the music. my ipod is full of jazzercise music.

i feel like i can dance even though i'm a pretty crappy dancer. it's not so dance-y choreographed that i feel clumsy and uncoordinated.

i have friends there. over the years, i've gotten to know/recognize many people, including instructors. there's a bit of accountability with this too.

i miss it if i don't go for an extended period of time. it's the only exercise i've EVER found that i enjoy thoroughly. i have never gotten bored with it and i will always go back to it. i'm a jazzercise junkie.

if i were brave enough, i would try to teach. i love it that much. but, i'm a giant wiener with a TERRIBLE fear of public appearances/speaking. the thought gives me palpitations/panic..... but, if i were brave, i would totally do it. and, i think i could be relatively successful at it too.
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  • ALEX729
    This was so encouraging for me! I am taking my first class tonight. I am both excited and nervous about looking like a fool and being the least fit one there. I can't wait until I'm at the stage that you're at!
    2718 days ago
    You inspired me to go for it too! I have enjoyed the few classes that I have gone to. (Yep even the one I went to by myself...Well, Suzi was there but we hadn't met yet so I didn't technically know her :))
    I hope to one day get to where you are and love it. I think you should totally be brave and get up there and teach. That would be even more motivating.
    I also have found myself doing the moves in the car, I keep thinking if I just practice I will get those moves down.

    Thanks so much for being you!
    2859 days ago
    I find that classes motivate me the same way too. Good for you!
    emoticon emoticon
    2860 days ago
    With your enthusiasm for jazzercise you would make a wonderful instructor!

    emoticon with adding exercises to your daily routines!
    2860 days ago
    ....and your Gun Show is awesome, woman!!!

    You have inspired me so much, Staci! I'm well on my way to becoming an jazzercise junkie, myself. Every single class I go to, I feel a little bit stronger. I look around the class room and hope that I can be as fit and strong as the woman who surround me.

    Suz : )
    2860 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2860 days ago
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