Reallly missed SP

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I was doing better before I left, at least exercising, drinking water and tracking ALL my foods. I still was going over my cals. many days, and battling the same 5 lbs all summer, but I figured I was learning.

Then I went to the beach, (one last weekend before school) fully armed and ready to Spark my way thru it.

There was a gym and a beach to run on but I didn't work out.

Internet was slow so only tracked my food. (no other Sparking)

Out of 4 days I stayed w/ in cal range one day. (slipped very easily back into my old eating habits)

Been back 3 days and still have not exercised (ugh) tired, my neck hurts, no motivation. and a lot of other excuses. . .

I gained 5 lbs (Yes the same 5 I've been battling ALL summer) Which isn't that bad considering what all I ate. Seems every time I lose it and get going, I fall back again and gain it back.

So, I finally got on SP friend feed. You all are doing Awesome! Everyone was exercising today! Losing wt. in spite of pulled muscles, and lack of motivation, and trips!
Sunshine your way lost a lb and is running 6 miles today, Hyponotiq lost 4 lbs. and posted an awesome before/after pic! Nursekelly lost 2 lbs! and so on!
I need to just reset my goals for simpler ones and just do it! This is NOT going to be like all the other times where I just peter out and quit. Then Peggystillthere's status said she was getting off the computer and going to exercise! Me too!

My new Mantra:
A new me, a thinner me, a stronger me, a healthier me, a better me, I'm doing it this time!

Thanks Sparkers for all your motivation! I'm glad to be back!
Headed to exercise now!!!!!!! emoticon

PS: Some of you may notice the wt gain on my tracker. but I'm actually going to track that 5 lbs this time as a motivator to keep going this time!
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