Friday, August 06, 2010

I went to the GYN yesterday to have my little test! He catherized (I hope this is spelled correctly, I seem to have lost my medical dictionary) me and took the specimen to the lab for analyzing! While I was there I had to weigh in and I haven't been since last year when I had my annual check up. Next month would be a year since I had seen him! He immediately noticed my weight loss! He said "April you have lost 20 pounds since the last time I saw you!" It is so nice when they notice this without telling them! I had not checked lately so I guess I will put this on my tracker! I measured when I got home and I have lost an inch around my hips also! So I was enjoying this visit really well! They took my blood pressure and it was 120/80 and he kept smiling at me!

He liked to have killed me (just kidding)! Have you ever been catherized (?)? It's not real bad though! He said, " The specimen looked good and he thought it was clear and would be letting me know if there was any problem left there!" I told him about how I loved to emoticon! I told him I had not been to the pool in a week and half! He said "Well I think you need to get back in the pool as soon as possible! If this has helped you lose 20 pounds you need to jump in as soon as possible!" I emoticon tears of relief right there!! He asked "What is wrong with you??? I said "Dr. I have been so scared that this might be the reason I am having this problem with UTI's! He said "Most definately, not! He said "If this was the case I would be having yeast infections also, and I was all clear from that and looked like I had been taking good care of myself!" (My Hero!)

According to him my infections were resistant to the medication they were using! They were clearing up but leaving some of the bacteria there and it would just come right back! He told me not to worry about it that he seen it all the time in females! He said he wanted to see how I did this month and the next time this happened I needed to get over there immediately so he could check and see what kind of culture he was dealing with as this time he had been going out of town and couldn't check !


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    emoticon Good for you! A great loss! I love the pool in your background! WOW
    3637 days ago
    April you are amazing doing great lost 20 lbs and going strong girl.Congrats!
    3640 days ago
    Congrats on your success. You are just amazing. Swim on, sister.

    You just rock.

    3647 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon on you weight loss...You can emoticon once again..Yippee! Your Dr. noticing now thats a Woot! Woot! Your enginge is running smooth & your in control thats a emoticon emoticon I am thrilled & you should be so proud of you! emoticon emoticon
    3651 days ago
    YAY - back to the pool!!! How fun! I'm really happy for you! Over the moon, in fact! Enjoy!!!!
    3654 days ago
    Swim a few laps for me! Our city pool will be closed today due to heavy rain.
    3654 days ago
  • RACHELM920
    That's great that he noticed. My Dr. noticed some weight I lost since last year too. I had a catheter when I had my daughter, I didn't feel when they put it in because I was on pain medication but I sure felt it coming out! She was an emergency c-section. I know all about what you are going through, I had 3 years of abnormal paps. I didn't know what they were caused by, and thought they caused my miscarriage... my Dr. set me straight though. I'm so glad that you got the green light to go swimming again. I haven't done it nearly enough this year! emoticon
    3655 days ago
    I'm glad it worked out! Yay!!!!! back to the pool for you!
    3655 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5707126
    emoticon It is always so great to hear good stuff from the professionals! emoticon
    3656 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6484093
    That't great news, April. I've been wondering what's been going on with you. Until I realized that for some reason I have been unsubscribed from most of my friends' blogs. So I've missed tons of blogs. I don't have the time to read every one that everyone wrote, so am just starting with the most recent.

    Glad your doctor noticed your weight loss. AND that you can resume swimming without fearing infection. Great news!
    3656 days ago
    What a great job you are doing. It sounds like you have a wonderful Doctor. Keep up the good work! emoticon
    3657 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

    What a great visit. Very nice that he has acknowledged all your hard work! Better yet, he gave you the all clear to get back to what you LOVE...Happy SWIMMING tomorrow my friend!

    3658 days ago
    Oh April--What great news!!!!And with that weight loss comes the good health-----So happy to hear that! Spark does work eh?---- emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3658 days ago
  • SROUS1340
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    It is great when they notice without being told! And you are back to your pool! I'm so proud of you April, you are accomplishing inspite of obstacles! emoticon
    3658 days ago
    emoticon I am so happy you got such good news! emoticon

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3658 days ago
    How great that you will be swimming again. Praise the Lord!!!
    3658 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5080021
    emoticon I am so proud of my mountain buddy. emoticon I am so glad you got a good report from your Dr. and you can get back to swimming. And that blood pressure, that is fantastic. emoticon
    3658 days ago
    Oh April, I am just SO happy for you. I'm sitting here alone but for two sleeping dogs with a huge grin on my face so I can only begin to imagine how wonderful you must be feeling today! You have done so well and should be justifiably proud of all that persistence you showed to lose so much weight in a little under 12 months. Not only that, your blood pressure reading was good enough to make a doctor smile - and they usually make it a practice to show as little emotion as possible! What's more, your favorite form of exercise is now being encouraged. What an amazingly positive day you had. Now that diet plan doesn't seem anywhere near as daunting I'm sure...

    Congratulatory hugs,

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3658 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/6/2010 8:19:21 AM
    Great news! Now go start swimming the next 20 lbs off! emoticon
    3658 days ago
  • REJ7777
    What great news! PTL! It's wonderful that you can start swimming again. When we find a physical activity that we enjoy, it's such key element to our health. Glad you can get back to it! emoticon I imagine that Mrs. Lisa will be very happy about this news too. emoticon
    3658 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    So glad you've been cleared to get back in the pool!
    3658 days ago
    emoticon That's good news all the way around...20 lbs gone, improved BP, answers to you UTI problem, and YOU CAN GET BACK IN THE POOL! Oh yeah, you're doing great, April!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3658 days ago
    First - congratulations on the weight loss - excellent news. Your doctor sounds like he is wonderful and smart - a great combo. Hopefully this will solve your UTI problem. And best of all back in the pool for you - woohoo.
    3658 days ago
  • DBELLE39
    What an awesome visit!!! You have done great --congrats on you 20# loss --keep it up girl. Imagine the look on his face in another year when you go for your next checkup!!! emoticon

    Have a blast at the pool!
    3658 days ago
  • VICIOUS421
    3658 days ago
  • DLG0505
    Way to go April! You have to be so proud of yourself! Enjoy your swim!

    3658 days ago
    Well, wooHOO, girl - lookit YOU! Twenty pounds done and dusted, BP in a good place, AND you get to go swimming - sometimes life is good, ain't? lol... emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3658 days ago
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