30 Day Shred - Day 5

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This video is still kicking my butt and I'm not talking about the butt kick exercise on the video.

I know Jillian said by Day 5 your stamina will have improved. Maybe this is true. I was able to continuously do the cardio portion (jumping jacks, butt kicks, jump rope) but seriously it wears me out.

I have noticed I don't get dizzy from the up/down movements. Also, my push-ups are better (still hard), but better.

One thing I noticed tonight is my flab that flaps as I jump. Has this always been there? I haven't noticed this before even with the small amount of running I do. Hopefully as I become more fit this will lessen.

I have been listing this exercise as a SparkPeople cardio book camp video. Hey, SparkPeople how about allowing more options for exercise types. Can anyone telll me if I'm missing something here. SparkPeople doesn't give the ability to manually add your own exercises. Why is that?

I also managed to do some walking at lunch time.

Day 5 complete - I'm going to bed.

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