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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thanx to everyone for responding to this blog. I'm removing it only because I don't think it's fair to have people read it and reply now that I've made some choices. Depending where things go (and I WILL try to be patient and give it time!) I will post updates from time to time. First one is today, so see the blog entry for 30 July.

...and again THANK YOU for taking the time to read and reply. You have all helped me beyond measure. emoticon
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    It seems I lost my subscription to your blogs!
    I was wondering why I have not heard from you then see you HAVE been blogging and now I missed this!

    2851 days ago
  • JUNEBUG4967
    Kasey - Sorry I just got to this. I have had the PF (self diagnosed)-a change of shoes was a major help , you know where I am on the T2 diabetes and in the past, I lost 50 lbs and got so dizzy that even going to half on my BP med was too much so I quit. Everything stayed good until about 1 1/2 yrs ago when the BP started back up. That was when stress and gaining weight back became an issue. I had some leeway with an in between time on the BP vs. weight. I was going to the dietician and trying to eat the # of carbs they were recommending-gained weight so I talked to my dr. and got the okay to start reducing carbs. It doesn't seem to be having the effect I wanted on my bg numbers. Then again-I'm not as diligently on program as I should be. If you check the Atkins info more closely-carrots are not a recommended veggie. Too much natural sugar and also the same with beets. If the problem is B-12 depletion, you should also feel extra tired. The tingly sensation may be related to the carpal tunnel-could be a pinched nerve, but not necessarily at the spine-that can be where the nerve goes through the muscles also. Since I am not a dr. you had best work with "Doogie". There is a world of things that can help through food and supplements rather than pharmacy. Let's hope we can all get better.
    2858 days ago
    NO diabetes~~So I can't help but think your seeing your doctor is the first best step. Take care my friend and hopefully you can get answers to your questions.

    2860 days ago
    My grandmother used to get B12 shots---they really helped her feel better. And yes, you can improve sooo much that the meds can have the opposite effect. But if your foot is bothering you more, that can also set your blood sugar levels higher as pain and stress do affect it. That is an inflamation and problems in the body do affect the sugar levels.
    2860 days ago
    Kasey, I just entered "Metformin B12 Deficiency" and it came up with several websites, the first being the "Diabetes Self Management" website. You might find this informative.
    2860 days ago
    Kasey, I have read your whole blog post, and I think it deserves a lengthy response. I am not a doctor, and I can only say what worked for me. Each person is different and you must trust the doctor you are dealing with. However, I firmly believe that we know our own bodies better than anyone, and if something doesn't seem "right" there is likely a cause and solution for it. It's a scary feeling knowing that something isn't right.

    Treating diabetes changes all the time depending on your current circumstances. Doctors are getting much smarter now about what is happening, but they need to know all the facts. Explain everything in detail when you see your doctor. Print out your blog entry and take it with you if that will help you remember all the issues you need to tell him about. He may need to send you to a specialist to get more detailed info and treatment for some things. All the various symptoms you mention may or may not be related to the same issue.

    My mother lived with me for many years with full blown diabetes, balancing medications and diet constantly. I was following in her footsteps. I was 240 lbs, BP 200/140, diagnosed as pre diabetic, when my doctor put me on one medication, then another, and I took them both for two years with not much change before I learned about how to do low carb. At first my doctor didn't agree that it was the way to go, but I explained my difficulties and he agreed it wouldn't hurt. I started low carb by reading the Atkins book to fully understand how it works, and went really strict low carb. I continued taking my meds until gradually my doctor weened me off the medications. It didn't take long, about 6 months but I was only on two medications. And yes I had many of the symptoms you describe.

    I also had the vibrating in my foot just a couple of years ago, and occassional numbness and tingling in my hand. It feels bizarre! Mine was caused by a pinched nerve in my neck that was affecting the nerves all down the arm and leg and foot. I needed a chiropractor for about a half year for that, but for you it could be something else.

    As for going low carb, I agree with the previous comment that the Atkins website has excellent information on how to do low carbing. I have browsed it severall times, but prefer my dog-eared printed version. Carrots, oranges, oatmeat, and low fat yogurt are not really low carb, but you are working in the right direction. I understand wanting to use up things in the cupboard, and that's OK, but keep in mind that any one of those foods could cause a spike. They are all "high glycemic" foods, meaning that they are rapidly absorbed to the blood stream. You also need to get enough fat in daily and drink lots of water. It will quite often very quickly make a difference in some medications you are on, and you should let your doctor know that this is what you are doing. My doctor had to decrease one after one month, and eliminated the other after 3 months.

