Thursday, August 05, 2010

Yesterday I was WAY under the weather. A product of coming off my Prednisone maybe. Anyway, the night turned into one carb fest after another starting with a Chipotle dinner, a couple of plates of chips, a piece of fudge, and a Skinny Cow ice cream bar. Add this to Saturday's indiscretions and I am afraid again of my old friend the scale on Saturday. It is my great hope to merely maintain.

So folks lets turn this around and look at what did work. I logged ALL my food both days - Saturday and yesterday - so I am fully aware of what to expect. There will be no real suprises on the scale. I own what choices I made. I have not let it derail me into a total fall off the wagon, I packed lunch and moved into today as if last night never happened. I blogged about it and put it into the light of day - not tucking it away to haunt me later.

We can all do this. If you fall off - bring it out - own it - and breathe in, breathe out - move on!
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