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Thursday, July 29, 2010

I'm just now getting back into the SP thing after a brief hiatus. My hiatus was spent working, working, working diligently as possible on my venture. It's a 24 hour 7 day a week labor of love. Right now I'm in the process of applying for funding, and that is not easy my friends... hence my hiatus.
But I'm back and I've noticed a few things...
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The Heat, My Gosh The Heat!!! - My blood is of the sun (Jamaica), I was born in the sun (California) and I was raised in the sun (Florida). I remember when I was a teen, at a lithe 145 lbs, I used to sit outside in the blazing sun and just LOVE it. I even medidated out in the hot sun. Sunshine and the warmth are vital in my life. If they are gone for too long (like when I endured those NYC winters), I actually ache physically. So when I started to gain weight I noticed that my body was not able to handle the heat so easily. At my highest weight, I could just barely bare the heat. That's one of the things I hated the most. Since I've lost just about 25 lbs. (as of today!), which is a quarter way to my goal, I notice my tolerance building back up. I'm able to be out in the sun in the heat and my body temperature rises initially and then equalizes. Hooray. Because you all know, these summer temperatures are not playing...(lol)!
I Don't Get Sick - Honestly, I really don't get sick at all, ever. My blessings to God that my big body (and big booty) are quite strong and healthy. The one thing I suffer from is allergies. And I haven't had an attack in ages. Even in this ridiculous S Florida area where the pollen count lately is out the ying yang. Woot!
I Guzzle The Water - I've always drank water. I love it. But I had no idea that I would float with it so easily. I drink water now like it's no one's business. It's just the best soothing stuff ever. I keep at it room temperature, which is easier for my, which in turn is why I drink so much. What I'm amazed at is that I now prefer water over pretty much everything. Iced tea, coffee, soda, diet soda, juice, smoothies, you name it. I'll even take it over a mojito nowadays! I will hands down prefer a glass of "water, no ice please" 9 times out of 10. Crazier things have happened.
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Run, Forrest, Run! - And just like the man said, "bet you wouldn't believe it, but I run like the wind blows"...lol... I so can! I'm amazed. The other day I had the machine on a 6.0 run at a 1.5% incline, and I was doing it. Wow. Not only that, but I've been doing this Couch to 5k program and I got up to about 4,5 minutes running at a time inside on the treadmill. But the other day I went outside, for the first time, to run early in the morning and I ran for 13 mins straight! What!!! I'm still shocked by that. Now, just two months after starting this run thing, I'm completely addicted to it. I finally get why those people who run everyday run every day or are constantly running marathons. I completely get it. Moral of the story? I'm a runner. And I never knew... until I tried.
What?!? There's Room In Here - Would you believe that my clothes have so much room in them? I'm practically swimming in my black skirt that I wear for work. All the things that hugged my stomach and arms are completely loose and relaxed. And my undies are loose too. I've got room! In there! It's great. My booty is stubborn, so my jeans are still tight, but not as much as before. Plus apparently that's all the rage so whatever...(:P) Progress!
No More Chubby Cheeks - I have a major babyface. I look like I'm 15 when I'm actually closer to 30. High school boys always hitting on me... and not well I might add...lol. Anyway, I don't mind at all. However, gaining the weight added chubby cheeks. Boo. But I think they're finally toning down. I wonder if I have any cheekbones under there? Hmm...
My Fat - I've learned about my fat...(lol). That sounds so awful. But you know what I'm saying. I lose weight in my belly first....and last in my lower body. The progression along the way includes fat loss in my face and chin and then my arms and back. Then follow my hips, saddlebags and thighs. And finally, the most stubborn of all, my behind. I should name it "Bertha" like Ruby...(lol). I am an hourglass for sure.
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The Life Sentence - Perhaps the best thing I've learned more than anything else is that this really is for life. I feel it. I'm a slow mover and that works because everything for me was changing one thing at a time. But now I look forward to continuing the journey, simply because I know, it's a good journey to be on for life. And doing it one thing at a time makes it all feel possible, for life.