    I don't know much about medications and their side effects, so regarding Metformin and how it relates to B12, I hope you can find the answers you need. It seems like for every medication, there is a good and a bad effect, and you may be onto something. Good Luck!
    2860 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/25/2010 6:39:02 AM
    Yes, I read the whole thing! emoticon

    No, I don't have diabetes but several of my friends do!

    Your health care system is different than in the US, but why are you only being treated by a GP. Here there special classes you can take on dietary choices. I DO like the advice of talking to a pharmacist about this even before the doc. If possible talk to 2 different pharmacists to see if they both agree.

    Try to get a referral to a diabetes specialist.

    The tingling in your feet might be due to Peripheral artery disease, common in diabetics. Look this up in Spark's A-Z medical reference, go to SPoints, go down to A-Z thingy, click on info under the letter P. emoticon
    2860 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/24/2010 11:03:40 PM
    Hi there Kasey. I was sorry to hear how difficult things are at the moment. I am not a diabetic, but am tested regularly because Type 2 is in the family. I do wonder about the carrots - they are very sweet, as veg go, and might possibly be enough to undermine your sterling efforts. My uncle used to drink V8 (made from 8 different veg), thinking it was better for him than fruit juices - but had to stop as it had a too high sugar content.

    Good luck with it all, in any case. Taking control is the only way forward and seeing the doc seems like the best plan. Do you get referred to a nutritionist, on account of the diabetes? If not, perhaps you could seek one out.

    2860 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/24/2010 7:46:28 PM
    Goodness! I've been taking 500mg of Metformin once a day for about 6 months. Thanks for the heads-up on the possibility of a B-12 depletion. I have a doctor's appointment and blood work scheduled for August, so I'll be sure to discuss it with her.
    I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic 6 months ago. My brother has type 2 as did my grandfather and 4 maternal aunts, so I do have that checked at least twice a year. My numbers were down 2 months ago but the doctor had me continue on the Metformin. I don't do any daily checking at this time and the doctor was pleased with the improvement at my last appointment.
    Sometimes I just phrase a question and type it right into google - it will get hits from the combination of key words. It's worth a try, anyway.
    I am truly sorry that I don't have any words of wisdom to give you to help find a solution to your difficulties. However, I am sending healing thoughts your way and keeping you in my prayers that you find a solution to the medical problems!
    Sheila emoticon
    2860 days ago
    Wow, you have a real deal going on!!! I am glad you are going to the dr, but I would suggest a long talk with a pharmacist - they know SO much more about the medicines we take than most doctors do! We have a store here called Ideal Feet, where you go in and have them examine your feet then you put in the inserts that fit your problems...if they work, you can buy...if not, you say no thanks. They made an immediate difference in my PF and I swear by them! They aren't cheap, ($300ish), but to be able to walk and not hurt was worth twice that! (don't tell my DH I said that!) Keep us posted!
    2860 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/24/2010 4:53:18 PM
    Dear friend, I sure wish I could help. I have had PF, and was able to get rid of it with stretching exercises and a good massage therapist to work on it. I hope you find relief from it. It has never come back for me, so I think you can get rid of it.

    I don't have diabetes, so I'm no help there, I very sorry to say. I hope you get some wonderful help from the community. Why don't you post this on a community board - I think you'd reach a wider audience. Best of luck!

    2860 days ago
    Hi Kasey,

    I know exactly what you are talking about.

    If you are going low carb, it is easy to use the food tracker to measure your carbs. From the details that you wrote, you were high on carbs. Even low cal treats like carrots are high in carbs.

    I go lower carb to reset my blood sugars once in a while.

    I am supposed to take Metformin twice a day, but it gives me a tummy ache so mostly I take it just in the morning.

    To read about low carb, the new Atkins website is really good. www.atkins.com.

    I get cranky on low carb, so I don't do it for very long.


    2860 days ago
  • 55WALKER
    sparkmail reply!
    2861 days ago
    I don't have diabetes so I can't help you with that. I do have plantar fascitis (I never can spell it either) and I recently noticed some weird sensations in my feet. I haven't had the pain or flare up from plantar fascitis so I don't know why the weird tingles. Mine feels like something is crawling across my foot. Sometimes my toe or toes feel numb. I thought it could be poor fitting shoes.

    About decreasing the medications. The doctors have decreased a lot of my husbands medications because of his weight loss of 50 pounds. He had the fasting blood test for diabetes, but it was negative. Our PCM decreased his cholesterol medication yesterday. She couldn't believe how low his cholesterol numbers were. He eats oatmeal every morning. He was also put on vitamin B-12 shots a couple of months ago. They said he B-12 was low back when they took the first blood tests.

