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Doing the right thing for me

Monday, August 16, 2010

It is so inspiring to read about how some sparklers can run marathons, lose 150 lbs, start a business, etc.
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Then there is me.

Then there is you.


Yes, we are all on the road of healthy living, fitness, right eating together, but we all have different obstacles in our path. In fact, we frequently have different paths. Remember the tortoise and the hare? Well, it is not necessarily a race. What counts is that we are in the game, and we are moving in the right direction. Just watch out for the rocks, or pebbles that make us stumble.

What can a greyhound tell a snail: "If you had 4 legs you could run faster?" Perhaps, but it is not going to happen. The snail has to make do with what a snail has, one slimy foot, and a cute little shell. I am not a greyhound, nor am I a snail, though I may be a little slow in moving at times.

So as I watch all the big guys, the greyhounds, the lions, the rabbits, the jaguars, the elephants, the mice, I realize that we all have our advantages, and disadvantages. We all have what we have and we can't just walk into the local store and ask for something that will change who or what we are.

Sparklers, we need to take assessment of who we are, and work with that. Wishing and hoping won't make a pumpkin into a coach. We don't have Fairy godmothers to help us achieve those dreams. We have to make it happen with self discipline, a little sweat equity in who we are. And, honest realism of who we are and what we have to work with is important. It is not detrimental to be honest about how much we can do without pain.

If all you, or I, can do is walk a mile, good - there are some that can't do that.
Whatever you can do, do. Keep yourself honest, and do what is good for you. Sure, I would love to hop on my bike and go 18 miles again, but right now, it is not going to happen. I can go outside and walk a few miles, or at times just a few blocks, or much less. I do what I can, and realize that I cannot measure my ability to someone else. I am me. You are you.

Personally, I think I am a little ladybug.
I have short little legs, and am not as flexible as a gazelle. Turtles move at light speed compared to me. But then again, no comparisons. I am me, and you are you. So, do the right thing for you, and I will do the right thing for me.

Right now that means:
listening to my body, giving it the rest and nourishment it needs, not overdoing the fitness and taking it lightly. I know I will never run a marathon, but I commend and admire those who can. Run one for me. I am cheering you on!
I am on a slightly littler path, doing the right thing for me.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thank you so much for sharing! I loved your blog and it gives one a lot to think about. You are amazing!!!!!!!
    3251 days ago
    "Good-Picture" emoticon Good- Story" emoticon
    3253 days ago
    I love the days when illumination comes! Thanks for sharing what's on your heart, and touching so many other ones.
    3253 days ago
    Great Blog I loved it.
    Years ago I had many annoying conversations with my Dr. Always on my case to lose weight. I finally gave him a food diary and he sent me to Dartmouth Medical center for an evaluation. End result the Dr there said I was the healthiest person he had seen all day and I am eating right , exercising well and i had to learn to live with myself. I responded I can do that, but report back to my Dr and tell him to get off my case. My Dr asked me what I thought about my difficulty losing weight.

    You cannot turn a BRITISH BULLDOG in to a greyhound.

    I tell people I tried everything before Spark. The bottom line for me is not what I eat but how much. I had been eating bigger servings than my body needs. Now I am on the down ward slope Woo hoo. Thanks for a great BLOG emoticon
    3254 days ago
  • PSMITH3841
    Great blog.....Truthful and on point....many of us, for various reasons (none of which are laziness or lack of motivation) take our exercise program at a slower pace....and getting results! Like you said, it's important to listen to our bodies. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3254 days ago
    3254 days ago
  • ELLENB10
    Thank you for your encouragement. Ladybugs move pretty quickly for their relative size, and, as one person has already said, they can fly. And, every time I see a ladybug, it makes me smile. Thank you for making me smile this morning!
    I think I am a dog - I can do the running, and I am pretty strong, but - oh look, a squirrel- I get easily distracted!
    And everything smells so good!
    Have a great day!
    3254 days ago
    Excellent - we can only do what we can do - each individual has their own motivation, hang ups and abilities. Getting along in your own way is the only way... great blog!

    3254 days ago
    3254 days ago
    Lady bugs can fly if they want to, as can you. Lovely blog, we can only go at our own pace to be successful, not walk in someone else's shoes. I agree no magic wand will make this happen, it is up to us to focus and keep on the path until by whatever means, and however long, we all reach our goals.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3254 days ago
    What a truly great blog!! Thanks. Have you ever really watched a ladybug?? They are amazing!! As are you.
    emoticon emoticon
    3254 days ago

    You just rock, my friend.
    3254 days ago
    WOW!!!!Thank You...Thank You!!I really needed to read this Blog. I truly need to realize that this is my journey and I need to stop comparing myself to other people and what they can do. I need to accept who I am...where I am. I could not have said it better myself. Good Luck to you on YOUR journey!!!
    3254 days ago
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