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You Are So Not Going To Believe This One...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

So I should not have dated or been scared of this Constructive Chef... he tells me on date one that he has hit kids. Seriously?! WTF?!

But this other guy I had been talking to quite a bit had been asking me to go out with him, and I kept pushing it off. I liked him I thought a little too much for my own good... the talking just clicked without awkwardness. So I backed away. But after that date with CC, plus the fact that he kept popping in my head like a mind control experiment, I texted him and pretty much said, what the heck, when and where. He drove an hour to me, without issue...

Okay, here's where its going to get girly, and I'm going to gush at some parts...

We decided to meet at a slightly upscale bar and grill, because as he said, I am not going to have a story that begins with our first date was at Chilis. He got there early... two points for that because I hate late. I new I wasn't like oh my gosh nervous, but anxious, because I changed my outfit 5 times, ranging from this makes me look fat, to skirts make my legs look better. LOL. So I text him when I park to tell him I have arrived. Mind you this is a person I have never seen technically in person... (yep one of those things).

I walk in, and I see a profile of this man. The place was rather full of people but I knew him before he turned, and it was like the movies where everything goes quiet, people turn to shadows and the only light is on that one person, and he turns towards me and the shadowy figures grow even darker as the light reflects on his face like a beacon. That is exactly what happened. So frightfully serious... That meeting was 4 and a half hours long of talking... the next was 5 and a half hours long, and so on.

And so there you have it... this awesome man fell for me, and I fell for him. He calls me the $100 bill that people kept walking by on the sidewalk because I'm so amazing... how cute is that? He doesn't care about all of my insecurities (you all know... the I used to be fat, I don't think I'm that pretty, there are parts of my body I need to work on, blah blah blah). He thinks I'm fantastically beautiful, inside and out. Well, I suppose I should name him. Lets call him the Sound Sculptor, something he uses to describe something he does.

TTFN SP friends... I just had to tell you all. Other than that, super busy because my school year starts next week and I have been in new teacher training and stuff. xox
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