Saturday, July 31, 2010

For those of you that read my last blog and wonder what in the world has happened to me lately!
1) No, I haven't fell off the face of the earth!
2) Yes, I am still trying (Changes Nota)!!!
3) My life in general has been STRESSFUL lately!!!

I will attempt to try and explain:

1) No, I haven't fell off the face of the earth!
I haven't been sparking much lately I apologize! I have been trying to concentrate on my issues of the present:
A) Mom and Dad are thinking of packing up and getting rid of their home of 30 years or more, and moving to the town where they have their doctor. This is about 1 and 1/2 hours away from me and my family. We have all been making sure that they get to their appointments on time now! This would mean that my mom might ( sort of wondering about this) be able to drive them back and forth to their appointments by herself (if her sugar doesn't drop or blood pressure go crazy!)

My sister that lives next to them and is a nurse is moving this weekend to this town! She has secured a job at the hospital where mom and dad are taken to when they are sick! This is nice I guess, BUT I have issues with this! I guess the issues being that they never spend time with my mom and dad any now! What will happen when they are up there without my family to do for them? My mom gets very depressed if she doesn't have someone stopping by to check up on her!

The offer to start with was they were going to buy a house that has an apartment attached and they could live with them! This has changed to... if you would like you can just come stay with us on the appointment days and go home the next day! They are moving today and guess who has been summoned to help them? My family are loading stuff up and taking it to a storage building they have rented as they plan on living in their camper until they can find accommodations!

My mom is giving her stuff away and trying to sale all her what-knots she wants me to have a yard sale for her the next week -end I am off! emoticon Sometimes she just cries and says she doesn't want to go up there! I know one thing for sure I will not be able to run back and forth this distance to help her everyday! They now plan on renting an apartment up there!
I just wonder if this would be the right move for them or will this make things worse!
I could write a book about this issue but I will not go there-- enough of this!

2) Yes, I am still trying (Changes Nota)!!! emoticon

A) I was in hope that after the last UTI I would not have to put up with this again as I have been a good little emoticon ,and stayed out of the hot tub! emoticon I have been swimming some every day that I could! Most of the time that has been 5 days a week last week, but that story changed this week! Monday I worked until 7am in the morning and I tried my best to keep my eyes open until 8am to go see the doctor! I finally called him and asked for medication as he knew I was prong to have UTI's and knew what had been working to clear this up! I was sent 3 pills only and was on the last pill yesterday emoticon with pain as I worked! I said enough is enough and I am going to find out if swimming is causing this or what!!!!

I beeped my GYN doctor as I am the paging operator or one of them in the hospital, and explained what has been going on with me! He said he would talk with his nurse and that I most certainly needed to get this checked out as it could be the pool, he doubted it, but that it just might be that the medicine I am taking just hasn't been clearing it all the way up as this has never really been checked!

The nurse called me back and I am now taking some capsules that were made for someone that has a mouth like a horse! They mean to clear this up before I have my test this Thursday! I am having some type of procedure done in his office where I have to be catherized and they are going to take a look at this emoticon problem! emoticon I was in such shock I don't even know what the name of the procedure is, but I do know I can't bear this pain any more as each time it gets worse, or so it seems! So I am emoticon for an answer to this problem!

I have really been emoticon about this because swimming has been what I look forward to so much now! It not only has became my exercise of choice, but it is my relaxation method also! I have tried to do every thing that I know that will keep me from getting this again to no avail!!!! emoticon

B) I went to see Mrs. Lisa Thursday and she meet me with a smile as I emoticon in! I have not lost a pound or gained a pound! My appetite I explained is not real good as all I want to eat are chicken soup and jello for some reason!

She has put me on a new plan and could tell I wasn't feeling real great! She was very concerned about this as I talked with her!

1) Calorie range has been taken to 1200 calories and no more than 9 carb servings a day! I am not to start this until UTI and other sickness issues I am having are over completely gone!