So just wanted to share. I hope you all have noticed the positive changes for yourselves too. Tell, Tell! :P


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"If at first you don't succeed... try, try again."

With man, this is possible. With GOD, ALL things are possible.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Girl you are doing an awesome job. And yes those nigerian ladies are smoking...I've never yelled with the tv so much in my life. I have taped most all their games and I don't have the heart to delete Ghanaian's mens games that I taped this last month. I still love them too.
    3661 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6096849
    When YOU notice the positive changes, it certainly makes this journey worthwhile. I'm glad you're keeping track of all the changes you notice. Keep up the excellent work and keep fighting for all your goals. I can't wait to hear more about them as you achieve each one. Awesome work, lady!
    3661 days ago
    Nice post! Thanks for sharing it! I saw that you dropped by my page and blog, so thanks for reading and commenting. You are doing great! I have no doubt that you will reach ALL of your goals. I will be checking up on you! I am still transforming and so are you! Stay motivated, stay positive, and stay focused!
    3662 days ago
    Wow, I LOVE your blog! Thank you for being so inspirational! And a big emoticon emoticon on your clothes being baggy! LOL

    I've really had to adjust my thinking that this is all a lifestyly change, not a quick fix, and after reading your blog, I realized that I need to be here for the journey. And maybe while I'm at it, I can enjoy the ride! LOL

    Thanks for writing such a great blog and you have a FABULOUS day!
    3662 days ago
    Hi there.....have a great weekend and keep your positivity flowin!!!
    3662 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5483846
    congrats on losing 25 lbs! it feels great to have loose clothes right? lol emoticon you are an inspiration! continue with your journey and always keep us updated.
    3662 days ago
    Wow-- you inspire me!! Congrats on all of your progress and keep it up!!! I'm starting to desire running-- I'm currently a walker-- that must be awesome to feel the transition happening-- on your way to being a butterfly! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3662 days ago
    Yay... thanks ladies. Slow and steady! I just hope everyone else is getting on with their own successes. Well wishes! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3662 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6084599
    That's so awesome!! Welcome back!! I wanna run like you Forest hehe! I am so happy to realize finally that this is for life and I bet you are too!! Best of luck in your journey!! emoticon
    3662 days ago
    WOW, I loooove your blog! I just posted one similar to yours about changes as well. You are doing an emoticon job. Congratulations on "swimming in your clothes!" That is such a wonderful feeling and sure as heck makes you feel that all of the blood, sweat, and tears is paying off. Glad to have you as a sparkfriend, the motivation ROCKS!

    You are doing a GREAT job and keep up the good work April!!!!

    ...Run April Run! emoticon
    3662 days ago
    emoticon What an inspiration you are! You let me know that better is absolutely possible. Thanks for sharing.
    3662 days ago
    Love it,Love it! I too notice lots of positive life changes. I am so happy about running as well, I have been running and walking around the lake in the morning and the lake is so beautiful and it is truly a wonderful feeling when you are done. Yes I am slow at losing weight, not sure why, but I am learning to accept it and I am just enjoying the journey! emoticon emoticon
    3662 days ago
    Wow! emoticon Consider me completely blown away by your awesome transformation, April! Since I don't know where to start, emoticon on losing those 25 pounds! I've struggled for every ounce of the 20 I've dumped, so I can imagine what a difference this has made for you. But given your newfound ability as an outstanding runner, you're INCINERATING those calories! Heat no longer wilts you, you've got that hourglass shape, and best of all, you really "get" that this Spark thing is for life! People like me take a LIFETIME to figure out that there's no mammoth bag of Doritos at the end of one's weight-loss journey. In fact, that's where it all begins...but you've already got a solid handle on that, so I say, " emoticon !" Words fail me, 'cause you are pretty amazing! emoticon - Sandi emoticon
    3662 days ago
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