You moms out there will relate! Stitches and Boys! oh--and pics!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

My 4th grader, Lane was on his 2nd day of school and fell off the Merry-go-round at school and cut his head open yesterday. (don't worry I won't share the pics of the stitches and bloody shirt!)

The nurse was trying to call me and I had somehow hit silent on my cell phone... ??
She called my husband and he called my 18 yr old here at the house and told me that he needed to be picked up and taken to ER.

My son and I took off for the school and found him in the nurses' station with a 'turban' around his head.

The nurse pulled it back and showed me....
I cringed and felt sick for a minute because I saw his skull; yes it cut all the way to the bone!

It was about a 2 inch wide cut right on the back of the head.
He hit it on the edge of the merry-go-round where you step up on it and sit down...
He said he didn't feel it hurt too bad, thank God!
A little girl saw the blood and screamed and the teachers ran to him and took off his shirt and tried to stop the bleeding.

I took him to the local Medi-Quick office and they got right to us. I am thankful they do stitches there.... most doctor's offices around here don't.

They always want you to go to ER at the hospital.

We don't have any insurance since my husband lost his job of 26 yrs.

Sure makes you thankful for having it when you lose it. LOL

The dr. that sewed him up saw we didn't have any on the form I filled out so he had my sister (who works in the office there) code it in the computer as a 'smaller cut than it really was" and then he told her to take 30% off of that charge. She said he does stuff like this all the time for people! SO THANK YOU LORD FOR that!

It would have been 450 but then the smaller cut coded in at 245. She then too 85 more off for the 30% and the final was 140.

Sigh of relief.....( we checked with a friend that works at ER later on and she said it would have been about 1200.00 there!) can u believe that!

DON"T get me wrong I AM so thankful he is ok and really thankful it wasn't a broken bone! I am not trying to sound like this is all about the money...but when you don't have insurance you do think about all this differently! I need to try to find some kind of insurance somewhere for self employed people. All the quotes I have gotten are600 to 800 a month. There has got to be something cheaper than that.

He never lost conciousness. He was a tough cookie during the numbing session before stitches.
The Dr. said "Look Mom... and was pressing on the bone of his head..... he said this is a deep cut" He got 4 stitches underneath on one layer and 6 more on the outside!

I got home and took that shirt out of the bag they had taken off of him to stop the bleeding... quite allot of blood on it.... definitely makes you feel sick knowing it came from you child! I would like to just throw it away... but he likes the I will wash it!

Here are some pics. of my son that I took a short while back. He was 'jealous' that I was taking tons of pictures with my new camera of my graduating Sr. back in April 10 so I took him out on our farm and had a photo session with him! LOL

Equal time with mom and the camera since brother got pics made! Plus it WAS fun.. he showered, gel'd that hair and spiked it a little, I ironed his clothes and we spent an hour snapping shots of him! Then he wanted me to print them up in wallets (like I did the other son's pics for graduation) and mail them to all the family.

Hey I had just painted that pipe fence down at the cattleguard so I had to take some pics on it!

He just HAD to have a pic on his brothers' 4 wheeler... coz it is 'cool' mom (he said)

And this next one we were told was "dorky" by his 18 yr old brother because it was on a rock bench in front of my flowers LOL (oops this is the one that ended up at the beginning of my blog)

This last one I told them to "fight" a little or pick at each other... they were standing like statues like they couldn't stand one and another... so I said "go ahead, pick on each other..." they don't ever hear me SAY THAT!.... LOL It cracked them up!

So there you go... all of that to tell you about my son and his painful Merry -Go- Round ride!
He told me after we got home and had him lay his head back on an ice pak(dr's orders)
that they should just 'take that ride down' LOL
He said that because when his 24 yr old brother was in the 4th grade he ran underneath this playground equipment at schools called "the witches' nest" and hit the top of his head on some bars underneath that metal platform that kids climbed on.
It laid the whole top of my son's scalp back like this huge flap and it was just attached by 1 side. YIKES are you grossed out yet? It grossed me out!
You could flap the top of his scalp back and forth like a lid on his head! Tons of stitches on that one!
This is the son that recently got married in March in my photo gallery!
My 9 yr old was not born yet but he has heard the story that the school took that ole "witches' nest" down the very next day! LOL

Love you guys!
Keep on your healthy journey to a better you!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • SALINA78
    GREAT blog!
    I'm so glad he's okay!
    Thank you Jesus for watching out for you and letting the Dr be kind!

