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Confessions and Prayers

Thursday, July 29, 2010

How do you keep it burning?
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    Yeah, it is the holding on after a few weeks that is so very hard. I know from a recent depression episode that I use to get through hard times with food. It is so hard to leave that food friend behind.
    And to answer your question about how do you do it. Besides the fact that I don't do it for long. LOL The 3 things that help me are
    1. eating an apple first when I want something that I shouldn't eat. I still eat the bad thing but I think that it helps me not to have seconds and thirds. And yes I am talking about ICE CREAM.
    2. walking as many days a week as I possibly can and walking with friends so that the time flys
    3. Putting 10 glasses of water in a container in the fridge the night before and not going to bed until it is all gone.
    4. I thought of a number 4. That is trying to get a lot of fiber.
    5. I thought of a number 5. Trying desparately to distract my self by checking my spark mail and visiting some spark pages and watching your blogs when you do them.

    We can and will do this. I am so very tired of being fat. And I am not going to let you quit. If I have to drive up there and well, probably short of that. LOL but you could come here. I just don't think that we want me on the highway. I am the worst driver save my mother that I know.
    2814 days ago
    OMG, Ice cream has been my down fall too. I gained 5 pounds back. I am glad that you have not given up. Me neither, We really are going to do this. As long as we don't give up. I always like to see your V Blogs.
    2814 days ago
    Sorry to hear about the 10 pounds. Hope that you come back soon.

    The rah rah 110 percent for two weeks kills just about everyone I've ever followed on Spark. There are exceptions, but that seems to be the norm.

    Take it from one who just broke though into the 190's (who also has thought several times that it would never happen). It can happen. You need to make sure that what you try is different than what has not been working.

    Being in community is the most important aspect for me. I stalled for almost three months and actually ran out of things to say for about three weeks. Even then, I just responded to other people's blogs. Sometimes just showing up to the game is as much of an accomplishment as winning. Even if you're just the towel/waterboy.

    Please hear me on this: Start small. Start small. When I first started Spark. My lunches themselves were 1000-1500 calories. And I lost weight (albiet slowly) for about 5 months without making any changes at all to lunch. I focused on other areas (Dinner, mid afternoon snacks). It was weird to see the scale move knowing that I had eaten a whole burrito, huge helping of pasta and a Snickers bar. However, I know that if I had stopped altogether that I wouldn't have been able to hang on.

    Gradually I sanded the calories down to about 600 and started opting for vegetables and roasted potatoes rather than pasta. I've recently started bringing my own lunch, but that took time and gradual changes.

    110%? Try 10%. Pick one meal or snack and slowly change it one item at a time (do this over a month or so. 1 change per week). Try focusing on what to add rather than what to get rid of.

    Don't wonder if you'll ever make it to the 100's. I know the frustration and feeling of helplessness. But I've made it to the other side and I hope/know that you can join me.

    And don't pretend to come back. Please actually come back. We are as blessed to have you as you feel you are to have us.

    191 by 9.11!!

    2819 days ago
    you can do this... zo
    2820 days ago
  • YA-SIN
    No one thing is more important than the other, so yes it is and will always be about THE BALANCE. Because we talk as much as we do, I know 1st hand about how smart you are. The pillar that escapes you is application. Nothing will change for the better with any of us void of the actual application of appropriate change. There is no arguing that on the scales of doing nothing/doing something there's a whole lot of doing nothing taking place. Fine, it is what it is. Accept it then unembrace it. Very very simply now in the interest of change and balance, do something! My motivation comes and goes like many peoples' do and because I realize this all so well I strive to make the most of that phase. So get up and make the most of that reality. Be all you can be, do all you can do, burn everything you can and eat as righteously as you can. Remember the intertest is to seek The Balance, so try not to shoot yourself in the foot by degrading your efforts. At the very least attempt to maintain and not backslide. Granted I will be the 1st to say its easier said than done. However so that may be, the idea, the quest, the motivation is to seek and encourage the implimentation of CHANGE. All in the interest of finding and maintaining BALANCE. So, if you have'nt done anything yet, do something. Then do something again. And when the time comes when you dont feel like doing much, and it will come. Thats alright so long as you make that change and instead of doing nothing, YOU DO SOMETHING!!!!!!
    2823 days ago
  • LANCE100
    oh my goodness i just went through the same thing. but ive just got back to my old weight. for sure time to get back on track. today i start again today i start the rest of my life. your friend lance100
    2823 days ago
    Hi Sherri! Glad to see you vlogged, I have missed you!
    I have always struggled with my self-discipline. If I workout as soon as I get home I am fine. If I miss even one day, I am off for weeks. We can and will do this, I have the faith
    Enjoy your day
    2823 days ago
  • LINKY0101
    Hi, I really have to stress that you need to get someone close by to do this with you. You look like such a great person and even though I don't need to lose as much as you it seems to be very difficult no matter what you need to do.
    So, first of all love yourself for who you are.
    You are beautiful and it can only get better if you build in a little discipline.
    You ask how I do it... well thats how, I tell myself everyday, I am ok even if I am not perfect.
    I start the day with exercise and prayer, I find that if I don't do that, i don't get it done. And i don't get anything done the whole day because I feel guilty for not doing the exercise. You have to know by now that you are not alone.
    I had my own gym, and no, I am not one of those perfect fitness freeks, I am a mother with 3 grown girls and we all want to live the best life we can.
    What I learnt from my clients is that we all have goals and fitness is just the way to get to the goals!
    So, don't make losing weight the issues, make that the reward. if you tell your body that food is the enemy then you will want to sabotage yourself all day long. But, if you eat enough real food, you will not want to stuff yourself with the wrong foods.

    In short, Love yourself, Be disciplined with your dayly routine, make an appointment with your fitness regime, eat enough good food to sustain your nutrition. And don't forget to blog so we can all help you through this.
    YOU ARE NOT ALONE emoticon
    2823 days ago
  • PLB1967
    You said it-a balance. We call it 'medium', but it is not. It is a BALANCE. Think about it. How would you know that healthy is healthy unless you have had those days where you 'mold' into a couch or chair and pack away the goodies. I have been there and I am telling you, I understand. I am there now. I have only been serious for the last four weeks with the first two being about me on SP. I started out building a foundation with people on this website and over the last two weeks have I started to exercise. I have lost 13 pounds now. At first, I NEVER thought I could come this far, but here I am and I can honestly tell, I am nervous about keeping this up, but I actually think I can. I really am nervous about going back to my job and balancing eating and exercising with the stress of my job. At the end of my days before, I would sit on the couch with a soda, a sweet, and a bag of skins or chips. Now, I am planning and doing active or relaxing things that do not require junk food.
    I guess you are right. A lot of posts sound like confessions or prayers, but what else is there to life? I take it as help for me to improve myself in ways that I see needed. Give this site a chance. I did not in February of this year, and now I am back. It has been great, and I can not tell you how much I have improved by talking with others on this site. Hope things get better for you! Take care!
    2823 days ago
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