    He had tarsal tunnel syndrome in his foot and a bad foot injury. He had two surgery on that foot. He said he would get a sensation that felt like electricity running through his foot. He also said his toes feel numb on the end.

    I don't know if any of this helped. Take care Kasey and hope you get this puzzle worked out.
    2861 days ago
  • SROUS1340
    Kasey, I'm so sorry you are having these issues. I can't offer insight or experience on either problem. I have had the tingling-in my shoulder, arm, nect and hand, docs said it was nerve pressure and damage from bad joints and the knife-I hated the thought-did fix it. Sounds like yours is related to something entirely different. I'm glad you are seeing the GP, I hate to go too, but better to x the problems off the list, than stick the head in the sand. emoticon
    2861 days ago
    Golly.. Most of that is Greek to me. I take B12 shots for pernicious anemia but that is it, my dear. I am going to read all the responses so perhaps I can learn something. This sure is a good place to start though! And you have your data... and data speaks!

    Sorry to no be of much assistance. emoticon
    2861 days ago
    My advise of course is usually useless as you know me and you seem to be about opposite in this area! But I do know that when I am in pain my BG is crazy and it goes rather high! I have experienced this type of pain with both feet and have had several injections. I also had to wear a boot for this also I can't remember how long! After this treatment I was fitted for orthotics since then I have been able to walk better with this help and until I tore the ligament in my left foot it alleviated the pain!

    So my question to you is are you in any pain? Even pain that you are just ignoring? Because like the UTI I had and didn't know it makes a difference in your BG!
    2861 days ago
    Kasey - A friend of our has diabetes and has cut his meds in half by taking Reservitol. You can get it from red wine, but the best option (unless you want to be an alcoholic) is to get it in capsule form. It activates via oxygen, so if you try it, don't get the kind you add water to. That just dilutes the effect. We are going to try taking it even though we don't have diabetes because of the proposed wellness effects. I'm not big on meds at all, so this is a concession for me.

    For the PF - I have that too and have read with growing interest how others have treated it. I have orthotics and see the podiatrist about every six months. I also have a fatty tumor on the bottom of one foot that I had acupuncture on. It really helped, but I quit before it was totally gone so I need another round. Insurance doesn't cover, so it was all out of pocket. The doc said if I has surgery to remove it, it would probably come back even bigger, so acupuncture was my only option.

    Keep us in the loop. emoticon
    2861 days ago
    OH dear Kasey! My friend I am so sorry to read about your trials, I can see that it's very frustrating and you are trying very hard to get your BG in line. I hope that you will find just the right balance in your diet. Hopefully, you get some advice that will work for you! Sorry I'm no help whatsoever, except to offer you my love and support! God bless you! Hugs, Rita
    2861 days ago
    Can't help on the diabetes situation or on the foot one either. The Fit Flops I got are supposed to help foot problems but not sure if yours is included. You are definitely doing the right things. Reading your nutrition, I would think adding whole-grains to your diet but those are carbs but not white sugar carbs. Good luck. I would check the tingling for sure. Women can have heart attacks with symptoms that don't include pains in the chest. Good luck. We're always here to help.
    2861 days ago
  • ANDI571
    I wish I could offer some help Kasey. Diabetes runs in my family bad, (dad, brothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, you get the picture). My dad always had problems keeping his under control, but he also didn't know about nutrition. My one brother made up his mind he would do whatever it took. He lost like 50 pounds. He eats good, but takes the top bun off of a sandwich, eats only 1/2 of a baked potato. He will take 4 or 5 fries off of his wife's plate, etc. He has done a wonderful job of controlling his numbers. I am so proud of him.

    How is your stress level? I know whenever my dad would get under stress, those numbers would shoot up. Also, cortisone shots will make it go up. Have you been on anything like that?

    Make sure you see that Dr. Keep up posted. emoticon
    2861 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/24/2010 9:58:37 AM
    I thought carrots, tomatoes, and onions were off the carb diet lists because they are higher on the glycemic chart. That and the yogurt might be the reason for the slight increase in glucose. I'm not a medical or a nutrition expert, but I would look into that.
    2861 days ago
    If you're thinking about a very low carb diet for a few days, you could go into the Atkins website for their induction diet which calls for 20 carbs a day and they give a food list and the amounts of veggies to have each day. A small orange or a cup of plain yogurt has the same number of carbs as a small boiled potato.

