Sometimes Things Are Just a Little Too Convenient For My Own Good!

Friday, August 13, 2010

When I joined a 10 day to stay off the scale for 10 days, I decided to put the scale out of sight for that time. I half-joked that I wasn't sure if I would remember where i had put it after the challenge was over. That old scale had been ruling my feelings and its ups and downs daily were driving me crazy.

I was still looking for some credit cards that I had hidden in the house two months earlier before we went on vacation. Just in case we were robbed while we were away, I wanted to make it hard for a thief to find them. I didn't want to take them with me because i have a tendency to forget my purse in restaurants and I didn't want to worry about it on our trip. My husband still had his cards with him, so no problem.

When we returned home, I looked for the cards, but I couldn't remember where I had hidden them and I searched for two months for those cards. Stores would not let me charge with a card that my husband's name on it, even though it was the same account. It sure put a crimp in my spending.

I did adjust my habits. I went shopping very little and saved money--a good thing. And without the scale in plain sight in the bathroom, I did not weight myself. Yes, I did remember where I had stashed the scale, but it was too much trouble to dig it out from the nether reaches if my closet floor, behind the luggage and storage boxes.

Oh, I finally found the credit cards--yesterday. I had hidden then in an empty coffee container in the back of the cupboard. And I did get out the scale to weight myself.
I figured that for me, I can't make things too convenient it I want to change a habit.

So now, I have taken fattening food and put it where I have to take some trouble to get to it. Nuts have been moved to the downstairs freezer, since I can eat handful's without thinking. Treats are in the basement in sealed plastic bins. And I do not put credit cards in my purse unless I am going to go out to buy a specific item--no impulse shopping.

So I have to plan and think first and decide it I really want a treat, or need to buy something. No more habitual knee-jerk reactions only to regret it later.
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    I agree it's a good plan. Funny thing I did the same thing earlier this year with my credit cards. I opted out of the out of sight, out of mind theory too. Now if I can convince the BF about the ice cream, which is my weakness, then we will be all good!
    3141 days ago
    ....awesome plan!!
    3144 days ago
    That sounds like a totally workable plan.

    3145 days ago
    Sounds like an excellent plan! GO YOU!
    3145 days ago
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