#394: Respecting Those Who Never Give Up

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Everyone is born as a baby, unknowing of the world and dependent on others for survival. Years later, some babies have grown to become marathon runners, body builders, accomplished pianists, writers, artists, chefs and titans of industry.

All admirable accomplishments, aren't they?

But the people to me who deserve as much as and perhaps more admiration than those great achievers are the people who struggle daily against adversity and never give up their belief in a better life. They may provide a safe and comfortable home and have the good fortune to raise up a child, always believing that life will be better for their son or daughter than it has been for them.

They may be the workers of the world who often labor at tough, thankless jobs for bosses who show them little respect, but they do not give up. They take pride in their toil and know what they do is for the better good for themselves and their families.

They are likely to never achieve their so-called 15 minutes of fame. They will probably never receive awards from the Chamber of Commerce, but to themselves and their spouses and children they are heroes for what they endure every day.

These are the people I admire. Oh, sure, I respect people for their impressive artistic or physical accomplishments, for they, too, never gave up. But I admire those who simply do what they have to do each day without complaining, and do it to the best of their ability, with a happy demeanor and a positive attitude.

People like this are abundant on SparkPeople. People who have lost 100 or more pounds and people who are struggling to lose their first 10, all who may hit roadblocks from time to time and maybe even fall back a step or two on occasion but who never give up. These are the people who inspire me and encourage me and give me the motivation to stay the course even when things seem grim.

Thank you all for never giving up. As the old saying tells us, "Winners never quit and quitters never win."

Let's never, ever, ever, give up. Not on our weight loss journey and never, ever on life. And above all else, let us always believe in ourselves and admire those who persevere.
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