    I've found that the BG numbers sometimes don't make any sense. The other day my pre-lunch was 113. I had a salad with turkey breast on it and 2 hours later it was 157. I think due to work related stress because I had eaten only about 10 carbs for lunch. Then last night I had a few slices of pizza and this morning my BS was 134 when I was expecting a much higher number. Who knows?

    I do take supplements, a few prescribed by my dr. and a few that I take because I think they're good for diabetics. I do take a B-12 that is chewable so that it is absorbed in the mouth instead of the intestines. I'll send a list of the other to you and the name of the book I read (it's in my car right now).

    Good luck with your low carb experiment. Let us know how it goes.

    2861 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/24/2010 10:01:46 AM
    Kasey, I know nothing about diabetes and BG levels, etc. As you said, most everyone will tell you to see your doctor. So it's a good thing you went and made the appointment.

    I do, however, know about plantar fasciaitis (I still can't spell it). I had it in both feet (along with bursitis and arthritis) and suffered for several years. I had a total of 4 cortisone injections in each foot and had customized orthotics made. Nothing would help. Then, wonder of wonders, I had surgery where they disconnected the fascia from the bone/tendon. It was outpatient surgery and I was off work only 2 weeks with each surgery. That was back in 1992 and I haven't had foot pain since. It was truly wonderful. I know people shy away from surgery, but for me it was a God-send.
    2861 days ago
    Kas - I know nothing about diabetes or blood glucose. I had plantar fascitis (and yes I need to check the spelling also each time) 2 times. The last time it was horrible and I wore a boot for about 4 months and did one cortisone shot. Then I did was months of physical therapy with just stretching and I think ultrasound. The second go-round was about 40 times of a iontophoresis solution of cortisone.

    What is Iontophoresis?
    Iontophoresis is an effective and painless method of delivering medication to a localized tissue area by applying electrical current to a solution of the medication. The diagram below illustrates the basic mechanism. Like electrical charges repel. Therefore, application of a positive current will drive positively charged drug molecules away from the electrode and into the tissues; similarly, a negative current will drive negatively charge ions into the tissues.

    I also have orthotics - the doctor recommended a brand called Superfeet Trim-To-Fit Green Insole.

    It was also recommended that I do daily stretches - stretching the calf and bottom of the foot - you can google that.

    I also wore a strasburg sock ?. It was a nighttime contraption - I did not wear it for long.

    All of these finally after 14 months - it was better. And now I don't run or aggravate it in any way.

    It is so annoying - I hope it gets better.

    Finally after a yea
    2861 days ago
  • REJ7777
    Hi Kasey. I never researched the side effects of long-term Metformin use. I'll look into it because I've been taking Metmorphin for about 7 years now.

    The two times I've lost a significant amounts of weight, the doctor has reduced the amount of Metmorphin I take. She lowered my b/p medication too. When I had re-gained weight a couple years ago, she had to increase the meds.

    Before I knew I had diabetes and started medication, I sometimes felt tingling in my hands and feet and sometimes pain in my feet. When my diabetes is well controlled, it rarely happens. You really do need to talk to your doctor about this. You sure do your homework before your appointments with the doc! I hope you find the answers you're looking for.

    I plan to look that up about B-12. emoticon
    2861 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/24/2010 7:01:51 AM
  • RENA1965
    As a diabetic you may not remove all carbs from your nutrition- ask your doctor about this! If you want to control your diabetes better you have to get down and nasty with your nutrition and follow the nutrition requirements to the letter and every full stop.
    Diabetes type 2 means your body has said stop- you have done a great job lossing weight but you have to continue to get your weight down so insulin resistance is less of a problem..
    The fact you have a higher fasting blood sugar may be a sign your diabetes meds are not working at their best so insulin can pass through fat cells to open cells with their chemical key..
    If you have problems balancing your food- you may need to see a nutritionist at a diabetes clinic at hospital..
    I found asking for a referral to a diabetes clinic wonderful- they gave me advice and education so I could keep my husband from being admitted all the time.. My husband eventually came under a professor whom studies diabetes- it was a real huge help to have contact to someone whom knew everything about diabetes.. It costs in the states to get this help- but the price of lossing our good health and being dependant on help is higher...

    2861 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/24/2010 6:34:24 AM
    I read it but unfortunately have no advice. Not diabetic myself, but I know how dicey medication can be and that it can be affected by weight loss. Hope someone with similar experience speaks up and gives you a hand.

    btw... the tests I was waiting on for thyroid? Came out normal... so no answers for me right now and I'm still tingling... ech! Right now just logging my symptoms, meds, food, exercise... data helps find patterns.

    2861 days ago
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