10 pounds down!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I apologize for the buzzing noise and I did not realize picking at the sticker on my laptop would be so loud. URGH...hate recording in the bedroom.

Here is the link to the 11 ways to stay motivated:
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    I never vlog in front of hubby either!! I think you need some privacy for that..even if you are going to show it to the world later! haha

    Oh...I don't know about the punishment or focus on negative "what if's' that sounds like setting yourself up to make it a reality somehow. Maybe spin it into WHEN I lose weight I (will have the opposite of what will happen if I don't).

    I'm on the chapter in Women, God and Food called "reteaching loveliness'. One thing that rang true to me was the statement, "If you force, deprive, and shame yourself into being thin, you end up a deprived, shamed and fearful person who will be thin for 10 minutes....when you abuse yourself by taunting or threatening yourself...you will end up feeling split, crazed and afraid that the part you've locked away will in turn take over and ruin your life".

    I haven't read this exact statement yet but the message I'm getting and that hits that 'chord' with me as truth..is we have to 'love ourselves thin and healthy'.

    But..who knows. I do feel maybe some people who have lost and kept it off maybe could verify it....surely they must love what they do to stay fit and love themselves to stay in it?
    2815 days ago
    Way to go on those 10 pounds!!! You are going to do so well!
    I love that you are doing the couch to 5k!!!!! It's awesome!
    Way to go on getting your water in!!! :) I know how hard that can be.
    lmao...."stop doing it before it makes you any fatter"...too funny.
    Your weightloss trophy's you have to add yourself...

    Don't worry about Tbear leaving... i will latch on to her first... like alittle kid on the ankles... (I hope you read this TINA) LOL

    Much love Dana xoxo
    2815 days ago
    Oy, I empathize with the alzheimer's and the depression. Depression runs rampant in my family--my immediate family has 6 people in it, and FOUR of them (only excluding me and my oldest brother) are on antidepressants. My grandmother also suffered from serious alzheimer's before she passed away, and it's such a sad disease.

    Not to poke my nose too much into it; but when you get your "dream" running shoes, you might want to consider going to a running store. The employees are really good at fitting you to a shoe that works for the way you run. Everyone's foot plants and leaves the ground differently, so you need to make sure you have the right support. I used to just buy based on the brand, but then I developed some knee problems, and it seems that seeking a professional to help me pick out shoes has solved them.

    Eek! Yes that heat is a little too much to deal with. Good thing you have a treadmill.

    With regard to your trophy question, I think there are a bunch. There's one for earning 500 SparkPoints, there is one for 1,000 fitness minutes, there is "Consistency" -- I am not entirely sure how they figure that out, but it basically is given to you if you are on a lot. There is also a "Perfect Attendance" -- that is my goal for August! I think they measure it for spinning the Spark Wheel.
    2815 days ago
    Oh yeah, and about the heat in Texas.... all I gotta say is... EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW..... I had to go stay with my mom for 2 1/2 LOOOOOOOOONG weeks last summer in texas and we had NO AIR CONDITIONING!!! It was the most aweful 2 weeks EVER!! Yall can KEEP that heat... lol.. I live in arizona but not the hot part... thank goodness... it's about 61 here right now at 11 at night!! only gets to 80's in the day... gotta love it!
    2815 days ago
    Thank you so much with all of this motivational stuff. Just one less thing I actually have to go looking for and I SOOOOOOOO appreciate that. I kind of like the punishing yourself idea. But I'm like yoiu, I hardly punish my daughter so how am I gonna do that for myself... lol
    Congrats on the 3lbs down. Thats awesome. You'll be out of the 180's very soon! Just keep on like your doin! You're blogs are very encouraging so keep them coming!!!
    2815 days ago
    congrats on all of your progress!
    2815 days ago
    Congratulations :D :D
    2815 days ago
    congrats!!! :)
    2815 days ago
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