Friday, August 13, 2010

First of all, TOM is here which means I'm cranky and bloated and the scale is being mean...I've decided to ignore it and just pretend like it's any other day/week. Plus, my internal clock woke me up this morning before 7am. I'm praying for a nap sometime today! *lol*

Yesterday - I did go to my Zumba class. We ended up with a sub who worked a 45 minute non-stop class. It was insanely hard!! After I survived it, I went and got on the rowing machine, because I promised myself I would. I set it for the smallest workout again - 2000m - and promised myself 15 minutes, finished or not. I had to take a few breaks (okay, a lot of them), but I finished the 2000m in 14:14.6! Felt good considering last time I couldn't finish and only got 8 minutes in on the same machine. Rowing is hard, and I love it! You work your entire body on this machine and, yet, you don't have to use your feet! (Bonus for the bruise where my blister was, which felt a little sore in Zumba!) Today my hips are SO SORE, as well as my legs and arms being just plain good sore. Fun!

Arriving home I was greeted with the smell of a yummy pot roast recipe in the crock pot. Yum! I ate 2 servings because I was just SOO hungry! (Probably not good, but still within my ranges.) It was the perfect evening until Hubs brought Ethan home from football practice and I learned that we have to be in Parkersburg on Saturday for his scrimmage at 8:30am!

ACK!! I have my 5 mile training walk scheduled for Saturday, and I thought I'd just get up super early in order to get it done before the game. Guess THAT isn't happening. We have to leave the house at 7:30am in order to get there on time, and it will take me at least an hour to make sure everyone and everything is ready. (Have to pack food.)

So I have a decision to make.

A) Do my walk that evening, after it cools down...and pray it actually does cool down.

B) Do the 5 miles today. (This is likely not going to happen. I rowed last night so I could have that day of recovery on my legs beforehand. GRR!)

C) Do it Sunday. (This seems like the most likely plan B, if A doesn't work out. I could technically switch my rest day from Sunday to Saturday, and I only have to do 2 miles on Monday.)

If you'll notice, NOT on this list is to not do it. I love my son and I will not miss his first game, even if it's not a in-season game! I will work around the complication but I cannot give up on my training. The most important thing about this 5 mile training is gauging whether I can attempt the 6.2 of the 10k. If I feel like I can survive 5 miles (with a few more weeks of training) I can go ahead and sign up. I have to sign up by either the 23rd or 25th of August and the only question on my mind right now is -- 5k or 10k? So I will do the training, I just have to work around the complications being put in my way.

It's kinda strange how much easier it gets to overcome the roadblocks along the way. It used to just defeat me, not it's put me into plan mode! Hope it stays that way!!

EDIT: P.S. My baby made first-string offense at the Left Guard position! I'm SO proud!!!
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    3957 days ago
    Wow! I admire you so much! Will you be walking the 5 or 10K??
    I am contemplating trying a 5K, but they say if you can't finish in 60 minutes, not to sign up. I can walk a little and jog a little and finish, but I don't want to sign up if i can't make it in an hour. Thanks for your blogs. You are very inspiring!
    3957 days ago
    That's why you have been and you will continue to be successful. Not making excuses and getting your workouts in no matter what. Congrats on your progress. Way to go.
    3958 days ago
    Sounds like you are really pushing yourself. Awesome!
    3958 days ago
    I have no idea what a left guard is - but big CONGRATS to your son! emoticon

    But I just am so loving your attitude, and how it proves that when our goals are clear, and our commitment strong, nothing can stop us from our goals - TOM, scheduling conflicts, family events - nothing is too impossible to work around. Flexibility is so key isn't it?

    However far you go for your next race, you will either beat your distance or time, so maybe look at it that way - you will prove that you are indeed, a contender.

    Cheers Chica,
    3959 days ago
    No wonder you are the done girl of the day! You got this girl...plans A-C all sound great! GO Ethan!!! Go Esther!!
    3959 days ago
  • JEREMY723
    Great job trying so hard to fit in your walk around your plans!
    3959 days ago
    yayy for your son! my little brother just made his football team too!
    3959 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7009225
    Darn, life gets in the way too often! But you are right, it is so nice that we change to where the option isn't not to do it, but when to do it. Great to have that change happen in our lives. I think it is supposed to be cooler this weekend (at least here) so maybe there too?? Hope your training run well whenever you GET IT DONE!
    3959 days ago
    Excellent job working around the challenges!! It gets easier and easier everytime. The important thing is you didn't let it put the brakes on your plan! You are important too!! KEEP IT UP!!
    3959 days ago
    Woohoo Mama for your son. You can ajust and you will make it happen. Also a suggestion, while your son has football practices those stadium are a total killer workout (cardio and legs). Have a great weekend.
    3960 days ago
  • SUGIRL06
    You will figure it out! Have a good weekend!
    PS. I vote for "try to do it Saturday and if its too hot you have to do it Sunday"
    3960 days ago
    I'm sure you will get your walk in and I say go for the 10K. If you are already walking 5 miles 6.2 will be nothing and you still have lots of time to train.
    3960 days ago
    Always good to have a plan B and a plan C and sometimes a plan D.. especially when you have a child. It sounds like you had a hard work out yesterday, I think I would do the five miles either Saturday night or Sunday morning. Either way, get 'er done. Congrats for your son and I wish him good luck.
    3960 days ago
    TODAY lady!!! get it over with, if your legs can take it...
    Tell your son congrats...he must be thrilled!
    3960 days ago
    Nothing ever goes exactly as planned. It sounds like you are flexible and not stressing about it and that's great. I would say do it today if your legs can handle it. If not, then do it Sunday! Either way you are miles ahead with your attitude! emoticon
    3960 days ago
    DO IT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!

    that way, if you have it out of the way, during the weekend, you can choose to get in another workout if you get the wild hair to do so!


    ps congrats on being DGOTD!!!!!!

    3960 days ago
    Good luck with the decision. And HORRAY for not just giving up on the 5 miler!!!
    3960 days ago
  • KARVY09
    Yeah, doesn't sound like a huge complication to me! Do it in the evening or on Sunday and enjoy it! It shouldn't be a massive chore. And congrats on getting to Zumba despite your TOM and getting your groove on!
    3960 days ago
    If I were you, I would plan for switching the days, and if my chance it cools down and you have time to walk on Saturday then do it then. Don't stress yourself all day Saturday, enjoy your sons first game!
    3960 days ago
  • NETTER61
    Complication?? Phooey! Not with your attitude! It's just a slight detour that requires a few adjustments before you can reach your destination! Have fun at the scrimmage and enjoy your training walk!
    3960 days ago
    Well, good luck!
    3960 days ago
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