Warriors and worriers

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I started a Warrior diet this week. Google it if you want details, but basically it entails eating until you're full with good, healthy foods, after your active period is complete- so yes, at night. The following day you undereat, snacking lightly on healthy things and drinking lots of water- or that's my understanding of it! A side point is that you also eat with your fingers more, something I probably do more than most anyway.
I already read enough to write the definitive feature on this so please, no 'worried about my health' replies!

I've eased myself into this, knowing that if I shock my system too much I'll fail. I've been 'generous' with my daytime snacks and drink white tea (Malawi Salima Peony, thanks for askin') more than water, but am tailing these off as the diet kicks in proper. I'm experimenting with my 'breakfast' times, alternating Kefir and fruit smoothies with Kombucha and fruit cordials. I lunch on a little fruit or salad, I boost my system with the same before I do activities such as yoga, the gym workout or walking.

So far, the daytime hunger has diminished as I adapt to the regime. I have not felt weak, tired or dizzy so I think it's working for me. Hunger only rears its ugly head when I'm sat at the computer, so I've banished treats and processed stuff from the apartment and try to keep busy.

People who meet me often wonder why I talk of 'dieting' and 'making myself slimmer', but I know what I need to do to feel good in this body, because this body doesn't feel good to be in right now, compared to how it used to feel. I'm 5' 10" on a good day, weigh 162lb and have a paunch.... yes, a middle aged paunch, ladies and gentlemen, the result of letting myself go and of my body refusing to burn it all off as it used to. And moobs, but there may be people eating so I won't continue that line....

What do I want? To feel fitter, to be around 150-154lb, to be toned and more supple and to be rich! Well, apart from the last one, I know what to do to achieve these aims. I am back at the gym, I do yoga, I'm walking everywhere again, and I started a diet that makes me face up to what and how I eat.

Apparently I need around 2000 cals to maintain this lifestyle and lose a pound a week. I have no idea what calories I'm taking in- until now, that's seemed too much effort!

So, I jotted down what I just ate for my 'overeating' meal and need to check what the calorific value of the meal is. I feel full, which is a good thing. I need to explore the protein side of my diet, as I'm vegetarian and am weaning myself off Soya products due to the high estrogen content in them- another contributor to my belly and moobs and lethargy I read.....

Oh, you're still here? Good! A few days ago I asked if anyone was following the Warrior diet through my status- nobody replied, apart from 'wossat', so am I alone? Know anyone that tried it properly?

What have you?

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  • no profile photo CD9753279
    Since it has been over 18months how did the Warrior diet go?
    3141 days ago
    Good job weaning off of the soy-based products, that's especially important for men b/c it is a proto-estrogen (as you obviously already know).

    I suspect that if we had a society that did anything in moderation it'd be less of an issue, but we seem to think "hey soy is good!" [and cheap] and then throw it into everything. And nothing is good in too great of amounts.
    3404 days ago
    Well, the theory is that we're built to use the stored fat first, if I read it right- so, undereating during your periods of activity helps your body concentrate on this task, but if we eat during this period, then our bodies have to deal with those contents, changing the chemical balance and stuff. I feel so much freer, knowing I don't have to find a breakfast or a lunch, too. I do still have cravings, but my higher self is now able to kick in and provide a 'worthy' alternative, as long as one is immediately available!

    I am hoping to follow up this blog with updates, but I said that about my ukulele progress, too..... Yes, I do still play, btw!

    3781 days ago
  • OPHELIA105

    it sounds interesting - I would be interested to know if the calorie intake of this diet would balance out at a number which would support weight loss.

    For example I need to eat 1500 cals a day to have a deficit of *counts on fingers* 3500 and therefore lose 1 lb according to the inafallible law of weight loss.

    So if on the undereat phase I eat about 500 cals then my over eat phase would be 1000 as that is about much as much I could feasibly eat in one sitting (of healthy food - if it were pizza I am sure I could manage twice as many cals..)

    So the timing controls the calorie intake so much as triggering any biological process...

    I am going to watch your progress with interest. My 1500 cals a day is generally split into 350:350:800 as it is - I prefer to have my heavier meal in the evening. I think part of this is psychological at wanting to *treat* myself at the end of the day.

    Or could it be I am a warrior after all?

    3781 days ago
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