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$10,000 Weight loss Challenge has Begun!!!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

I got weighed yesterday for the start of my weight loss challenge. Except their scale didn't actually go high enough. It went up to 350 and Im 360. I told him and he said ok well just go with that lol. I have to get below that now though so he start seeing my weight loss. Im giving myself 2 weeks max to lose the 10 pounds. Of course its 9 now because this morning I had a loss of 1 pound from yesterday, both days on my scale which has a limit of 400. Its ok though, because theyre still going to let me do it even though they cant really see my weight. I finally went shopping today to restock my kitchen which was newly emptied lol. I got a ton of plastic containers to keep stuff in, like cereal and tortilla chips so they wont go stale, and rice and things just to be organized. Im actually going to follow sparks plan for the next week to the letter and see how it works for me. I did go through the whole week and change all the things I dont like. I spent about an hour at the grocery store and actually spent less than I though I would. Im just taking a quick break before I go and put everything away, it was quite a workout just bringing everything in from the car lol. Im definitely going to do awesome at this challenge, and Im going to save money because of how much Ive been eating out, well no more!!! Yesterday was my first day being super strict and i did really well. I was at my familys annual golf tournament, just the BBQ I dont golf lol, and i didnt even look at the dessert and when my aunt found out about the challenge from my mom, she offered to cook me some chicken because I wasnt going to have a hamburger or hotdog. It was very nice of her, and everyone was very encouraging.

I wont really be listening to the nutirition advice of my trainer though, unless I have some problems losing on sparks plan, which I dont think I will. Yesterday he was telling me some things I disagree with and some things that just made no sense. He was saying cereal is bad, even cheerios, and I disagree with that, as long its not a high sugar cereal. He also said that bread is bad for you because of the gluten but pasta is ok even though it has more gluten than bread. Im not much of a meat eater, I tend to stay away unless Im at someone elses place, and he kept trying to tell me I HAVE to eat chicken and fish and stuff because plant proteins are incomplete. Well as long as I eat the complimentary proteins within 24 hours Im good, and I do actually a list of complimentary proteins here in one of my nutrition books. I know what Im doing, I just have to actually DO it, and now I am. So I think hell be surprised when I go in and start losing really fast because I WILL make this work. He keeps wanting me to buy this nutrition program they have where they give you a 28 day meal plan but I had it before, cant find it now, and I didnt particularly like it. It is made just for you but I cant afford to buy it because I just bought training sessions for the challenge and Im still in school. He needs to realize I know what Im doing, I just need the encouragement to stick with it.

Anyway, Im going dancing tonight and if I have time after doing my kitchen, Im gonna go swimming at the gym as well. I should go finish up the kitchen and have some lunch now =) Have a great day everyone!!!
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    Good luck on your challenge! emoticon I'm cheering you on! emoticon emoticon
    3174 days ago
    With that attitude you are sure to do awesome! Keep up the great work.

    3174 days ago
    Oooh! I'm super excited for you that your challenge has now officially begun. I can't wait to see how you do! And remember, if you ever need some support and encouragement, you know where to find me and the other Reignite members.
    3175 days ago
    emoticon GO FOR IT!
    All things are possible through Christ our Lord and Savior! emoticon
    I will be rooting you on ALL the way!
    3175 days ago
    GOOD LUCK TO YOU!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3175 days ago
    Stay motivated, stay on the right course and wonderful things will happen. You're right on track with the vegetable protein and him saying it is incomplete, you just have to eat a variety of plants and vegetables and you'll be fine. Better than you would be if you ate the same amount of meat, if you believe the research from "The China Study" by T. Colin Campbell. Your trainer should tell a gorilla that their diet is full of incomplete protein and they can't possibly have much muscle...

    Bread and cereals depend a lot on what they're made out of. If you have white bread or regular cheerios for example, they're mostly just processed flour, which breaks down to sugar quickly in your blood stream and provides little nutritionally to your body. If you get a bread made of a variety of grains, you're doing much better, though I'd still keep breads to a minimum. A good, quality granola (keep an eye on the sugars) can be quite healthy.

    If you don't already, you should try rice milk, almond milk or soy milk. Cow's milk is very high in fat (except skim), when it says 2% fat on the label, that means by volume. Most of milk is water, so 2% of the volume may be fat, but much more of the actual calories are from fat, about 35%. I think this is an incredibly deceptive labeling system, so it is good to get the word out there. Cow's milk is also linked to many diseases.

    Keep going strong, we know you can do this!
    3175 days ago
    How exciting!

    I have a question, see you are teaching people already. My question is about he complimentary proteins, what hte heck are they? I have never, ever heard that term before.

    I do understand what he is trying to get you to do, eat low carb, but you have to do what works for you. And you do not have to buy his expensive plan, taylored to you. You are doing that yourself.

    Good for you for standing up for what you want and not caving to the so called expert.
    3175 days ago
    wow !!!
    3175 days ago
    Good luck in your challenge!! You can do it!!
    3175 days ago
    Good luck in your challenge!! You can do it!!
    3175 days ago
    Good luck in your challenge!! You can do it!!
    3175 days ago
  • AIMEEM77
    Love the dedication you're showing!! And you're right, following what works for you is so much better than following someone else's plan. You have to do what you can stick with! I believe in you...I wanna see you win that money!!!!
    3175 days ago
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