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Sunday, August 15, 2010

This morning I weighed myself and the scales said 73.6 kg. I haven't updated the ticker yet as I want to make sure it's not a fluke, so I'll check again a few times during the coming week and if it's still there I'll update it on SP.
And as the upper limit of my healthy BMI range is 74 kg, I will officially not be overweight :)))

*AND* just over 1 kg ago I marked 50 kilos lost through SP (in about 18 months)!
I updated my profile picture, and this will probably be the last picture update as the next picture would mark 60 kg lost, but I only have another 4-5 kg or so before I reach my goal.

Thank you SP for the information and amazing tools put at my disposal to reach this amazing (if I say so myself) result, and thank you everybody here who's also been supporting me with comments on my blog, messages left on my spark page, laughs on the boards, inspiration and motivation given through your own blogs and pages, and even for just letting me know you're there.

This is my achievement, but it's made up of all of yours too!

And to celebrate, today I went for a glorious ride in the sun - here's hoping to see a bit more of that next week :)
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