Another picture of DSS

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Another picture of my boog this morning. He slept til 6 and now we're watching Little Einsteins.. Woo.

We went to Kohl's last night after work because I had a $10 coupon that expired today. We got him some new tennie shoes--Buzz Lightyear of course--and then came home so he could shower. He went to bed about 9, which is late for him, so he didn't get up til 6. He's ready to go run! DF has to go to Brenham this morning to take a placement test for college so I'm going to run by myself until he leaves then swing by the house and pick up the jogger and DSS. I've got 11 miles on the plan this morning but I think I'll stick with 10 since I didn't run my 10 last Saturday and I have 11 planned for next Saturday. My parents will be here around 9 and then we have a full day of wedding stuff planned. Joy. I think we have threee (!?) cake tastings today. Eeeek!!! And I forgot to weigh-in AGAIN this morning. Fail. Maybe tomorrow I'll remember.

Guess I better go hit the pavement. I really just wanted to share my picture of Boog. You can see his smile so big! My computer camera isn't the best quality when it's dark in the room so it's kinda hard to see, but you can see his little teeth shining. (:
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