Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Today marks WEEK 10, Day 63 of our BOOT CAMP mornings.

After 63 days of waking up in the dark, pushing through exercises we couldn't perform, continual aching, frustration, sleep deprivation, discouragement, and general physical and mental torture. . .JMan and I have suddenly started to SEE results! There were hints before, but nothing significant. I admit, I didn't think this day would ever come.

I still have not gotten up the courage to step on the scale, because those numbers have refused to drop for weeks and weeks. Even though I mentally KNOW that it is because I am packing on so much muscle [and I have my measurements and body composition readings to prove that], it's still discouraging. But, I'm steeling myself, and I'm going to take a peek tomorrow.

Anyway, here are a few samples of REAL VISUAL RESULTS:

1. JMan took his shirt off yesterday when he came in from mowing the lawn and DANG! He's seriously getting ripped in his arms and chest! He only pinches about 2 inches now on his gut [when we started this, he had a serious Santa belly going on]. He started at a size 40 waist, and he's down to a 34 - however, I noticed he had to put a belt on to hold the 34 securely, so it looks like he's about to graduate to a 32 before long. Wow, I have to say, he is getting very sexy.
2. Bless her heart, my mom thoughtfully bought me some new clothes on Saturday. Two cute tops in size medium, and a skirt in size 12. They simply don't fit... too big! [insert happy dance]
... "Oh DARN, I guess I'll just have to return them and go shopping tonight"
3. SIZE: Not much in my closet fits anymore. Baggy, saggy, droopy, loose...except for a couple of things I found stuffed way in the back from several ago that I just couldn't bear to give to Goodwill, - you know - those things we always hope to magically shrink into "someday". So, I pulled those things out this morning. Surprise! "Someday" just arrived! I'm wearing a blue skirt today that is part of a business suit I used to audition in. The tag says "size 10", but it's a designer suit [read: runs very small - i.e. "size 8"]. I borrowed one of my 19 yr old daughter's blouses. Both of these items are the smallest pieces of clothing I have worn in about 8 years.
4. STRENGTH: Today was LEGS & CARDIO at Boot Camp. "DAY OF THREES"
There were 3 stations of 3 exercises involving machines and free weights. We did three rotations of each station - 12 reps of each exercise each time, and in-between each rotation we went outside and ran a half mile loop.
Did I sweat? YES.
Was I pushed to my capacity? YES
Did I nearly collapse like usual? Nope!
In fact, I was able to ramp up my weight on all of the exercises. I dead lifted 50 lbs. I did the calf press machine at 150 lbs. And, I did 3 sets of 12 squat presses with the bar at 80 lbs!
5. SPEED: During the three half-mile runs this morning I was seriously shocked to realize that my pace has completely changed. I'm FASTER! And not by a little. From my old marathon days [in my past life] I learned to pace myself with my breathing. The breathing pace was completely different than any pace I've set before - including 12 years ago. Almost immediately, I left the rest of the class behind. It felt like I was sort of floating over the ground. It was so much fun! When I got back, Sarge R. looked up in surprise and said "you're back already? That was fast."
How fast? less than 4 minutes.
6. RECOVERY: Surprisingly fast. I used to have to pause and catch my breath for a significant amount of time between sets. Not anymore. I'm tired, but I can progress from set to set and station from station without stopping.
7. ENERGY: Highest I can recall. JMan and I both commented this morning that we feel 15 years younger.

OK. Granted, JMan has entered the "WOW" category, and I'm still solidly in the "NICE" category - but, I'm on my way. I didn't think Boot Camp would ever end soon enough. Now the problem is that I don't want Boot Camp to end. [I'm having quite a bit of anxiety about that] I'm afraid I'll lose everything I've worked so hard to get because I wont be able to push myself at the gym in the same way...but, that's a subject for another post. For now, I'm going to allow myself to bask in the sunshine of success. Guess what?! Exercise and eating right really DO WORK! Surprise!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thanks Susan - actually I sleep like a LOG all night. But unfortunately, "all night" has only been about 4-5 hours for the past couple of months, since Boot Camp requires a 4 am wakeup call. Kind of a catch-22, huh! Keep you your hard work, and I know you will see results.
    2814 days ago
  • SUSANHEALTHIER are a working machine!! After all that I can't believe you don't sleep all night???
    I'm a wimp compared to you..congrats on the new clothes!! emoticon I'm stuck between sizes..ugh! Hoping this challenge will help me stay focused!!
    2814 days ago
    Thanks Heidi!
    2814 days ago

    I knew you would see results. And if you look at pictures of yourself - the ones you post here - you are definitely in the "wow" category too!

    I know it will be a challenge to keep up the good work when boot camp is over, but I think you and Jman are committed - not to mention loving working out together in the mornings. It will be such a reward to be able to sleep in a little and go to a closer gym!

    Looking forward to hearing your scale results tomorrow!

    2814 days ago
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