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Thursday, July 22, 2010

While at the gym yesterday with my daughter we ran into a few of my friends. One guy was introducing himself to her and then went onto telling her how much I work out. And then he said..... "Your mom is turning into one hot mom". So that got me thinking..... Why do you have to thin to be hot? I still look the same as I did before, just 35 pounds lighter. So I wasn't hot before? Did I just look like a big blog to everyone before I started losing weight?

I never have had the greatest self confidence. Everyone has always said how pretty I am and that I have great skin tone. I never believed them though.... I never have felt pretty. I even had a lady ask me to be a face model. Yes, this was out of the blue in a store and I didn't know what to say to her. I have always gotten compliments on my face. But with that comment yesterday, it really got me thinking. What did everyone used to think about me? Should I even care?

Has this ever happened to anyone else? What are your thoughts on this? Should I be upset or just take the compliment and move on?
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    I think his intentions were good - just poorly executed.

    We do live in a world where "thin" is equated to "hot". It's unfortunate but true. Even we (the unthin) subscribe to this thinking at times. How many times have you seen or heard those that lost a lot of weight say "I love how I look in clothes now! It's so much fun to go shopping now! I love to show off my arms (waist, shoulders) now!"? I think that most of us want to say we were "hot" before but truthfully, do we really think that?

    We shouldn't care what others (especially strangers) think of us at any weight. We should feel happy in our own skin no matter what size we are. If we are happy, our loves ones are happy with and for us. And that is the best gift we are given.

    Celebrate your accomplishments and what a great role model you are for your daugther. Being at the gym with her is sooo wonderful! You are raising a girl that will be healthy in body and mind.

    Lastly, thanks for sharing with us! You are a great inspiration to me. ;)

    3831 days ago
    Hmmm, interesting question. I wouldn't be upset at all. Here's my thinking:

    You are probably exuding more self-confidence, which is sexy. So you were hot before, but your insecurity clouded it. Now that you are exercising and building physical strength, you are also exhibiting inner strength, and that's so hot. Don't let it get to you - I'm sure he thought he was paying you a great compliment.

    Also, it you don't mind, I'd like to use this topic to write a somewhat controversial's a very thought-provoking subject, and the comments you've received so far have sent my brain down dozens of paths!! I didn't know I had so many contradictory thoughts in my own head! (Don't worry, they don't apply to your situation - I truly believe it's the self-confidence making people stand up and pay attention. That's super-sexy, in my not-so-humble opinion!)
    3832 days ago
  • ALISA1223
    Kinda like high school when a friend of mine had her stomach stapled and lost a lot of weight. All of a sudden everyone wanted to be her friend and I found that strange that they didn't have the time of day for her before....hmmmm. I agree why is it thin that makes you look good....granted I feel fine about myself until I catch a glimpse in the mirror. I try to not worry so much about what others may say about me because at least I am out there and trying.
    Remember it only matters what you think about you!!
    3832 days ago
    The bigger I was, the uglier I felt and I don't believe I got compliments from anyone except family, and even then I didn't believe them. The more weight I've lost, the more I've come to like myself and my appearance. I've become way more confident. I've also had complete strangers compliment me and it makes me feel really good. I never really thought about the lack of compliments and what people must have thought about me when I was heavier until I read your blog. And now it has me thinking too. I never thought I had a pretty face until I lost the weight in it. I wonder if other people thought that "she would have such a pretty face if she'd lose the extra weight in it." Who knows what people thought? Most won't give a straight answer because most tactful people don't want to hurt peoples feelings. But it truly is food for thought...
    3832 days ago
  • KARVY09
    Let me say it again. Everyone's got verbal diarrhea lately. Sigh.

    I think he was trying to give you a compliment, but stuck his foot in his mouth.

    But for what it's worth, I hate those kind of comments. See blog.
    3832 days ago
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