Wonderful 350 cal. dinner w/ pics;10 mins to fix, mountain,pond,PUPPY & BABY pics too!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Great Dinner tonight. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Here is a pic:

The ground turkey patty is 93% lean (the only kind I buy).
Sweet potato is my new rediscovery! I love them! Been years since I have eaten them except for Thanksgiving and Christmas and then they are loaded with butter and brown sugar! This one tonight had 1 tb. of "MOVE OVER BUTTER" I love that product! It tastes so so good!
Lettuce leafs, fresh green beans (green giant frozen LOL)
Sliced cucumbers, 1 tb. of Hidden Valley Light

TOTAL on this meal is 350 calories.
Would be 300 if you left off that MOVE OVER BUTTER and use the spray one or something but for 50 calories I am eating this. This "butter' has 6 g of fat.
350 cals, 25 Carbs, 19 F, 24 Prot, 7 Fib.

This meal had 400 sodium but 218 is in the ranch dressing! WOW, and 75 is in the butter!
So really super low sodium if you leave off those 2 items!

1010 Calories (don't worry I will have a few more calories later)
35 F
114 C
72 Prot.
22 Fib
1163 Sodium

Yesterday 7-25 the TOTALS were:
1289 Cal
39 F
153 C
90 Prot
21 Fib.
1078 Sodium

Now for fun stuff (my new hobby is taking pictures with my new camera!)
Here is a pretty picture I took yesterday of one of my ponds:

This is a picture of BOAT MOUNTAIN that is known here in the Ozarks in Arkansas.
This is a view of it from my house.
I guess they call it Boat Mountain because if you think of an upside down boat I guess this looks like the bottom?? I didn't name it, don't ask me emoticon

We raise English and Victorian Bulldogs.
Here is one of my Victorian Puppies. Brady (nickname) is about 3 mos old.
This was taken last Saturday!

Then he looked up at me like he was saying "who me; nuh uh.. I didn't bite nuffin'

Here is one of him outside checking out the cool tree!

Hope I don't bore you guys with pics. I just love taking them and enjoy sharing them.

Oh yeah and here is a pic of my Great Niece "Laney Kay"

My new Great Niece "INGRID CATE" (her first and middle name and Cate is pronounced "kate") named after her mommas' maiden kind of cool!
She was born 7-7-10 after 28 long hours of all natural labor.

Here is my Nephew Derek with his new daughter. He spent all 28 hours right by his wife's side coaching her through the breathing and holding her hand and it just melted my heart how amazing they both were.... everybody else stayed out of the room and they did this together the two of them only! I love that (her momma is bossy and his momma, my sister just thought it should be the two of them... and we all waited outside in the waiting room)

Here is momma, daddy, and baby:

Thank you for reading my blog... thank you for supporting me here on Spark... I am here for you too!

PS don't know why it cut Derek's head off when I uploaded... Humm... I didn't do that when I took it! LOL really..... emoticon

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