Thursday, August 05, 2010

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    We all fall at times...it's why we are human!!!! Don't beat urself up so much for it. U at least see where ur problems lie. This is a journey of learning also not just about weight loss. You can do this!!!! It's funny from all the other posts on here u are one of the ppl, that we watch ur vlog everytime u have one!!!! Remember GOD will never give u more than u can handle!!! Sometimes it seems like we can't do it. But have faith in HIM, and u will get thru this!!!! And all ur spark friends are right there with u!!!

    2814 days ago
  • VELLE9
    Bad habits are hard to change overnight and it takes time. Don't beat yourself up because you fallen- we all have and we will probably continue to. This might sound strange but since you know TOM comes every month- plan for it. Maybe during that time, instead of going for fast food plan to go to a nice sit-down restaurant. Since you know you are going to a nice restaurant, you can adjust your exercise and calories through out that week so you can enjoy your time. If that doesn't work, try to look up the menu's of the fast food restaurants and write down the foods that are lower in calorie and fats and keep it as a cheat sheet. When the urge comes, pull out the sheet and pick the healthier selections. Don't be to hard on yourself.
    2814 days ago
    You and I know that when God speaks to us... that sneaky whisperer pops up and tells us things that make it harder to turn away from temptations.. After seeing this vlog, I know what I sent you was meant for you. You'll know what I am talking about when you get it... "My Garden".... is meant for you.

    I have faith that we both can steer away from the nasty fast foods to soothe us when we get poopy as Dana says.. lol I am glad that you aired your honesty, and your struggle on here for your friends to see, and maybe some other people that are dealing with the same issues. Last night when we talked, I was a bit poopy myself.. and all I was thinking about was all the foods I could sabotage myself with today. Today looks really differently... and I am going to work out, and I am going to blog, and I am going to make it a good day! And if I can make it through all that, I just may treat myself to those potato wedges! lol

    2814 days ago
    Everyday you are the first blog I look for, I am always so happy to see one from you. Please know complete strangers are pulling for you and praying for you. Be strong, it will not be easy, but the pain of going thru it is not as badasthe pain of feeling you failed yourself.
    2814 days ago

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  • VICIOUS421
    I can't even count the number of times I have fallen off the wagon when it comes to food. One of the most beautiful gifts we have is tomorrow is a new day to start over and do better!!!!!
    2814 days ago
    OMGosh girl, I am so identifying with you on the eye opening thing. Where you feel like you've been handed something to help you see and then you turn right around and IGNORE it! About 3 years ago now, I went into the hospital because I lost almost ALL of my blood. I lost so much that they were telling my family to call our Elder (Minister) My doctor really did not think I was going to make it. I vowed then and there that I was going to do something with my life for the good and get my body healthy and be around for a long long time. It wasn't more then 2 weeks later I was gorging myself with chips and dip, chocolate, anything I wanted. I don't know why. I still don't understand it. But I did it!!! Just remember that it is not WRONG to go to McDonalds. You can't ALWAYS tell your self no. That's just not humanly possable. So you went to McDonalds. So what! Try to get an extra workout in and don't be mad at yourself. Just keep on pushing ahead! I'm so glad that you got on here and vloged your struggles. We are here for you girl! HUGS HUGS HUGS!!! emoticon That ONE BAD CHOICE does NOT have to rule your life!!!
    2814 days ago
    You will have good days and bad days. Each day is a learning process. I have "fallen" quite a few times but the key is to get back up. Little changes will add up.
    2814 days ago
    aww sweetie. I think it's actually more meaningful that you showed your emotions during your vlog. no one has perfect eating days, and our emotions certainly feed into it. You seem very kind hearted and honest, and what really matters is that you held yourself accountable by vlogging. And you're right--just keep putting one foot in front of the other--not every day will be perfect. It's meant to be a process.

    Keep your chin up; I hope tomorrow is a better day :)
    2814 days ago
  • AIREONNA62583
    you and a few other people i always make sure to watch your blogs because it really helps me..and don't beat your self up we all have days where we feel weak and eat something we should not..i would vlog myself but i don't have a computer cam maybe one of these days i will get one. emoticon
    2814 days ago
  • DIANE2868
    You know I can not speak for others but I can tell you that there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of eating Mc D's, or having ice cream, fries and gravy, cookies, the list goes on. I don't think I am ever going to kick this habit of eating junk every now and then, I just have to try to limit how much and the frequency. I have been successful in losing about 115 pounds but I struggle everyday. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do, especially lately I have been under huge amounts of stress. Your not alone, just remember it is what you do most of the time that matters. If your eating within calorie range and exercising the amount your suppose to most of the time then that odd time- like once a week where you let go a little is not going to keep you from your goals.

    One more thing, I would try to prepare some meals ahead of time if you can so then next time you get stressed or upset and think of a fast food place you will remember you have a prepared meal in the fridge already! I will have a cooked chicken in the fridge alot of the times to make easy meals with like salads or wraps. I will also cook batches and freeze like stews, and spaghetti meals. Tonight I cooked a big pot of chicken fried rice with vegetables and there are lots extra for more meals in the days to come.

    I didn't hear back from you when I last wrote to you. Hope I wasn't too harsh. I can sound mean, but really I am a softey and I care, and I want you to do good.

    2814 days ago
  • VEMAN1
    Never give up, especially on yourself. I continue to fail. But, I get back up to try again. The last real attempt to drop down was before I got married six years ago. I agree with DDUFF that since you are still blogging you are determined this time around. This journey is your life. You can have the life you want. You deserve that life. Ignoring all other things, especially media and politics, we earn by what we do. Nothing is given to us except the life we are given.

    Keep doing your best. Focus on what you want.
    2814 days ago
    emoticon emotional eating is a really hard habit to break..but we've all been where you are, we all fall down sometimes; but i know you can pick yourself back up & really do it. *hugs*

    Be strong!
    2814 days ago
  • DANAB1106
    I think that you still blogging shows that you have determination. Some times we slip, we learn and we move forward.
    2814 days ago
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