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Reflections upon bra-less yoga

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ever think about what cosmetic surgery you would get if you won a gift certificate to your local nip & tuck artist? For me, it would be a breast reduction. I am not so endowed that I need such a surgery for any sort of health issue, I just feel like I am done with them now.

Before I get rolling though, I need to state: I truly appreciate my breasts. They nourished all three of my daughters, in fact, I spent over 5 years of my life nursing. Yep, my breasts saved me lots of dosh in formula, let me enjoy a truly lovely relationship with my wee ones, and I never had to sterilize nipples in the middle of the night (ow). The girls have served me well.

Besides that though, they have done nothing more than fill out the darts in my dresses and sit uneasily in bras. Loosing all this weight has just kind of deflated them, poor things, so they don't really fill out my bras as well as they used to. I have always been the size where the discomfort of not wearing a bra and the discomfort of wearing one are almost perfectly off-set. Its not that I don't wear bras. I have pink frilly ones and sleek black ones and padded ones and athletic ones and a couple of the organic cotton ones I wear for every day.

I like bras, I just long to not need one.

Recently I realized bra-less yoga is amazing. I never noticed how wearing a bra gets in the way of a truly chest-expanding inhale. Why didn't I realize that wearing an elastic rigging device strapped around my chest and over my shoulders would affect my breath???? Here I am always so diligent about removing all jewelry before practicing yoga but never considered removing the strap cinched down around my heart!

This morning, I rode my bike bra-less - we were out in the middle of no where so it didn't really matter. How fun! It was so great not to have the greasy wet boob sweat line under my bra strap. Having just a t-shirt on made me feel cool and light and really strong. I think I was getting drunk on the extra oxygen.

Biking and yoga are fine, and so is weight lifting, but running or skipping or dancing or trampolining calls for either (a) elastic rigging with metal hooks and tie-down strap-tighteners or (b) a breast reduction.

For now, I need all the rigging but in my fantasy post-surgical future I have tiny little (and possibly even perky) A-cup breasts that stay where they are put. I guess now that I am post-menopausal all my secondary-sex characteristics just seem like party decorations the next morning... kind of melancholy, kind of useless, kind of empty, somehow emotionally draining. Man-of-my-dreams still likes them, but I even had him convinced for a moment or two how perky and perfect (perkfect?) they would be if they were a couple sizes smaller. Then his inner cheap-skate and his inner boob-man got together and talked him out of it.

Alas, if I can't justify the bother and cost of surgery, my plan B is to just put them up on rollers, slap on a bra, and sally forth into old ladyhood!!! But I am never practicing yoga in a bra again.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Love it! I wish I could go bra-less for yoga, but omigosh - it's just too flappy! Nursing babies, then getting older has left that option behind. Some weird fate in my life left me with practically no breasts at a time when men would be interested in them to large breasts when no one cares any more. emoticon

    2869 days ago
  • SCOOTER4263
    I have no idea whether the following is true or not, but it was told to me in good faith by a massage therapist: underwire bras can contribute to breast cancer, because they restrict the movement of lymph. I have no opinion on this whatsoever, but I do try, now, to buy ones that don't have the wires (which always seem to break in the laundry anyway, and wind up jabbing me or working their way out the front of my shirt - always a fun thing to have happen.)

    That said, what I miss most about pre-baby breasts is wearing cute bras - little lightweight things in darling prints. Now that I'm a D (or even DD), bras look more like armor than lingerie.

    I still never wear bras around the house. (How many years has it been since I had a bra and undies matching set?... Many. At least. Wow.)

    I agree with you, though - small would be wonderful. I always envied my less well-endowed friends, because in low cut or draped tops, they looked elegant - I just looked trashy. I think the last time clothing was cut properly for "dishy" women was probably the 1940s-50s. Post-Twiggy, we just went out of style and never returned. *sigh*

    2869 days ago
    Thanks for the laughs first thing in the morning!! I never had much in the boob department, but of the 48 pounds I have lost so far, I think at least five of them came right off my chest. Yeppers, I am back to that plucked-chicken look of my youth.

    I never wore a bra anywhere, at any time, until I started going to the gym. Even the little bitties bounce around and I don't want nipples showing in the weight room.

    I found microfiber sports bra at Target which are reasonably comfortable. You might try something like that for exercise where you need a bit of support. I was leery of synthetic fibers but these really do keep me cooler than cotton.

    But otherwise, I'm with you; let 'em hang free!!

    P.S., Love the breastfeeding plug. I breastfed both my children for 15-16 months, and I am so saddened when I see bottle fed babies. I never owned a baby bottle.

    2870 days ago
    That was funny - thanks for the morning chuckle! I'm with you!
    2870 days ago
    You crack me up!
    2870 days ago
    Ah I love going braless. It is so freeing...but I need the support too much :(
    2870 days ago
    Great post! I may try yoga without a bra. I've actually been congratulating my self on losing 60 pounds and only losing one bra size. They're a little saggier than before, but not too bad. I think I just notice them more now that my waist is actually smaller than my bust.
    2870 days ago
    This is such a funny blog: who could resist the headline??

    Have you tried a professional bra fitting at a really good lingerie store? They should be able to find something that keeps 'em up and is not oppressive (I was so surprised by the excellent fit I got even for an evening gown strapless . . . ).

    But: if you hate wearing a bra, then damnit don't. Just a social convention -- there have to be lots and lots of times that you can get away with just omitting it altogether.
    2870 days ago
    ha ha! The older we get, the more we have to carry things around with us.
    2870 days ago
  • CINDYC53
    I'm with you. Small breasts would be great!
    2870 days ago
    Hilarious! I'm with you...less is more. So glad they were around to feed my babies, but they are babies no more. Once read something that compared saggy boobs to rocks in socks- no bra can compete! Never ending saga to find the right bras that hold them where they once were. Thanks for the laughs.
    2870 days ago
    I remember going braless, with great nostalgia. I was a charter member of the IBTC (Itty Bitty Titty Club). I wore a training bra into college for gosh sakes. Alas, with the weight gain (& maturity) came greater cup sizes. As you say, now the discomfort of going without is countered by the discomfort of wearing one, or is that vice versa.
    2870 days ago
    I would SO love a reduction! Right there with you!!
    2870 days ago
    Like you as a mom mine also served me and my children well. It was the best, but alas mine have also gone the route of deflated balloons. I thank you for the wonderful laugh this day.
    2871 days ago
  • LISSIE88
    Going braless would be a dream. I never imagined that biking would be possible braless.
    2871 days ago
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