10 Miles: CHECK!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Woot! Ran my first 10 mile LR today! AWESOME! I'm pretty excited about it. The half-marathon goal is looking much more doable now than it ever has. :) All in all, I did 11.25 miles today, which included a warm-up walk, 10 mile run (with a restroom break in the middle--oh! and two quick walk breaks up steep hills), and a cool-down walk. Pretty good!

Whenever I run, I take my Nike+ with me. On, it keeps track of the mileage and you get little "rewards" for making certain goals. I really just love the notices it gives me! It keeps me motivated to keep going because I wanna know what else it's going to say. LOL...I know, I'm pretty silly! Anywho, I really enjoy them, so I thought I'd share them here with you all!

"200 miles. Okay, we admit: we’re impressed. Not that we have to tell you, but you’re a total champ. You distance demon you."

"250 miles. That’s a whole lotta running. You’ve proven you’re no flash in the pan. Now show us what else you’ve got."

"300 miles. You’re hauling. Don’t look now, but you’re almost halfway to your next level change."

So fun! Really, the best thing about running is the rewards that you reap from it. Have a happy day today!
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