I've got a love for Jillian Michaels & a hate for celery & Walmart

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Ok, so I don't "love" Jillian. I like her tough love attitude because I know I have to push myself to make changes. I know that I'm the reason I'm overweight--I can be the only one to make the change.
I stood at Walmart in front of the workout dvd rack wondering which one I should buy. After 23 lbs lost, I figured $9 on a dvd wouldn't be bad. I was really hoping that I'd find a Zumba DVD, but they don't have any there. So I held Yoga Meltdown & 30 Day Shred in my hands. Weighed the options and went for the Yoga Meltdown. I'm not sure exactly how it goes, but I'm wondering if until I get my gym membership I was going to do that on my strength training days. I like doing the SP strength training, but the only thing I don't like is that I don't really know what type of calorie burn I'm doing. Maybe I should look into that. What do you all do in that situation?
I went through the produce section and picked up some veggies and fruits. Trying to find some new choices I opt for some celery. I never really liked it before, but with some peanut butter or cream cheese I figured it wouldn't be so bad.
Well, after the hell that is walmart I came home and made some lunch. I think it took me almost 20 minutes to eat a long stalk of celery cut up with peanut butter on it. I kind of laughed to myself because it never takes me that long to eat one thing. I'm sure that I will get used to it. It wasn't so completely awful, but it's definitely an aquired taste.
I think we're just going to hang out around the house tonight. It's pretty nasty out. I did a Yoga Booty Ballet DVD this morning after breakfast. I kind of wanted to play volleyball, but I'm mildly thankful that we aren't. Maybe tomorrow's weather will be a little nicer.
Enjoy what is left of your weekend!!
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    I did Yoga Meltdown on demand last week - really tough, but totally do-able! Jillian is not as pushy in it as she is in some of her other videos, too, which totally helps the zen feeling. I'm pretty sure I will purchase that one soon!

    You may want to try to add something sweet to your celery too. Celery can be bitter. Maybe if you add raisins or dried cranberries on top of the PB, it will be more palatable. Celery is one of my go-to foods because it's so versatile and adds a crunch without a lot of calories. Plus HIGH water content! :)

    For tracking my calories on strength training, I don't. I think it's relative. I know that I'm gaining muscle mass when I strength train and eat right, so even though I probably burn 150 calories doing an upper body and 300+ calories with my lower body routines, I don't worry about those. That way, it's easier for me to forgive the errors in food I may make on occasion - like the GIANT piece of wedding cake I had this weekend. Sorry can't be more help. You could buy a monitor that shows you what you are burning, if you choose. I'm sure JM's website has them for sale because she used some on her show "Losing it".

    Good luck with the celery and Yoga Meltdown - I look forward to seeing updates on these!
    emoticon emoticon
    3695 days ago
    I love love love Yoga Meltdown. I've done it every day for the past week. I also hate celery more than I hate mayonnaise, which is a hell of a lot.
    3696 days ago
    Ugh, I HATE celery! Always have, always will....BLECH. Yay for new work out video! I hear the 30 day shred works wonders but also kicks your a$$, haha. I'm interested to hear about the yoga one...The weather here is super gross and nasty too ugggggggh--I have about had it with this summer. Hope you have a great week girl!
    3696 days ago
    Your blog title caught my eye. Lol, I love Jillian's tough attitude and would love to train with her, but she would probably kill me!! Hang in the with the celery!! Oh and Walmart made me mad, they were out of cucumbers and bananas! I do the Shred 5-6 days a week. I have the yoga one, but I have flexibility problems and feel I don't do it right. As far as the calorie burn, I try and find something similar to post it.
    3696 days ago
  • no profile photo CD7850615
    I do the Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout DVD w/ Jillian and I love it. Her attitude definitely makes me step it up. Let us know how the Yoga Meltdown is... I've been curious about that one too. Good luck with it :)
    3696 days ago
    I totally agree with you about Walmart and Jillian. I think sometimes I would love to be on The Biggest Loser...but to be honest...that broad scares me. LOL

    Keep up the good work and hang in there.

    Becky (Doogie Bowser's mommy)
    3696 days ago
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