Why losing weight isn't so important any more

Saturday, August 07, 2010

I still want to lose a few kilos, which hopefully I will do in the next few months. However...

I am now a size 12 (down from about 24) - the smallest I remember being as an adult is size 14-16, before now.

I have more energy than I remember having in the past 15 years.

I feel less depressed.

I am, and most importantly, I feel, fitter. In a lazy week, I now burn around 2500 calories through cardio - up from about, let's see, can we use negative numbers??? In a good week, I go past 3000. *And* I hardly ever feel tired (discounting PMT).

I hardly ever have cravings (again, discounting PMT). When I do have cravings and give in to them, I feel sick - I'm used to eating reasonably healthily and pigging out just doesn't agree with me any more.

I hardly ever drink Coke - I used to be a Coke junkie. Last weekend I actually *refused* it when it was offered to me, as I preferred water. I've had some fizzy drinks in my cupboard for months, every time I open it I tell myself I should put them in the fridge (I hate warm fizzy drinks) but for some reason I never get around to it.

The reason I never get around to putting the fizzy drinks in the fridge is that there's usually no room, as the fridge is full of bottles of water or cold fruit tea I've made and bottled, fresh fruit and vegetables, yogurts, smoothies, and various other healthy-ish foods.

The healthy-ish food above are exclusively made with my own fair hands, with fresh ingredients, from scratch. Ok, I used to cook before too but now I cook in huge batches so I can also freeze stuff and there's always something ready (or almost) whenever it's meal time and "I can't be bothered".

The last three or four times I've had junk food (specifically, KFC that I used to love) I didn't enjoy it at all.

I have breakfast every morning. I used to do that before but I've switched from gallons of coffee and packs of cigarettes and a snack grabbed from some convenience store to a coffee, a few cigarettes, yogurt and fruit or jam on toast or smoothies or the likes.

I have reduced meat consumption. I've never been a huge meat eater anyway, but this week I've had two completely meat-free days where I still managed to reach the right protein range (if on the lower side). I'll now work on that so I can do that most days.

This week I've cycled over 100 km. When I started using SP, I would make myself walk by only buying 1 packet of 10 cigarettes at the time. It was either get out to buy some more or climb up the walls - and once I was out I might as well go for a walk, but they weren't that long to start with. I'm still smoking, but hey, nobody's perfect :)

One other thing I did right at the beginning was stop using the lift. By the time I'd get to my floor (4th), I'd be well out of breath. Now I'm not, and I climb up faster (although I've hardly taken the stairs since I got the bike, as it's too much to carry, as I found out the other day when I returned home and the lift was stuck on a floor).

To make up for the lack of stair-climbing, 5 weeks ago I started training for the 200 squat challenge. It's a 6 week programme but I've slowed it down to my pace, so I'm currently still on week 3 that I'll repeat next week as well. Still, yesterday I did about 110 squats, so it's not bad :)

I'm getting comments from people left, right and centre on how good I look. So far I've had it from the local newsagent, the doctor's secretaries, the chemist, another local shopkeeper, the three neighbours on my balcony, the caretakers, ex-colleagues, 4 neighbours downstairs, about 6 or 7 other neighbours on the estate, my cousin and her husband, the postman, and I can't remember who else. Also neighbours of my parents' and sister's in Italy and shopkeepers near where they live.
The other day I was wolf-whistled by some teenagers (!) at the local park, and a couple of weeks ago a local shopkeeper called out to me from his door, shouting "Hey, girl!" (girl!). I pretended not to hear him as I can't stand that particular bloke, but I grinned inside.

I've had calls from some of my mum's friends to congratulate me, ask me how I'd done it and for tips - my mum has stopped short of taking a page in the local paper to advertise how fit her daughter now is!

Do I sound like I'm blowing my own trumpet? Too right I am :)
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow. I'm so glad for you....and I'm sure you look so good, and you will continue your many are noticing, arent't they?????????
    3728 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/11/2010 9:02:45 AM
    You have every right to blow your own trumpet!
    3728 days ago
    Keep blowing that trumpet! What a fantastic blog, very inspiring...and I love to make those comparisons in my life too, because it's those informal measurements that tell the best story of our journey.

    Keep it up!

    PS - that smoking thing stills dogs me too, but I'm fighting hard!
    3728 days ago
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