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Glistening by the Droplets

Monday, August 02, 2010

My team leader Darcey, from the Port Angeles and Surrounding Areas, put up a challenge for the first ten days of August.

I don't do well unless I have challenges, and between my injuries and laziness, I gained back some of the tonnage I tossed away when I was doing the Spark thing the right way.

This challenge is that we multiply the points we spin daily by 10, and do that many cardio minutes. If we spin a double digit number, then we do that many minutes. We do the cardio on our strength training days, too.

Sounds easy, huh!

So, loving challenges, I picked up the gauntlet and jumped right into it yesterday and again today.

Yesterday was a good workout. Only cardio.

Today I spun 7, so had to do 70 minutes cardio PLUS strength training.

Ok. I begrudgingly began, feeling like those 70 minutes were simply too much to ask of a chubby my age.

I turned on some good old rock and roll music, and danced and twisted for 23 minutes. I also got some jogging in during that time, plus did some jogging while I was doing the boxing strength training. Those 23 minutes sure took a long time!

This is tougher than I thought. I still had a whole mountain of minutes to go.

Then I moved over to the rowing machine, and did 23 minutes there. Row, row row you boat gets old after the first 5 minutes, too, but I perservered.

By this time I am not real fond of Darcey's idea.

On to the stationery bike for 24 hideous, torcherous minutes. My music shut off about half way through, and I was damned if I got off that bike to put more on. I knew I would ignore getting on the bike to finish my minutes, so I stay put on the bike, pedaling away.

I am seriously thinking about going over to Darcey's and let her know in no uncertain terms just what I think of this challenge, when something drops on my shoulder.

Now, we all know that women do not SWEAT. We GLISTEN. There on my shoulder was a drop of GLISTEN.

It's been too long since I glistened that much to form actual drops!

I am propelled into pedaling faster, and shortly, drip........another drop of glisten! My face is not glistening, and I can feel rivulets running down my cheeks, around my jaw line, where they form droplets of glisten to fall on my..........you know.

I pedal faster yet. I clutch the handle bars to get my heart rate reading. I am watching the miles pile up on the read out. I have forgotten about Darcey for the moment.

Then everything gets really whacky. Here I am, pedaling my heart out, glistening all over the place, and the heart monitor reads a heart rate of 58!

58???????? I continue to clutch it, thinking it would go up. It did. To 60 beats per minute.

You mean I am pedaling my butt off and glistening enough to slide off the damned machine and it only registers me at 60 BPM??!!

I must be dead. My heart rate is more than that while I am sleeping!

Now I am no longer thinking of doing Darcey in. I am thinking of how many more minutes I have to keep pedaling this stupid machine, and subtracting every second from the time I have left.

I count 100 "pedals". Took me almost 3 minutes.

FASTER! I count another 100 pedals, and cut my time, but not by much.

REALLY getting in to it, I lean forward on the machine, a death grip on the handles, and pedal like mad. 100 pedals, a bit faster.

And wetter. My glistening is out of control. I am soaked. I have 32 seconds left to go, and haven't even thought of doing a cool down.

However, when my time is up, I get off the bike, and then turn to my strength training. I do close arm wall push ups, kneeling ball roll out, leg lifting, a few yoga moves.

My skin is glistening so much it looks like I am made of shiny skin. Shiny Rosy skin. My blood is certainly flowing!

Then I do my stretching. I am finished for the day.

Do you HEAR that, Darcey? FINISHED. For the rest of the day.

Maybe tomorrow I will spin a 1. This getting in shape thing is either going to kill me or cure me.

Two days down, 8 to go!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    So, you gonna pedal your glistening self over to my house and tell me what you think? You would not only get a workout, but by the time you get to my house, you'll be too tired to do anything but bask in presence of me! hehehehe.

    just kidding.

    I'm sure a one is just around the corner.
    2849 days ago
    HA!! That's hilarious!! I think Ill join you in that challenge for the next 9 days! I head up to visit your great state in 9 days, so Ill kind of do it in honor of Washington teams! emoticon Plus, it sounds like a great challenge!!
    2850 days ago
    emoticon Congratulations on your perseverance!
    2850 days ago
    What a fun challenge!

    Kudos to you for completing 70 minutes!
    2850 days ago
    Sandy, I spun a 7 today for the second day in a row. First time I haven't felt 7 was my lucky number. However, since I was on my feet and moving nonstop back and forth and in and out of the building at a brisk pace at the food bank today for most of the four and a half hours I was there, I feel justified in using 70 minutes of that as my cardio. My legs and feet are saying, "Here, here," to that.

    2850 days ago
  • AMYJEAN911
    I think tonnage is one of the most fun words ever. Except for how hard it is to get rid of, of course. Congrats on your quality glistening experience, I hope to have one of my own tonight.

    emoticon emoticon
    2850 days ago
    emoticon You had me almost rolling on the floor laughing! I can see you now, pedaling like mad, ready to head over to Darcey's to tell her a thing or two.


    Sounds like a really good challenge idea, though! Might have to try that one myself!

    2850 days ago
    I like your definition of sweat. Glistening sounds so much nicer than sweating. I enjoyed reading your blog. I also like your attitude.
    2850 days ago
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