2) Exercise has been reduced to 4 days a week anything I can do as I do have arthritis and she knows I emoticon some, and ride my emoticon! NO emoticon

3) My next appointment is in September to emoticon in! Hopefully I will be back up to par by then!

My life in general has been STRESSFUL lately!!! If I haven't been by your page lately please forgive me! This too shall pass and I will pick up the pieces and keep going!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • no profile photo CD4042155
    WOW, April, lots od stuff going on.
    You are in my prayers and my thoughts!
    3655 days ago
  • DBELLE39
    Hang in there April, seems you are dealing with a lot of stressful issues at the moment, but remember, this too shall pass.

    Those UTIs are horrible, will keep in prayers as I recall all to well how miserable they can make you feel. Take care of yourself &listen to your Dr & Mrs Lisa as they try to help you overcome your medical & dietary issues.

    I'm sure at your next visit, you will see Ms Lisa has an even bigger smile because of how great you have done!
    3662 days ago
    Wow my dear friend...you indeed have a plateful. It's tough as parents get older & they want only to see a situation their way. Things are complicated right now but take some time to de~stress..meditate, soft music or a positive speaker etc...

    I will add you to my daily prayer list...He will never give us more than we can bear..Stay on your program..think positive thoughts even when all appears to be collapsing around your space. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3662 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5080021
    Oh mountain buddy, you are in my prayers. It is so hard, been there done that. Something I found out to late was, I couldn't make my dad happy. No matter how hard I tried, it was never enough. What I have learned now is, there are things you can say no to, and things you can't. It's like the serenity prayer, just knowing the difference.

    Hang in there and do what Mrs. Lisa tells you, and I think it will make you feel better.

    Keep us posted on your tests. emoticon
    3666 days ago
    April, I am so sorry for all the stress you are going through right now....God only gives you what you can handle...and girl it seems you can handle a lot. Its a new month so maybe with a lot of praying you will have less stress....

    God be with doing this rough times...

    emoticon Anna
    3666 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6687446
    Oh, girl, I feel your stress! Take your time and do what is best for you and your family. I understand about siblings and parents, and I will pray for a good solution for everyone.

    I'm also praying for your health, my friend. Take care of you. We'll be here when you have time. In the meantime, I'll try to keep old Chunky busy tempting my skinny sister to eat junk food. emoticon

    Love you. Hang in there. emoticon
    3667 days ago


    I am so sorry to hear you are having such a rough time with things. It is amazing what high levels of stress can do! As for mom and dad that is indeed worrisome but not a situation you have any control over. Hopefully they will realize before they find an apartment weather or not this is going to work out. I know how much you love and care for them and this has got to be a huge weight knowing you can't be there in an instant if needed! "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference." I have had to remind myself daily of this during high stress times.

    I certainly hope that they get your UTI situation sorted out quickly. It is not right to be in that kind of pain. I am sure that it is not the swimming but do know that you cannot sit around for hours in a wet swimsuit as this can cause UTI not the actual swimming. Wishing you the best of luck on your test on Thursday!

    Thoughts and Prayers are with you and your family!
    3667 days ago
  • SROUS1340
    Hi April, I am so sorry that things have been so tough lately.
    Feeling below par on top on it. I hope the new meds will get to the bottom of the UTI biz.

    This parent/sibling thing is just hard. My sister who lives in Ga. and comes every few months for a few days always has lots to say about what I should be doing but has little time to actually do anything that helps. You are just going to have to let God take some of the load off your shoulders, sounds like the move is happening. Are your folks willing to rent their house for a short term rent to try the move out?

