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Friday, August 13, 2010

In May of this year I had a very bad fall in Spain on Holiday came home with my right arm in a sling plus one week later a Black Boot like a cast on my right foot with the news I would need to have an operation on the foot in a few months .
Then I had to cope with family problems between myself and Daughter and a male friend she did not like .
I could understand her point of view but it upset me a lot and I had to find out for myself what he was really like . Since then I have realized she was right up to a point he was using mind game on me and I didn't see it but she was wrong in the way she approched the problem .
I have been going up and down to the hospital for treatment and physio. every week can' t exercise and I felt as if nothing is going right in my world once again
could not sleep with the pain in both the shoulder and foot/leg felt lost and alone once more only person I really spoke to was my sister Dot who could not see me all the time as she is caring for her husband but we spoke every day on the phone Slowly my Daughter and I are getting back to something like we were but I started to get dizzy spells when I got out of bed each day when I walked around the house with out the boot my right foot is floppy and I felt like it will never be right so I went to see my Gp and I was told my BP was to high and I had started with vertigo. Oh I felt as if I was a mouse in a cage running around in a wheel trying to catch up . I was told to go home to bed and top stay there No TV no Computer nothing with flashing lights just rest and meds .
I am looking after my three grandchildren while Mum and Dad are both in full time work and they have been a blessing they are 9, 10, and 15 and have looked after me but once they have gone home I was on my own a few friends phoned and I tried not to let them know how bad I was feeling .

I came down stairs last night and went on here and spoke to my good buddie Sue
she made my laugh then after I spoke to her I realized I was wrong I had lots of good friends on here I am not alone any more that I have been guilty of feeling sorry for myself and the only person who can help me is me . Okay I have somethings wrong with me but so have lots of other people It would be a great world if you got to 63 years old and didn't have a few things that needed fixing
So today I woke with myself saying come on out of bed get going thing can only get better . I am taking it one day at a time and I know I have got to do it for myself . So to day is day One
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    Can't believe when you came back that I was off computer for 2 days as we had Emma
    Welcome back Queen and now that you know we are here let us help emoticon emoticon
    DH is on nights from Mon- Wed so if you want a chat you know where I am( I go to bed at
    3917 days ago
    Lynn life sure hands us lemons sometimes.. and we get into a slump.. and don't want out.. but we must..
    sometimes i feel as if i just don't know what i want.. get better?? get slimmer?? why try. it isn't working anyway.
    but like you i realise i have the best freinds here on spark.. and to just get here and sure enough someone always makes me laugh..
    so sorry you were taken by him.. i really hoped he was a good man.. glad you realised .... we need freinds.. but we need better freinds..
    glad to see you back.. we were all getting so worried.. love and hugs.. xoxo

    3918 days ago
    Lynn, sorry to hear about the injuries you have endured, NO FUN!
    Best thing to do is take the best possible care of your self! Healthy diet even if you have to add supplement to make sure. Try taking magnesium citrate, zinc, and 5-hpt before going to bed to help you sleep. Magnesium helps relax the muscles, none of us ever have enough zinc and the 5-htp has melatonin to help sleep.

    I just realized because I still can not work out like I want to. I use the chi machine, which helps move the blood to the muscles and works like cranial sacral therapy. Then I stretch and when I can breathe OK I get in the pool, sit on the seat and move legs like riding recumbent bike and swish arms.

    Also realized the body doesn't need as much fuel when activities are limited so cut my calories back to about 1000 a day. I am never hungry and realized I was eating by the clock and because everyone said I had to eat. You don't put gas in your car every day if you haven't gone anywhere. Makes sense about the body also. Am on blood thinners and blamed them for dizzy spells, but then read all side effects from other medicines and they all say can cause dizziness.

    Old age is not for SISSIES!


    3919 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/13/2010 7:11:48 PM
    Lynn, my dear friend, it is so nice to have you back with us. I missed you. Glad that your are feeling a bit better. Glad the kidlets were able to take good care of you. So sweet.

    Many hugs.
    3919 days ago
    Oh! Linda my friend, I am so sorry I was not aware of the ordeal you were going through.

    I apologise, I am not on top of things at the moment but I always have time for you my friend.

    Please if there is anything I can do for you please please let me know.

    Lots of Love.


    3919 days ago
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