Well, well, well. Here we are again.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The beginning of another school year. Stuck back in the same plateau.

I don't really understand what's going on with my body. I didn't lose ANY weight over the summer. I was really active, and I was within range all but maybe 3 days. Even my sodium and fiber were in check over the summer! I can understand not losing on the weeks that I decided to eat out more than normal, or the week that I was in Wisconsin and kind of threw all caution to the wind. But overall, I'd think I'd lose SOMETHING. I exercised at least once per day - sometimes more. I started strength training. I'm interval training for my cardio. I was mindful of my choices. I was eating fruit and vegetables every day, but for some reason, my body won't let go of the weight. It's really frustrating. i won't give up or anything, but you'd think something would start to budge here. Now that I'm back at work, I'm exercising in the morning and getting around 15,000 steps in per day pushing my cart around. If this doesn't do it, I don't know what to do.

My dad just got approved for lap band surgery. He's getting it on September 10th. I commend him for this. He's been fighting his weight since I was born. Growing up he was always rail thin, but then fatherhood took it's toll. I'm glad he's finally doing something for himself. It involves a 2 week liquid diet beforehand to shrink his liver, and 2-3 weeks of VLC dieting (Very Low Calorie) dieting afterward which is basically protein shakes and bars. This is never something I'd consider, for the record. I'm not overweight enough, to begin with, and I don't think unless I was morbidly obese that surgery is the right answer. I do believe it's the right answer for him, however. But part of me wants to go on the VLC diet just to get something going. I'm so tired of this weight. I'm not comfortable.

Husband and I booked a cruise with Jonathan Coulton (one of our favorite musical artists) coming up in January. It's an Eastern Caribbean cruise. Lots of island and swimming time. I'd love to be in the 180s by then at the very least, since I obviously won't reach my goal in that time.

I'm still committed, even though there are times that I just feel so discouraged. Any suggestions that could get me jumpstarted would help immensely. I'm not in a position to devote more than my current amount of time to exercising, but I'm open to any food suggestions you guys have.
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    Hey Leigh~
    The best advice I can give you is allow yourself some down time. Your life has changed, you have more responsibilities with having a little one at home. My guess is your stress levels are higher than they were before, too. It doesn't mean that life is bad, but more to do can add stress by itself. I know that you push yourself hard. That is a good thing, but it can also work against you if you push too hard and don't give yourself a rest. As women, we tend to add more work and more "stuff" to our lives but seldom let anything go. It's ok, but make sure you take a little time every day to relax. Do something just for you. Say a prayer, meditate, read a book/magazine, do a crossword puzzle, whatever it is that helps you remember that you are important, too!

    Also, things that we all know, but can't remember when we are frustrated: Try cycling your calories between the high range and low range. Or maybe you are exercising too much. You might try backing off a little bit for a few days. A little less intensity, or taking a day or two off from exercise each week. Sometimes these strategies will jump start things and help get you losing again.

    Either way, don't beat yourself up. Don't let stress rob you of the joy of being a wife and mother. Good luck!
    ~Sandy emoticon
    3952 days ago
    I don't have any suggestions. Only to keep at it because we know what the alternative will do. I feel for you and am in the same boat, but for different, lack-of-motivation-reasons. Which doesn't mean I've given up; only that I'm static.
    3958 days ago
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