    I LOVED his pictures! Especially near his hard work.
    He looks like a sweetheart!
    3367 days ago
  • BRANDI0074
    I am so glad to hear he is ok!!! Hey at least he will have a cool story to tell!! I love the pics, they are great! And what a sweetie for going alone with all the picture taking!!
    3369 days ago
    Great pics. You have a handsome young son.

    So glad he wasn't hurt worse. My husband gashed his head some years ago, and I know head wounds bleed so profusely, it's scary.

    We don't have insurance either, so I know the relief when they reduce the bill. Thank goodness for a doctor who worked with you on that.

    3370 days ago
    Your son is adorable -- both are handsome young men. :) I'm so glad that he wasn't hurt worse and hope he heals quickly and without too much discomfort. Have a great week, Sherlyn!
    3371 days ago
    I can totally relate with the insurance! I have full coverage through work and don't have to pay anything, but to add insurance for my kids is $140 a month. That wouldn't be so bad, but we can't even afford that. I've lucked out, though, and the last time I had to take my kids to the doctor was in March of 2009 (knock on wood). The only reason they went then was because Dale had to have a physical for Kindergarten and I had to get Tori her 12 mo shots, so I did it at the same time. 2 kids, 4 shots, and a physical and it cost me $220 (and they give you 20% off if you pay it up front). I about fainted!

    The pictures of your son are great. I really need to go out and take some new ones of my kids, too. I haven't taken any since Easter. I may have to go out in the next few days and take some now to post!
    3371 days ago
  • _SASX_
    So glad that he's ok now and that so are you!

    It was fantastic that the dr did that for you!

    The pcictures are great! Keep taking them!
    3371 days ago
    emoticon LOVED your pics!! Your such a good Mommy..To spend all that special time with your boy..Has anyone told you that you take beautiful pictures??
    My Dakota will be 3yrs in Sept.NO stitches YET..I know I will be a crying mess when it happens..And I know it "WILL" happen,LOL!!

    God Bless~Christina emoticon
    3371 days ago
    I love the pictures! Your sons are beautiful. I'm so happy it wasn't anything more serious, although that was bad enough. It is so tough and I'm sure very scary not having insurance. I was paying $800 a month for a while till I got on my husband's teacher's insurance. I had three businesses and private insurance is outrageous.
    I will pray that you will find something.
    We've all had our share of mishaps, but fortunately none too serious.
    I will tell you about Jimmie in an email.....
    Have a glorious Sunday with your gorgeous family.
    XO MaryAnn emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3371 days ago
    WHOA.... I had one girl... and no stitches... yet!!! All of you are brave!! Love all the pics and the way you took the time to make him feel special. Pretty cool mom!!

    Hey for the school part, did you know that there is an accident insurance that serves school aged kids? Pretty sure that is nation-wide. Might be worth asking the school about.

    And.. you might want to call your school district office. Since this happened on one of their play equipment structures, they might actually pay the bill for you. It's worth asking about.

    Glad he is feeling well enough to make requests!
    3371 days ago
    Your boys are lovely. We are so fortunate to have free medical care here. My ex needs monthly blood transfusions and I heard the other day that one bag of blood costs £140!! My second son was constantly at the local A&E with injuries. These days I'd be investigated for abuse! He went camping once when he was about 13 and had an accident with a gas stove. He had to go every day for his dressings to be changed.
    Lane's a brave boy.
    3372 days ago
    Boys and their hurts - between three brothers, three step-sons and the fathers I have spent more time in the doctor's office, ER or hospital rooms then I have wanted to. My parents farmed and mom also worked full time and this was before many employers had insurance as a benefit. They struggled to pay the self-employed insurance but knew if they dropped it, one of us would need it. If they had to pay today's rates, know they would be in your shoes. You are right it should be cheaper than it is. Meanwhile thank goodness there are doctors out there willing to help the uninsured and cut their fees when needed. And another big thank goodness your son's accident was not any worst then it was. It seems like for all their charm, cuteness and good looks boys have a toughness to get them through their boo-boos.

    You have done a great job capturing the looks and spirit of your boys. You should think about taking pictures for others.
    3372 days ago
  • JGMK55
    Love the pictures - so glad you son is fine!
    3372 days ago
    Love the pics! Even the "dorky" one. Glad all is ok and the cost was reduced.
    3372 days ago
    Boys! They are one big accident!!! Glad your son- and the bill!- are all good!
    3372 days ago
    Love the pics! Your boys are so handsome. Praise GOD for getting your bill slashed like that! What a huge blessing. Glad he's OK and it wasn't any worse.
    3372 days ago
    I like your pictures. We had a situation with a senior and a younger graduate from kindergarten. My FB held two albums of the boys and their special days. emoticon emoticon
    3372 days ago
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