    Honey, you are in my thoughts every day. I understand busy and overwhelmed and you have got a brutal work schedule.
    I'm glad Mrs. Lisa is understanding the load you have on your shoulders right now. Life will normal out again, just hang in there! emoticon
    3667 days ago
    Wow. These are really tough situations. And I am so sorry you are experiencing pain to this degree. Just do what you can to stay sane under all of this stress - whatever choices you make now are understandable considering your varying responsibilities. Don't put any pressure on yourself to do any one thing perfectly or even close - just do the best you can and take care of you the best way you know how.

    I am sending big hugs your way. XO

    3667 days ago

    I am so sorry that you have all of this stress in your life. You are such a loving daughter and have taken good care of your parents - mentally and physically. I know it must be hard to have them far away where you can not see them daily. To a degree it is good that they are closer to their doctor and they have your sister there for an emergency but not good if they rely on you emotionally. Does your computer have Skype? Do they have access to a computer so they can talk to you online over the internet and see your face? I know this has been great for me with the kids away.

    I often have UTI's also. A couple of things about that. First - when they did the test I have Cipro resistant infection so they put me on Macrobid. Second - the doctor told me that I am getting them because after menopause the tissues in our lady parts tends to thin out. It tears and gets infected easily. So he has me on an estrogen cream to rebuild the tissues to prevent these infections in the future - I am on Estrace.

    Keep calm, know that we are supporting you and good luck with the diet.
    3667 days ago
    What a full plate you have, April, and we are NOT discussing food! Family health issues, especially dealing with the needs of aging parents, and sharing out responsibilities among siblings... never easy! My thoughts and prayers are with you as you go through this transition.

    I hope your own health issues get cleared up soon. And no need to apologize or feel that being missing from Spark on behalf of doing things "in real life" is something to ding yourself for!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3667 days ago
    I sympathise with you April. All those things happened at once, as they tend to do, specially when you aren't feeling 100% yourself. Don't know how, don't know why, it just seems to happen that way.

    I also know what you're feeling regarding your parents and their move. Your sister sounds very much like mine, who chose to ignore Dad completely for the 7 months after Mum's death until he came to live with me. She did arrive once when asked if there was anything she would like to take to remind her of Mum. Every piece of jewellery, every piece of crystal, every piece of silverware and countless antique ornaments were what she decided she needed to remember Mum. Dad and I just let her take it all, not wanting to cause trouble. Since Easter 2009 Dad has lived in Stawell with me or in the nursing home and in all that time she has visited Dad once, 3 months ago for an hour.

    I understand how you are feeling, trying to work out what in your own mind is the right thing for your parents to do as regards their move, and how to persuade them to your point of view. Its a really hard thing to go through and one I am sure is giving you a lot of sleepless nights and days where it is hard to concentrate on anything at all other than that.

    It sounds as though at last there is some hope of getting to the bottom of the constantly recurring UTIs you've been enduring. At least your wonderful Mrs. Lisa is taking that problem into consideration before wanting more lifestyle changes to take place. Have faith that this time there will be a solution to the problem and try to stay positive.

    My thoughts, good wishes and prayers are with you, as I'm sure are those of your many other Spark friends. You have been a tower of strength and an inspiration to me I know and I have no doubt to many others, always keeping us encouraged and enthusiastic. Now its time we return the favor. Take care, make sure you take some time out for yourself, to give yourself some kind of break away from all the chaos in your life each day, even if its only 15 or 30 minutes. Even that amount of time can help.

    These problems will eventually resolve themselves, life will go on, and you will gain strength in your faith as a result. Don't whatever you do give in to the thoughts that its all just too hard to cope with. I know you can do it April, and I know you will make all the right decisions and offer all the right advice.

    Big hugs
    Chris. emoticon
    3667 days ago
    Hey, April, I am really sorry to heat about the stress you've been under - and that does nothing except make the ol' BG go up even more (as I found out). You know I'm praying for you, hon; I have faith that things WILL get better! Keep me posted. :-) p.s. NINE carbs a day? If you don't already post your diet, please do - what in the world does she have you eating to get down to just nine carbs?!? emoticon
    3667 days ago
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