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Day SIX, Present and Accounted For!

Friday, August 06, 2010

Today I spun a 3, which means I had 30 minutes cardio to do, plus strength working out.

I knew I had strength PLUS cardio the moment I woke up, even though I had not turned on the computer yet.

So I stayed in bed until 10 reading a not so interesting mystery book which I have already figured out the ending.

It was very foggy today, and we had planned on me going with DH to Port Angeles while he went to the VA for some tests or another, then he was going to take be out to the Chinese buffet, where I always eat too much. Good that I stayed in bed, right?

Well, even reading a mystery can become very boring, so up I got, turned on Spark, and spun the wheel. Hmmmmm not as bad as it could be! I have done 30 minutes cardio many times, so there was no fear there.

Just didn't feel like it.

So I went to my favorite strength training stuff, and did my close arm wall push ups. 30 of those puppies. Go to the ball, do 30 lower back stretches, then 30 kneeling ball roll outs. Done. Click on that for my points!

Oh, wait a minute. The exercise of the day is one that I like, too. The One Arm Rowing thing. Done with a count of 30 each arm. The the sitting triceps stretch or thinning or whatever it is with weights. Blast them off with a count of 30, too.

So now my adrenaline is coursing through, and I decide I can do half of the cardio minutes on the rowing machine, because I am beginning to see signs of progress around my waist. Row for 15 minutes, then go to the stationery bike. Might as well get this over with!

I'm on the bike, and what music comes on? ORGAN MUSIC. And I HATE ORGAN MUSIC!!! It always makes me feel like trudging in mourning instead of walking with my head held high.

Now I have to BIKE to that sound!

I can't get off the bike to change the music because if I get off, I won't get back on.

So there I sit, pedaling to durges on the organ, trying my best to ignore it and get up to speed.

Glisten rescues me! What a tool that is!! I feel Glisten forming on my temples and upper lip.

Pedal faster! Feel the Glisten! Ah, yes. That's the ticket! I can feel my hair getting wet, and the glisten is sending down little rivulets to my jaw.

My shirt is getting damp, and I pedal on.

I look down, and notice my legs. They jiggle as I pedal. The fat keeps brushing up against the machine as I pedal. This is an ugly sight.

As I watch the hated fat bumping into the bike with each pedal, I am envisioning LARD in a can. That's what my legs look like, only they are moving.

Remember those cans of Crisco? All white and greasy on the inside, and how we used to scoop that stuff out with a huge cooking spoon?

Well, mine all went to my upper legs. I never looked at my legs doing this before. But of course, that just may be because I didn't get on the bike to witness such a display.

I usually wear leggings while I work out, but today I wore shorts. A good thing. A bad thing.

Good that I actually saw the fat jumping all over the bike, Bad that I know my "weight thing" isn't anywhere near to being over.

But today, just for TODAY, I was present and accounted for! Today I faced the beast, and worked it into a sweat.

Now I am going to take my worked out body to the shower. And then I will sit and quilt!! AND I have changed the music!
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  • AMYJEAN911
    Yah, I couldn't have done the organ music thing either.

    If it helps any, another sparkie told me that the jiggle factor INCREASES as you start to burn it off. Less density or some other glorious thing like that, but the jiggle means its working. Does that help?


    Do you always do the exercise of the day? How dumb is it that I don't? I read the email, sometimes even watch the demo, but I don't think I've EVER done a full set! I'll be changing that habit, pronto.

    My fingers are crossed for a mediocre yet mildly challenging spin for day 7.

    emoticon emoticon
    2816 days ago
    You always make me laugh! And again, I see some common ground...I am down to one belly roll and due to some unfortunate crooked slicing during an emergency surgery, I think its mine for good! Mostly, I ignore it, although the crooked line from hip bone to hip bone created a kind of tuck that hooked me up with a permanent roll, it did contribute to keeping me alive. So I'm as cool with it as a person can possibly be with a belly roll! But one day, I was on the elliptical and I noticed it kinda giggling around...an odd sensation, so I lifted my shirt a little to check it out. EeeGads! Not doin' that again!! I still feel it down there doing its own thing sometimes when I jump around alot, but for the most part, I'm back to ignoring it!! I will continue to do my thing, and it can do what ever it is that it does!! Just wanted to say I've had kinda the same "What is THAT?" revelation...ended up rambling on! Way to go fighting through the organ music...you are a better woman than I! emoticon
    2816 days ago
    Music is a great motivator-if it's good. Yay you for knowing yourself well enough to know you wouldn't go back. If I stop I get distracted by the laundry, kids or other "stuff" so I try not to stop either.
    2816 days ago
    Yay--you did it! You got that cardio done, in spite of the organ music! My hubby loves organ music (GOOD organ music, that is), but I can't imagine working out to it. Enjoy your quilting!

    2816 days ago
    I don't know how you did it listening to organ music. I would have gotten up and changed it. In fact, I have gotten up to change the music.
    2816 days ago
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