What a Difference an Outfit Makes!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thursday after work I went to my local Label Shopper and got a few more new clothing items. I refuse to spend a lot on clothes while I'm in transition, so I LOVE getting bargains there. I ended up getting a skirt, two pairs of capris, three tops, a sleeveless sweater and a matching cardigan all for a little over $48.

So today I wore this outfit to church.

You would not believe the compliments I received on my weight loss. I lost less than a pound in the last week but suddenly more folks have really noticed the weight loss. I'm convinced it's the outfit. It's an 18, so it fits more snugly, which makes the change more noticeable apparently.

The same thing happened at our company picnic on Friday. I wore one of the new capris that I got and one of the shirts. A number of folks mentioned that they've noticed the weight loss. What an awesome feeling!!

So far, I've lost a little over 63 pounds. I'm almost to my half way point (77 pounds)! I sometimes can't believe I'm almost there already. I wonder how much disbelieve I'll be in when I start getting close to my goal. This has been work, but at the same time, I am amazed at how once I got going, starting with a few small changes, and then adding to them, just how easy this has been. Before I started this, it always seemed so far out of reach. Now I see that not only CAN I do this, but I AM doing it!!

You ain't stopping me now!!

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