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Recovered Gear Heads

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Miserable hot day. It was supposed to be around 100 but I forgot to look. The last I saw it was 93 in the early afternoon. It was still 88 at 8:30.

I busted my butt to get out there early today to get my chores done before 8 but it was still miserable. My day was spent drinking and peeing.

Poor hubby had to come home and work on vehicles. He thinks the FX4 is fixed. He is still diagnosing the van. Something is wrong with the timing belt as the crank shift is turning but the crank shaft timing gear is not. Could be a belt if we are lucky but it's in a bummer of a place. He wanted me to help but I hate working on cars. I feel guilty for not helping but it's too hot.

My first hubby was a gearhead and for a while so was I. I'm in recovery. LOL. We both had tons of muscle cars. My very first car was a 65 candy apple red fast-back Mustang I got when I was 16. My second was a Chevelle SS. My third a GTO. After we married we had 2 more GTO's as I was partial to them. We had a Camaro, a Corvette. I helped him build a drag racer - Another Chevelle Supersport 454, 4 in the floor with L88 cam and 4 barrel carbs. We pulled the engine on it and rebuilt it together. Sometimes I would have to drive it on the street and would be stopped by cops because it was so loud. The cops would tell me that thrush pipes were illegal and I would explain to them that it didn't have thrush pipes. They would go look and then realize what they were hearing was horse power and would ask to look under the hood and ask about it's stats. LOL. They would then wonder if it was street legal and it was just barely. LOL. I never got a ticket. They were in lust and just usually asked me not to drive it downtown as it rattled the plate glass windows on the square and store owners were whining. And, yes, I did run it in the powder puff derbies. This car had so much torque that it would almost get up and fly. It was so fast it was scary. Sometimes I'm amazed at the stuff I did when I was younger. Insane. It would be nice if I could say this is the most dangerous thing I have ever done but it is probably not. LOL. I later lost interest in fast cars in the mid 70's and bought a 75 MGB at Continental Cars in St. Louis, Missouri. At some point I stopped caring about cars altogether. I should post some of my car pictures sometime.

Calories - 1512
Net Carbs - 93
Fats - 66
Prtoteins - 106
Steps - 17332
Miles - 7.11
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo CD6550047
    Please do post some pictures.. your blog reminded me of my first hubby.. only he had a SS and in San Jose California in the 70's everyone cruised 1st street.. for hours and hours every weekend..Its the steet they used in American Grafiti.. any way when gas was under 50 cents a gallon it was cheap and wonderful entertainment.. I never thought of the people who lived down there. I guess it was pretty I was young and it seemed exciting to me.. Thanks for the memories...
    3654 days ago
    Someday....I will own a Mustang...
    3656 days ago
    OMG, I'm so impressed! So Ice Road Truckers is YOU?!
    3656 days ago
    Ha- yes always loved cars and driving too.. went to the track all the time in teen years some not too long ago- straight track.. I had a 440 road runner.. cost to much in up keep.. traded it for a honda civic.. yes quite a switch.. not fast but a great car !!
    don't like working on them - not a metal person.. wood and fibers. :0)
    3656 days ago
  • TEDYBEAR2838
    Funny, I still like a nice looking car. Really don't like th eone I have. I like something sporty and definitely prefer a TRUCK!

    Numbers look good!

    How do you keep your carbs low?
    3656 days ago
  • LLTS01
    I just learn something new about you every day . You are just a jack of all trades.
    3656 days ago
    Wow I would have never guessed?!!! Amazing what you learn when you read blogs, LOL.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3656 days ago
    Wow! I'm quite impressed with your car history. emoticon
    3656 days ago
    That is so COOL Mortica! Wow, you are an awesome woman! You surprise us too! I love it! LOL!

    Please post some pictures if you have the time and can. I would love to see them and I know others would too!

    I hope things get squared away for you and hubby soon with all the vehicles.

    You are loved! emoticon
    3656 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2420986
    Never got into cars. Just wanted something to get me from point a to b and not spend a lot of time in the shop. Funny that is still what I want. lol
    3656 days ago
  • 1NUGGET1
    Wow!! your car history sounds amazing!! Sorry it's been so hot over there! it will pass, right?
    3656 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5927538
    I am so jealous, never had the opportunity to have the fun cars..feel like i have been in mom cars love to see the pictures!
    3656 days ago
  • no profile photo CD2514968
    LOL hon you amaze me!
    3656 days ago
    I used to be car-crazy in my youth. The first car I bought at 18 was a new 1971 Firebird, and I would also borrow my brother's '70 Vette.

    Now when I look at cars, I check mpg, make sure it has 4 doors, good trunk boring.
    3656 days ago
    Always loving your make me feel like I am right there at that very moment.
    Guess we have more in common....I have car issues...You have car issues....too bad we can't snap our fingers to make them go away.......Take ya.

    3656 days ago
    I thought I was hot stuff when
    I learned how to put air in the tires. emoticon

    3656 days ago
  • SUNNY332
    It looks like a lot of us would be interested in seeing the cars.

    Glad you are in recovery. emoticon

    Have a Wonderful Wednesday and stay cool.

    3656 days ago
    gotta love the rumble of an old muscle car - my daughter would be so jealous - she is a child of the 60's born too late!
    3656 days ago
  • MAJA0123
    Do you ever watch the barret-jackson auctions??? some of their muscle cars go for MINT on there.. lol...
    3656 days ago
    I had a job in college at a machine shop (as a bookkeeper) and one of my guys spent all his spare time restoring Chevelle SS's. Your post brought back a lot of memories. I had a 79 Trans Am probably just slightly more street legal than yours, with a 455 Olds in it.

    I'm over it too, and have been for a long time. I love my Hyundai Santa Fe and my husband's Dodge Stratus. But I'm afraid the boy child (age 11) is destined to be a gear head. Sigh.
    3656 days ago
  • no profile photo DEVORA4
    GLAD you are my friend, you sound like a really "tough" lady. Your steps still astound me. I don't want to be in competition BUT am working hard on getting the steps up like yours. Had a bit of trouble finishing today because of weather BUT I DID IT. emoticon emoticon emoticon deb
    3656 days ago
  • SCOOTER4263
    I had a blown VW (don't you dare laugh) w/ headers. The headers were Brazilian instead of German and they didn't fit terribly well. Every time I went into town I had to go down this huge hill - there was always a cop parked in a spot near the top, and every time I'd start down the hill, the headers would pop off and the already-loud motor would get REALLYREALLY LOUD. I was young and cute and must have looked innocent (and, yes, had an unlikely car for that sound) so I never got stopped - but I did get a lot of suspicious looks.

    (I have this insane urge to say that my sleeper ate short-block Chevies for breakfast..)

    One time I won a Corvette Club road rally (in one of the VWs) but because I didn't have a Corvette they wouldn't give me the little trophy. That was thirty five years ago and I'm *still* annoyed. emoticon emoticon

    Fun stuff, fun stuff.
    3657 days ago
    Wow sounds like you used to quite the bad ass with your muscle cars. Do you have any pics of you posing with your car at that time?
    3657 days ago
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