Monday, August 09, 2010

I discovered Coconut Oil through Jimmy Moore podcast interviews and it changed my life!

Things change with age. I use to boast that I was carb-tolerant and then suddenly I wasn’t! I gained 35 pounds in less than two years. Then I dropped 30 pounds in late 2007 doing low carb and I achieved my weight loss goal by Jan. ‘08. I have been diligent in counting carbs to maintain that loss ever since. My initial (and only at that time) focus was on weight loss but that changed in March of ‘09 when after listening to a podcast I added coconut oil to my diet. In the podcast interview in mid-Feb. ’09 of Dr. Larry McCleary coconut oil was mentioned and I was intrigued. I bought some coconut oil and ordered his book “The Brain Trust.” The coconut oil went into the pantry and the book sat in my stack of “to reads”. Then in late March ‘09 I listen to an interview of Dr. Mary Newport and after hearing her story I dived into the book with a vengeance and actually started taking the coconut oil (3 tbsp a day). The results were remarkable.

For the previous few months I had been experiencing quite a few “senior moments.” I didn’t trust my recall and had to always double check and verify everything. I also felt as if a heavy weight was sitting on my shoulders and I had afternoon fatigue that I was unable to shrug off even when highly motivated (as in ‘company is coming’). After just a couple of days of starting coconut oil my energy level increased, my afternoon fatigue disappeared and the weight on my shoulders was lifted. My memory lapses decreased, my mind had cleared, the brain fog that I felt like I had been looking though was gone. The gauzy veil that I felt had been draped over my head had been lifted off and I really could see clearer. I can only say that my general well being increased tenfold. The affect was so dramatic and almost instantaneous that it felt like a miracle.

I immediately started proselytizing the benefits of coconut oil to anyone who would listen. In early April I sent out a mass email to all contacts in my address book. I was basically driving my friends and family crazy. So to get the word out to people who might actually want to hear it last November I joined Sparks People and took over leadership of the “Eat Fat, Lose Fat, We Love Coconut Oil” Sparks team. Membership has doubled since then so the word is (slowly) getting out.

In addition to the vast improvement of my general well being I also experienced a shift in my attitude towards health. I never thought that doing small things to improve health would/could make a difference. So what if I drank out of plastic water bottles, used Teflon coated cookware, brushed my teeth with fluoride toothpaste, used artificial sweeteners? Well, all that changed with the simple addition of coconut oil to my diet. If one small change could make such a dramatic difference then what other small things could I be doing to improve my health? I now make every effort to do what I can to avoid toxins, take steps to detox and eat only the healthiest foods available.

Learning about Coconut Oil gave me a life changing experience.

Here are the links to the life changing podcast mentioned above.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Glad I found you! I used coconut oil for awhile but then stopped after hearing all the bad reports. Am going back to it after watching the links to the sites you mentioned above.

    Hm, I believe you and I are going to become friends.

    3003 days ago
    Cool. I bought some coconut oil not too long ago too and have yet to use it. It sounds like I should!! LOL.
    3145 days ago
    Thanks for this blog! I, too, believe in coconut oil and all its benefits but I've been a slacker in using it. Will get back to it thanks to your blog and stick to it consistently!
    3146 days ago
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