Dye Injected MRI - Ummmm help? Not for the Squeamish.

Monday, August 16, 2010

A few have asked how this went, so I thought I would give a real quick Monday AM re-cap of my experience. It is possible I am scarred for life.

OK - so I adjusted my attitude and though nervous, I soldiered on and went in thinking "it's 60 minutes out of my life, how bad could a needle really be?" Answer - BAD. I tried joking with my doc - "this isn't you first one?" I asked - he assured me it wasn't, he had been doing these since '75! I felt better already! So I gowned up - beta-dined down and was ready. They gave me the local and shoved me into the CT Scanner. I got marked up and then . . . everything went wrong. In the words of my doc - "These usually take me three minutes and this one took 18!" Count a needle stick for EACH ONE of those minutes, folks! And a nice little "pop" when the needle breaks the capsule of the shoulder joint. Ugh . . .just my luck. Needless to say - that one stick turned into 16 or so, I lost count. Imagine an insertion point around your collar bone that feeds to the shoulder joint. Slightly to majorly uncomfortable. When the CT Tech asks the doc, do you want more Novocaine and his reply is "no" you start to feel some discomfort. The reason - I must have moved and, I have a large shoulder joint. Larger than anyone in the last 35 years?

So that was my MRI Adventure. Results on Wednesday!
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  • JUSTA123
    Wow, why didn't he call in another person to do the needle obviously he sucked. I personally think they enjoy giving pain they get a certain satisfaction, out of seeing fear and panic in our eyes. I hope the results are worth it keep us posted. emoticon
    3758 days ago
    Needles suck. When I was a kid these nurses needed a blood sample. Well I have really really deep veins. They stuck the needle in me, lost the vein, and decided to start moving the needle around. I was crying so much, and kids half my age were asking their moms "Why is she crying".

    So traumatizing and embarrassing.

    Male Doctors think it's a woman thing (being weak and afraid). No, my fear is conditioned through experience.


    3758 days ago
    Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so sorry you had such an horrible experience!!! Hope the results turn out better than the test!!! Saying a prayer for you. emoticon
    3759 days ago
    3759 days ago
    I feel you pain. I had a dye MRI done on my breast...similar, not quite as many needle sticks...but I am extremely clausterphobic. Needless to say, they can cut the boob off next time, I will not do another dye MRI of my chest! emoticon
    3759 days ago
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